If you are new to indoor growing then it will be hard for you to choose T5 grow lights. Before buying any of the models read this guide on T5 grow lights.

This guide will help you to buy your first T5 grow light with top features under an affordable price tag.

Introduction To T5 Grow Lights:

T5 is a size of grow light, T means tubular and 5 stands for diameter which is normally 5/8 inches.

They come with the ballast with a length of 2 to 4 feet normally. The approximate weight is 10 to 25 pounds. Easy to use and affordable solution.

Why do people like to choose T5 lamps?

In our survey, we observe that people like to buy these due to its benefits but the main reason is they are affordable and cheaper than LEDs. They also run cool like LEDs so keeping them close to the plant does not harm your flowers.

Electric consumption is also lower than the other lighting devices. Another reason is if you have vertical shelves of seedlings, using T5 is the best choice.

You also fix them horizontally according to the requirements of the area.

If you are thinking only blue or red lights can grow plants than you are completely wrong. These lights (T5)are required in a vegetative stage (very effective) flowers love this light.

Moreover, this technology produces less heat and saves your energy by consuming less amount of electricity, less expensive (LEDs are much more efficient)

The Negative Side Of T5 Grow Lamps

The only downside of using T5 is you have to purchase additional red spectrum lights. T5 grow lights are not enough on their plants to need red and blue spectrum light to grow but unfortunately, T5 lights do not have a color spectrum of all colors.

You also need a ballast to run each piece of light.


grow light

It uses the 4 feet 8 lamps of 6500 Kelvin this is a strong powerful lamp. Completely made in Italy so you can expect better quality with a strong build-up.

Different switches on one side of the panel to control light differently.

Users said this is an amazing product and we also buy this just a few months ago and still we are using it without any problem.

Perfect for the vegetative stage as it has blue-white veg bulbs.

It comes with a very long power cable and gives the option of a chain outlet (daisy-chaining).

30 % less weight as compared to other grow lights.

It’s bright light speed up the growth of the plant, you can see a sudden change in the behavior of your seeds. Use this and enjoy your indoor growing without worrying about plants.


t5 grow light

It can easily cover your small growing space with its 54 watts bulbs. The total wattage of light is 216 watts which give huge savings on electric bills.

The light is designed in such a way by using the best material so that it reduces the wastage of light.

Plants only consume less light every time than the emitted light. Most of the light, they reflect but this light returns the 95% of reflected light on the plants to fulfill their needs.

Today our market has so many T5 lamps for different uses the reason behind this development of T5 lamps and their money-saving technology.

From the very first day of growing lights, people highly demand some energy-saving but highly efficient lights. So our manufacturers take one step forward and bring this T5 series of light.



full spectrum light

Some people have small spaces or medium space and want a single light but in the shape of T5 lamps to do everything.

They do not like to buy more lights or do not have time to buy more light maybe there is a budget issue.

For those types of growers the manufacturers of grow light bring this new type of grow light which is called LED grow light T5.

This is full spectrum light you do not have t buy any other light of red and blue. It is enough for every stage of your plant from seedling to harvest.

60-watt ultra-bright light with no noise technology. Very easy to use do not require to change anything or reconstruct anything just plug and play technology.

The manufacturer is very confident about their product, therefore, they give us the 12 months of 100 % money-back guarantee.

Vivosun T5 grow light – Best Choice

vivosun best t5 grow light

Vivosun makes the best t5 grow lights in the world. There are many other best brands but Vivosun is one of the most popular brands in the market. The fixture has four t5 grow light bulbs in it, all together they emit 6500 k of light.

You can install it in three different ways

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Overhead

Vivosun t5 light is safe to use they are all UL listed products. But as they are electrical appliances please handle them with care. Do not install this grow light fixture in wet conditions. The manufacturer claims that their 95% high reflective aluminum material reflects the light straight on the plants. which increases the light absorption rate which further increases the chances the better photosynthesis.

The good news is you can connect it with other t5 growing lights in series. For that, you need to use the cable that fits into the 3 head socket. This technique is called the daisy chain (in series) and it is used to cover the large area.

If you have a 3×3 grow tent you can use it with worrying about the light intensity. 6500K is enough for houseplants.

The operation of light is quite and flicker-free. As it is a high power light, we advise you to use sunglasses while working under the running light. human eyes include very sensitive tissues that can be damaged by very bright light.

Check the Amazon rating before selecting this product.

Durolux T5 Grow Light Dl844s

t5 grow lamp

This is one of the cheap and best grow lights in the market. It has four t5 bulbs which together consume 230 watts of electrical energy. which is not bad of such t5 grow light which emits 20,000 lumens. It is an extremely bright light and we all know bright light is required for growing healthy plants at home.

6500K color temperature is similar to the sun so it is suitable for the vegetative stage. The out case is light in weight because it is made with Aluminum. Another advantage of using is aluminum is keeping the light cool even after long hours of continuous operation.

Moreover, if you want to cover the large area then you can make the daisy chain by adding more similar fixtures. You can connect a maximum of 5 grow light together in series to form a big light network.  15 feet cord is enough to reach the power outlet even if it is far from the growing space.

For more convenience, the manufacturer gives two switches to ON and OFF the t5 bulbs. With the first switch, you can ON/OFF the two middle bulbs whereas with the second switch you can operate outer side bulbs.

Use this light freely in a wet and damp environment. It is certified to use in such conditions. The entire product is made in Italy, it holds the I certification form Italy. It will prevent the fire if tubes get loosed due to any reason.

BloomGrow 2FT/ 4FT Fluorescent grow light

fluorescent grow lamp

This t5 light comes in two sizes 2 feet long and 4 feet long with 24 w and 54w 6 bulbs. The aluminum reflector increases the light absorption by reflecting the light deep on to the plant. Premium glass tubes with high transmittance glass which emit high bright light.

6500K fluorescent tubes for the specialized spectrums, suitable for vegetative stage and flowering stage as well.

The unique style gives more coverage than competitors. No more flickering with BloomGrow t5 grow lamp.

Got o Amazon and you will all positive feedbacks from the customers. BloomGrow is a leading brand in the indoor lighting technology field.

It is a dual switch light to control the light spectrum in a better way. It also comes with a 1-year full warranty. If anything goes wrong with the light contact BloomGrow customer service they will help you out.

Bulbs and Accessories for T5 Grow Lights USA

ViaVolt VT54R-10 54W 2700K 4ft T5 Grow Lamp 10 PK

led tubes

Full red spectrum for the flowering stage.

Brightness: 5,000 Lumens

Power consumption: 54w

2700K red spectrum

Pack of 10 bulbs.

VIVOSUN 5 Pack Horticulture 4FT

vivosun 6500 k T5 tube

VIVOSUN Horticulture 6500K T% Fluorescent grow light bulb

Consuming less energy perfect choice for indoor growing.


digital light timer

7-day programmable timer for indoors. You can connect two electric appliances at the same time to run on the same settings.


  1. Before buying T5 lamp check the length of power cord. Make sure it is enough according to your place.
  2. How you will fix that (vertically, horizontally etc)
  3. Check the weight make sure it is not heavy nor too light.
  4. Check the energy ratings, this step saves your money and reduces power consumption