Compost Tumbler Bins for Fast & Easy Composting

If you want to make compost at home you need to use garden and kitchen waste together. This way you can make pure organic compost at home.

Collect the wastes at a single space, mix them. Give this mixture a right balance of temperature and moisture to start the composting process.


Turn the composting material 4 to 5 times a week with the help of fork or shovel. After 3 to 4 weeks you will get your home-made compost.

Do your best to protect it from rodents, insects, birds, and other pests. Most of the time rats and raccoons eat kitchen waste material from the compost mixture. This disturbs the nitrogen and carbon balance and as a result, you get nothing (no compost only useless decomposed material).

If you think this is a lot of work for you then the solution is Compost Tumbler bins.

Read below to know how Compost tumblers can make the composting process easy and fast.

What are tumbler compost bins?

Tumbler compost bins are the upgraded version of ordinary compost bins. They are invented to speed up the composting process by keeping the process simple and easy.

Tumbler compost bins are sealed compost containers that gardeners use to make compost at home. These Tumbler composters have handle to rotate the container so that the material inside it gets mixed properly. Whereas in bins you need to do this by using fork or shovel.

This can damage the compost bin base because normal compost bins are made up of thin plastic material. Regular exposure to sun and continuous varying temperatures make the bin walls weak. Little rough use can damage the bin.

Whereas tumblers are made of high-quality thick plastic material. You don’t need to use any tool to mix the material in tumbler just rotate it on its axis.

Tumbler composters are fixed on the frame and they rotate on their axis. Of course, you have to assemble them, and assembling is easy (follow the manual book, no technical knowledge is required).

Compost tumbler bins do not allow the heat to go outside the container because they are

sealed from all sides. The heat is released by the decomposed materials and it is necessary to keep it in the container to convert other kitchen and garden waste into high-quality compost.

Tumbling composters are different from compost bins. Most of the bins that we use for composting are baseless (no bottom plate).

It is true that compost bins cost much less than the tumblers but they have many negative points like tumblers make compost faster than bins; it is hard to rotate the mixture in normal bins. Bins release the heat in the environment this slows down the decomposition and you did not get quality compost. Rodents easily access the bins from the bottom because bins do not have a bottom plate.

What are the benefits and limitations of tumbler compost bins?

Benefits first

Get Compost Much Faster

Compost tumbler bins make organic compost much faster than the ordinary bins. Because it’s easy to rotate tumblers to mix the ingredients. Whereas in bins you need to work with fork and shovel. People always like to do easy things and rotating compost material with a shovel is much harder than you can even imagine.

On the other side, you can rotate the tumbler from the handle to mix the compost ingredients this speeds up the growth. Because the properly mixed material starts to decompose easily. Also, it regulates the heat released by the decomposed materials.

Moreover, tumblers do not allow heat energy to leave the container and slow down the process. While putting material in tumbler make sure you need to make a balance of carbon and nitrogen. Do not forget about the moisture level and also monitored the temperature to get the best quality compost in a short time.

Normally it takes 3 weeks to make compost in tumbler composters.

Compost Protection

Rats, Racoons, and pets are attracted by the compost material. Most of the rodents like to eat kitchen waste and we use the kitchen waste to increase the nutritional value of compost.

Where normal compost bins stay on the ground and rodents can easily get access to the material from the bottom of the compost bin.

Tumblers are usually elevated off the ground this makes impossible for the rodents to enter into the container. Even if you are not using elevated composter still pets and rodents cannot enter into the tumbler. Because a tumbler is a sealed from all sides with one or more opening lid. Once you close the lids the system gets completely sealed.

No pet can open the closed tumbler door.

No Bad Smell

As I have already mentioned that tumbler is a closed container. Therefore, it does not allow the smell to go out of the container unless you leave the container mouth open.

Looks Good in Garden

Nowadays compost tumbler bins are available in many attractive designs. You can choose any design that you think will look good in your home garden and backyard. They are suitable for urban and suburban residential properties.

No Back Pain

Tumbler compost bins are easy to rotate from the handle so they save you from getting back pain while rotating the mixture. Turning a heap of composting material with a shovel can trigger back pain or worsen your back pain. So, choose your composting equipment carefully and prevent any accidental shock to your back.

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Now the Limitations of Tumbler Bins

Tumbler composting bins are costly than other composting bins. The reason is tumbler is made up of high-quality thick plastic material. This is the reason behind their durability and popularity. Whereas most of the normal bins do not have bottom and do not have extra things like frame handle and legs that a tumbler bin has.

Tumbler bins have a steel frame and a handle to rotate it this puts the extra cost to manufacture each of them and increases the cost of tumbler than normal compost bins.

Tumbler compost bin Models

FCMP Composter Bin

tumbler composter

Most of the time people like the elevated tumblers because it is easy to full the bucket with compost from elevated tumbler bin.

The FCMP outdoor tumbler composter is elevated a good height from the ground. You can put any bucket directly under the tumbler mouth to take the compost out of it. It is also easy to spread compost in raised beds when you have it in a bucket.

The best part is

It’s quality and ease of use. Polypropylene is a high-quality durable plastic that does not degrade under the direct sunlight. The same material is used to build this strong compost tumbler bin.

Let it be outside all the summer and you will see no change in the strength and durability of the compost bin.

To avoid rust problems Galvanized steel material is used to make a frame. The only downside of this tumbler is manufacturers do not use galvanized steel screws. So, the best way for you is to change the screws with rustproof screws to avoid rusting.

