Do you grow vegetables or flower inside or you are thinking to do so? The very first thing comes in mind is Which type of Grow lamp should I buy. Do not pick old grow light, today we have latest and much better models of grow light. Now we have full spectrum LED grow lights they use the use the same spectrum as that of the sun. Read below to know about popular models of grow lamps.



There are few things which needs to be considered while selecting a grow lamp. You need to give enough bright light to plants and more continuous bright light at the stage of blooming. It also depends upon the place which you decide for indoor growing. Plants need different color spectrum lights for their complete growth cycle. By choosing LED grow lamps you are making the right decision. This is very advanced technology and moreover, to this, you do not have to change them like fluorescent bulbs.


  1. First of all measure the growing area which you need to be cover by the LED light. This will help you to know how many lights you need to purchase for full coverage of that area.
  2. We suggest you buy full spectrum light this is because you are going to grow your vegetables and flower healthy.
  3. Choose lights with a good angle of the LED lens, great angle= more coverage.
  4. Expensive is always best (false). stick to your budget and do some search you will find a light with all necessary feature in the same price.


VIPARSPECTRA grow lights

There are many options in grow lights and an online store you will see different types of lights with different features and benefits. According to our experience choosing a light with different colors of the spectrum is the better choice. Choose the top quality because you need to buy it once and you will use it for years as LED lamps have a lifespan of more than 50000 hours.

Viparspectra gives full control over the color of light. It gives full control of LED diodes

you can turn ON/OFF certain light according to your need. Two switches are present on the back of the light to control the red and blue spectrum of light called vegetative(blue light) and blooming stage(red light).


900W led light but only consume 418 watts. It has a good cooling system with an advanced fan which runs at high speed without making noise including aluminum heat sinks for long life. There is also infrared diodes present which look dim when you turn it on and are required for blooming stage. We advise you to wear your sunglasses while working with light for your safety. Top of all this it comes with 3-year warranty, a manufacturer is confident about the quality of a product (this is the reason that some manufacturers give long-term warranties).

maximum using hours 18 per day


Price is little high but if you see the quality of a product, you will understand that paying this much price is right for this product. Some users report the light sometimes give 850 watts actually it moves between 850 to 900W.


led grow lights

The manufacturer makes many types of grow light with different features for every type of growing area. They are continuously working on to improve their quality and technology. You can observe healthy growth and fast blooming when you use this light. It has a power rating of 450 watts but only consume 210 watts which means energy saving light at an affordable price from the reputed manufacturer. It also offers 3 dimmers with an optical lens which increase the penetration of light to plants up to 200%.


Engineered to give full coverage of light with the help of its secondary optical lens which increases the light absorption by magnifying the par. Also has a high-speed fan with aluminum housing and heat sinks. You can adjust the spectrum by switching ON/OFF any color of your choice (white, blue or red).


Our team did not find a negative point about this light but some people call it expensive.


king plus

King plus this model is different from others as it contains high power LED diodes, it uses 10-watt diodes for more bright light. Where other manufacturers use 3 to 5 w diodes. But this light is much more powerful than those ones. The best thing about this product is it only consume 380 watts while it has the power rating of 2000W. This is a full spectrum light with red, blue, white, yellow, IR and UV light diodes which are similar to the sunlight.It comes with four exhaust fans which operate at high speed to keep the temperature of light at a normal level.



It has all spectrum colors which are suitable for all growth stages of the plant. Excellent 3 years warranty from the manufacturer. Just hung up the light and turn it on so simple to use. Lower power consumption but gives excellent results in short period of time. Users said this is very bright light and they are happy with the results. It does the exact same what is claim by the manufacturer.


We did not find anything wrong in the light or in its working. Majority of the users give positive feedback.


How to use LED grow light lamp?

Well, it is so simple, every light has hanging hooks which are there so that users can hang them above the plants to cover the large area as possible. Hang your light to the desired place and put the cord into the electric plug and turn it ON (this is that simple, done).

Above are the few of our favorite lamps which we mostly use to grow all types of vegetable and flowers. Your room size and height of plant determine the wattage of the lamp that will be great for your indoor growing project.