Cyanotis Beddomei is also called the teddy bear vine plant due to its foliage color and shape. If you are looking for a short-height hanging basket plant. Then this plant is for you because it looks fabulous in hanging baskets and in small size plant pots.

Again, like other plants, it also has some unique growth factors. If you have succulent growing experience then you can easily handle it. But if you are new no need to be worried. Because I am writing this guide for beginners.

After reading this guide you will be able to grow, maintain and propagate teddy bear vine.

About the Teddy bear Vine plant

This plant is native to South Africa. This means it needs warm weather and low humidity to grow healthy. African plants are easy to grow in American weather.

Weather conditions in 10a to 11b are perfect for growing this plant outside.

In other zones, you should grow it in a sunny place in an outdoor space and a brighter place in indoor space.

It also produces pinkish-purple flowers in the spring and summer seasons. In ideal growing conditions, it grows 6 to 8 inches long and spreads nearly about 24 inches.

Light Needs

Actually, this plant is perfect for growing outdoors because it needs plenty of sunshine. Grow it in any part of your garden. It looks brilliantly beautiful in colorful stylish hanging baskets.

But there is one thing that you need to keep in your mind. If you change the place of this plant and it suddenly gets a high sun blast. Then the leaves will turn yellow and get burnt in some cases.

People also grow it as a ground cover so no need to worry about the light needs. As long as you have plenty of sunshine in your garden.

To grow it indoors place it on a sunny window where it can get 8 hours of sunlight. In a dark place or less bright corners, you need to install the grow light.

300 Watts LED grow light is perfect to full fill its light requirements.

Potting Soil

Watering is a crucial part of succulent gardening. A perfect combination of different ingredients in potting soil is recommended for perfect growth.

If you are unaware of those ingredients then you can choose any brand high quality succulent potting mix.

I like to amend my regular potting for growing the teddy bear vine plants. Coarse sand, perlite, and pumice are my favorite ingredients.

Buying these ingredients in bulk and creating your own mix is quite cheaper. But for 1 to 2 plants, it is best to use ready to use already mixed commercial potting mixes.

Do not use regular garden soil for growing this plant in hanging baskets. This will block the air circulation and your plant will die before getting mature.

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The Teddy bear vine is succulent so it needs less water. The leaves of this plant are thick and they are designed to store enough moisture in them.

In the rainy season and in winter it needs very less water. But in summer you need to water it a little more times per week.

The key to successful watering is to water it deeply and then allow the soil to dry before the next watering session.

This way you can save it from overwatering. Because it is deadly for plants that do not need much moisture.

In fact, succulents like to live on the dry side. You can also fill the saucer under the plant pot with water. Then let the plant suck the water. Give it 30 minutes for this process.

After that empty the saucer and place it back under the plant. Normal soft water or filtered water is recommended.


Every succulent plant needs some kind of fertilization. They often need light supplementation. You should choose cacti and succulent fertilizer in liquid form. Then mix it in the water to dilute it and pour directly to the base of the plant.

For diluting the solution read the instruction of the bottle and use clean drinkable water. The water that you use for drinking purposes.

Fertilize it only in the spring season and if necessary, again in summer.

Overfertilization will not speed up the growth. It will only cause permanent harm to your plant.

Temperature & Humidity

10a to 11 b are the USDA hardiness zones that allow you to freely grow this plant in your outdoor garden. You do not need to worry about the growth factors in these zones.

Outside these zones maintain the temperature between 50 to 85 degrees F. I know you cannot do anything to change the outside temperature.

It can tolerate a low temperature up to 30 degrees F. But below it, your plant cannot survive.

As long as the humid levels are concerned you do not need to worry in any zone. Because this plant is not picky about the humidity. It stores enough water in its leaves that is sufficient to prevent heat stroke or low humidity problems.


Grow it in a 1-gallon plant pot and you will not need to repot it even once. It is a short-length plant and produces small roots.

But if your plant pot is too small and you see roots are visible over the top surface of the soil. Or the bottom hole of the plant pot is blocked and roots are coming out of it. Then you need to repot it immediately.

Again 1-gallon container is sufficient to grow a teddy bear vine plant for its entire life.

Terra cotta pots are good for growing succulents. The material of these pots is porous in nature and allows air to pass through. This reduces the chances of over-watering.

Teddy bear vine Propagation

Leaf-cutting and stem cuttings are two proven and highly successful ways of teddy bear vine propagation.

With the help of a sharp knife separate the offsets or cut the healthy stem for propagation. Then use the small pot and high-quality potting mix. Plant it in and give it some water.

To speed up the process and for 100% success allow leaves and cutting to callous. Use rooting hormone if you have it at home. No need to buy it separately.


Cyanotis Beddomei aka teddy bear vine plant produces beautiful flowers in its active season. You can grow it outdoors without worrying about direct sunshine and humidity.

Warm weather is required to grow it without facing any problem.

It is not frost-resistant, below 30 degrees F your plant starts dying. According to my experience hanging baskets are best to grow and care for Cyanotis Beddomei.


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