• Hoya Verticillata Care, