Viparspectra Reflector Series 900w LED Grow Light Detailed Review

Viparspectra Canada offers many high quality plant lights like Viparspectra 900W Grow Light for plant lovers. Today we are going to give a detailed review on Viparspectra Reflector Series 900 W LED Grow Light.

Many growers request us to give the complete review on Viparspectra Canada LED lights with every detail. Our team spent near about 48 hours to collect the data from different sources and also verify everything by operation the light continuously for 24 hours.

In fact, two of our team members are using this light for the last 8 months we also include their personal experience with the product in this review.



First of all, let’s have a closer look at the specification of the light.

Light Specifications

Power Consumption418 watts
VoltageAC 100 V to 250 V
Lifespan10,0000 Hours
Coverage Area4x4 and 3x3 For Vegetative and Bloom Stage Respectively
Total Weight15.5 pounds
Light QualityChips are Made by Bridgelux

Viparspectra Canada is the big manufacturer of medium size LED grow lights. This is a well-known, well reputed Chinese company which is world famous for their quality products at an affordable range of price.

When we compare the prices of different light brands we found Viparspectra is an only company that gives quality products at the best price.

There are many other brands in the market who have lower price lights then Viparspectra but in our research, we have found those low-price products are not reliable. They look good but you need a full spectrum of light to grow your plants (looks do not make any difference in plant growth).

Viparspectra LED Grow Lights are stylish, well designed. They will look good in your indoor garden.

The company selling its products at a low price because they do not have any middleman to whom they have to pay for promotion.  This is the reason you are getting these lights at the affordable price on the Trusted online shopping sites like Amazon.

Your plants need sunlight and when you grow them inside your home you need to give them a similar frequency of light as the sun give outside.  Viparspectra Canada makes LED Grow Lights which are sufficient to grow any type of plant because they are the full spectrum light.

Full spectrum means a light source or a light itself which emit the light spectrum similar to the sunlight. We cannot say grow lights emit the same light as that of the sun. Remember you are giving your plant an artificial light.

It is scientifically designed to give high PAR per watt and it also covers the bigger area.

If you hang the light at height of 26 to 28 inches then below are the possible PAR value that your plant gets. Read the below given chart and know where to out your plant for maximum absorption of light. In simple words PAR values are more at the center means, right below the light and more you go away from the center PAR value will decrease.

viparspectra canada

Now let’s talk about the right height of the light. Actually, there Is not a right height for any hanging grow light but as you go higher the light intensity gets a week as shown in the below-given chart.


It is clear from the image below that you will get 4×4 coverage when you hang this light at 24 inches and coverage area reduces if you go beyond 24 inches.

You can also check the customer’s reviews on Amazon for more details. They design their products for serious growers even beginners can use them without any discomfort.

The quality of LED light is highly depending upon the quality of internal LED chips. The material they use to make each chip is different as per the brand. The chips that are used in this light are made by the world-class leader of integrated like Bridgelux and Epileds.

Light spectrum decides the effectiveness of light and this product emit the full spectrum of light mean 12-band of the spectrum. Our sun also emits the full spectrum light and artificial grow lights too, this makes them suitable for indoor growing.

Your plant will love the 12- band of light spectrum in simple language we call it full spectrum light.

The light should be energy saving and this light only consumes 400 watts of power and give you the light power of 900 watts.


It gives full control over the light suppose you have to go somewhere and your plants also need light to survive in this type of situation just set the timer and go where ever you want. You do not have to be there all the time and it is not possible we have other works to do daily.

viparspectra light

Heat is another factor which needs to consider while purchasing a grow light. Those emit a large amount of heat are not beneficial for your growing plant and environment. Your plants will get burn due to the excess of heat.

As the picture describes it has two heat sinks (aluminum heat sinks) with 2 high-speed cooling fans but these fans do not produce the sound that disturbs your environment. The fans keep the light temperature low all the time even if you operate it in the hot environment.

Our advice, do not operate grow light in extremely hot conditions as it will reduce their efficiency and life.

You will get many free items in the box like hanging hooks, wires, power cords etc. Read the instruction manual carefully before operating the light.

Vegetative and bloom, two different modes are given with ON/OFF switches for each. Vegetation light is required when your plants are growing and the second mode of bloom needs to be ON when buds are developing.

This light is backed by the long warranty of 3 years which more than enough at this price range. Moreover, the manufacturer gives 30 days money back guarantee, in case you will receive the defective piece of light just notify the manufacturer they will change the piece or give your money back.


It covers the big area

Affordable price

Long 3-year warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Quality LED chips

High-speed double fan

Dual mode (vegetative/Bloom)

Energy saving grow light

Low power consumption


Not waterproof

Only for indoor use

This grows light is suitable for experienced and beginners who just start growing indoors. If you do not have high budget our advice is, go for this light as it is budget friendly. 3-years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee makes it best light in the pocket-friendly list of grow lights.