It has two chambers both can hold an equal amount of compost material. The benefits of using two-chamber composters are you can use one to take out the ready to use compost. While use second to make the other batch of compost ready.

No doubt it has a strong durable frame, body and surely it will last for years.

The compost needs a good amount of oxygen. This oxygen prevents the material from contaminating. Therefore, every tumbler should have good aeration systems and this FCMP compost tumbler has two air vents. You can open or close the air vents to control the amount of oxygen that goes inside the chamber.

98% of users are happy with the quality, durability and the time it takes to make compost which is 2 weeks if all the ingredients are correct ratio.

For more specifications please visit Amazon.

Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Tumbler Compost Bin

tumbler compost bins

Miracle Gro is a reputed manufacturer of indoor and outdoor gardening equipment. They have a good line of plant nutrients too.

This composter does not release toxic gases into your compost whereas other manufacturer uses plastic material that releases toxic gases.

Miracle-Gro uses BPS free, UV safe heavy-duty plastic that does not change its shape and durability even if you let it outside in the rain, snow, and heat.

The rolling barrel makes it easy for you to take the material out of the container. It has two different containers that you can use to make compost with your garden and kitchen waste. Both have tightly locking slide doors.

The total capacity of the composter is 2 X 18.5 = 37 Gallon. This size is enough for a home garden with many plants in the backyard.

The best part is

It has a good number of holes to let in the oxygen to produce good quality compost.


With this tumbler, the manufacturer gives you free gardening gloves. Pair of Gloves that you get free are multi-purpose gardening gloves. They are latex-free, waterproof, and perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening because they don’t slip (strong grip).

It will take 40 min to assemble it by a single person by following the manual book. If you don’t like to follow the instructions you can surely assemble it in 4 to 6 hours.

Stick to the instructions or for visual guidance visit the URL that is given in the manual book. URL is not mentioned here because they send different URLs to customers.

It got a 4.6-star rating on Amazon by Canadian Gardeners.

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Joraform Galvanised Steel Tumbler Composter Bin

tumbler compost bins

Do you know gardeners call this tumbler composter a tank? They often say it is built like a tank. Because it is highly durable and strong enough to tolerate any weather and temperature condition. Rustproof Galvanised Steel is used to make the outer body as well as the steel frame.

The inner compartments are well insulated from all sides.

Insulation is done perfectly and it raises the temperature of boxes when filled with material. The temperature goes up to 160 degrees. The total capacity of this composting tumbler bin is 106 gallons and is ideal for a garden that is bigger than 2000 square feet.

Where other tumblers transfer waste into compost in 4 weeks it takes just 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the quantity of waste.

JK-400 comes with a good warranty period. At the time of receiving please make sure all parts are in good condition. If anything is damaged due to the bad handling in shipment click the photograph and send it to the manufacturer, they will send the new part of it.

It has happened to me when I got this tumbler one part was damaged. There was a big dent on the opening door. I contacted the seller they ship the new door for me that arrives at my door in 2 days after the complaint.

The only downside of this tumbler is, it is very costly you have to pay a good amount of money. If you are a serious gardener than buy this heavy-duty composter tumbler bin otherwise go for a small one like the below one.

Miracle Gro single chamber composter

tumbler compost bins

If you have a small home garden or you just like to grow some flowers and other fancy plants in containers. You need a small compost bin to feed your plants. It is best to buy a single chamber compost tumbler bin if you have only a few containers of plants or have few growing vegetables in your backyard.

Every plant needs nutrients to grow and you have to buy them from the market. This makes it costly to grow even flowers at home.

The solution to this problem is, do not buy compost or other nutrient bags for your plants from the market. When you can make your own compost rich of all essential nutrients at home.

If you only grow small plants like flowers and salad items like cucumber, lettuce, mint, basil. You need to have a home composter bin in which you can make your compost and reduce your expenses.

The compost bin is a one-time investment that you use for years. The compost that you make by using kitchen and garden waste is way more nutritional for plants than buying the nutrient from the market.

If you want to supply high nitrogen to your plants add more greens to the compost bin you will get compost high in nitrogen.

Moreover, when you mix compost with the soil of your garden. It increases the fertility of your garden soil by nourishing it with all the essential nutrients.

We all know Soil has all the nutrients in it but when we grow many times at the same place the nutritional value of that part of the soil became low. And you need to add some extra nutrients in it to make it ready for the next growing season.

18.5 Gallon is total capacity.

Rustproof material is used (Galvanised steel frame)

It has micro holes for good aeration.

Simple Cylindrical Compost Bin

composter bin

Experienced growers know about compost tea. This is the water collected in the tumbler base that is secreted by the composting material. It has high nutritional values. You can use it as a liquid nutrient for your container plants.

This dual chamber compost tumbler bin can collect 5 gallons of compost tea. This base collects the water droplets that are released by the material.

BPA free and FDA approved plastic is used to manufacture each unit of the tumbler. So that the plastic does not release harmful toxins and you have pure compost without toxins.

Remember low quality plastic made compost bins release toxic gases in the compost and environment. When you give toxic compost to your flowers and vegetables, they absorb the toxins. It is not good to eat and touch vegetables that contain toxins in them.

So always use compost tumbler bins that are made by using BPA free and FDA approved plastic.

1-year manufacturer warranty is enough for a compost bin.

The Rugged, waterproof design protects your compost tumbler from harsh weather conditions and rain.

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