Zoopod Led Light – Complete Review

Excellent grow light which boosts flowering…

Get top results in few days …..use to see a sudden change in plant growth and health.

Today we are going to review Zoopod LED Full Spectrum Grow Light. We receive so many E-mail requests about the review of this product. Finally, now you will know everything about this light from benefits to drawbacks. Let’s start today’s review of Zoopod LED Grow Light.

This is a full spectrum light we know it does not look good in picture believe us we are using this light from the last 45 days and results are amazing. Do not go on the looks check the qualities. It is a full spectrum light that increases the plant growth rate and hence you will get more flowers at the flowering stage which further gives more fruits at the time of harvest.

This light does not use cooling fans instead it has its own better cooling system. We are 100% sure that you have already heard of liquid cooling systems that were normally used in big or heavy machines. The manufacturer uses the same technology in this light.

The liquid cooling system is very impressive and keeps the temperature under control in all conditions in all types of weather.

The sterilization feature of the light makes it extraordinary light at this much of the price range. This feature kills the bad bacteria that affect your plant growth and gives bacteria free fruits and vegetables.

Check the review ratings on Amazon and you will be surprised to see the number of happy customers.

Zoopad Full Spectrum Grow Light with Liquid Cooling System.

zoopod led grow light review

The color spectrum of light (3000to 3200K) promotes the cell division which increases the yield over time. In long-term use, Zoopod LED light saves you money and reduces the electric bills. When we compare our indoor garden bills we found that this light consumes less power than many other available lights.

If you are not satisfied with plant growth then change your light. We advise you to switch to this one and see the improvements in your plant growth. You will see noticeable results in 20 days of regular use with care (from the care we mean watering, nutrient supply to plants).

Grow vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, Aquarium plants, etc by using one single piece of light.

Perfect piece of light for greenhouses, industry use, field use. IP65 rated (waterproof) light so you can use it in all conditions.

The total power of light is 210 watts but it is very powerful and consumes less energy, weight 12 pounds. The light angle of 180 degrees emits light directly on a plant which increases the light absorption.

The product is backed by the 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


Liquid Cooling System

Waterproof system

2 years of warranty

High Rating Light On Amazon



NO complaint by the customers

We are using this light for 45 days and the results are very impressing. We observe healthy growth and heavy yield with the regular use of it. It is engineered by the professionals who are in this grow the light industry for years. Their experience and hard work make an extraordinary piece of light which we reviewed above. Buy this light online on Amazon at the best price. 

Those who want quick growth in their plants can use this artificial grow light to boost their plant growth cycles. one single light is enough for the complete growth cycle. Remember one this, quality light can give you the expected quality results. Do not go for other cheap brands. So spending a little more money on grow light is a better idea because you are going to use them for a whole life.