• 10 Best Self Watering Planters that Actually Works
    If you have a busy schedule and often forget to give water to your plants. Then you must try self watering planters. They are easy to use and maintain. You can grow all types of small to medium size plants in self watering pots. All you need to do is just fill the water tank … Read more
  • Best Rain Barrels for Collecting Rain Water
    If you are a good gardener than you should use rainwater to water the plants in your garden. But the question is how to collect the rainwater. It is simple, use the Best rain barrel to collect it and then use it for gardening. Rainwater has all the essential nutrients. It contains the maximum number … Read more
  • Benefits of Raised Garden Beds
    Raised beds are the ideal choice for all beginner gardeners. It is easy to grow vegetables in raised beds as compared to traditional gardening. Heavy harvest, Early start, Pests safety, No Soil Contamination, Better drainage, less workload, and more plants in less space are a few benefits of raised garden beds. Moreover, you don’t need … Read more
  • Compost Tumblers Vs Compost Bins
    When you need to choose the compost bins, differentiate them into two categories Tumblers and Bins. Tumblers are those bins that you can rotate easily. Whereas Compost bins are normal bins and you need fork or shovel to mix the material. Both types of bins produce an effective amount of compost but there is a … Read more
  • Compost Tumbler Bins for Fast & Easy Composting
    If you want to make compost at home you need to use garden and kitchen waste together. This way you can make pure organic compost at home. Collect the wastes at a single space, mix them. Give this mixture a right balance of temperature and moisture to start the composting process. Then Turn the composting material 4 to … Read more
  • Bestva LED Grow Light
    If you are looking for the best replacement for your HPS grow light then Bestva LED grow light 1200 watts, Bestva 2000 watts, and Bestva 3000 watts are excellent options. Today we will review these three lights in this post. In this article, we will cover all the positives and negatives of them with the … Read more
  • Small Grow Tents
    Grow tents comes in many shapes and sizes, different growers want different size of tents. So, we have decided to give a review on the best small grow tents. If you are living in a basement or apartment and want to grow some plants at home. You do not need more space, with the help … Read more
  • DWC System
    H2OtoGro Hydroponic DWC Bubbler Kit The H2OtoGro is best DWC Hydroponic plant growing system for beginners. The system is perfect for first-time growers. This hydroponic kit comes with 5-gallon bucket which is large enough to support high yield plants. 6 inches net cup lid, 3.2 L pump, 4inches round ait stone and growing medium with … Read more
  • Coco Coir
    Many indoor growers prefer coco coir over the peat moss. Growers are crazy about this growing medium. If you are new and do not have knowledge about this coco coir growing medium than read this entire page to know better about it in simple words. What is coco coir? Coco coir is made from the … Read more
  • Rockwool Cubes
    Rockwool Cubes is a favorite growing media of hydroponic growers. Those who use irrigation systems to grow plants often use this growing medium. Denmark is the origin of stone wool or Rockwool. Years ago this material was used for insulation only later than people of Denmark try to grow using rockwool and they get 100% … Read more
  • Best hydroponic nutrients
    Best Hydroponic Nutrients give perfect healthy plants because nutrients are everything when you want to grow the plants at home. Read this post before choosing any nutrient pack for your growing plants in the hydroponic system. If you chose the wrong nutrients this will result in loss of the plant. A step-by-step guide helps you … Read more
  • Best Cheap led grow lights
    Best cheap led grow lights for Plants If you are new to indoor growing with no experience, we advise you to start growing indoors with cheap led grow lights. Cheap LED grow lights do not mean they are useless or not effective. When somebody uses words cheap, we assume that it is crap or a … Read more
  • Hydroton
    Hydroton Clay Pellets For Small Growers This article is about the use of hydroton. We have received many queries about the pros and cons of expanded clay pellets. These are the best growing medium which indoor growers can use to grow any plant easily. They have their benefits and drawbacks. Today we are going to … Read more
  • Best Light Meters
    Your indoor plants don’t grow well and show weak growth even if you are feeding them expensive nutrients. Then the problem is they are not receiving the right amount of light. Use The best light meter to measure which part of the plant is getting more or less amount of light. A plant Light meter is the … Read more
  • 1000 watt LED grow lights
    You are a few steps away from your best 1000 watt led grow lights. We know it is confusing to choose 1000 watt grow lights from hundreds of models. Spend your money wisely and choose the best products. A 1000-watt light will be expensive for sure and do not buy without reading reviews on the … Read more
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  • 600 watt LED grow light
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  • Best Hydroponic Systems
    Hydroponics is a new technique of growing plants indoors at a fast rate for more harvest seasons. This method increases the production of vegetables, flowers herbs, and other plants. This technology is not expensive at all even it is very affordable and easy to use. Those who have dust allergies can use the best hydroponic … Read more
  • Benefits Of LED lights For Indoor Growing
    When it comes to indoor growing we have to consider many factors before making a decision. There are in fact many benefits of doing so. LED light is very popular in indoor farming today we are going to discuss some of the main benefits of LED grow lights. Read carefully to increase your knowledge about … Read more
  • Grow Tent Setup
    If you are facing problems with setting up your first grow tent then you are in right place. Because today you will learn how to set up a grow tent in easy steps. All brands of grow tents have the same setup process. They also give a small instruction manual with their tents. By using … Read more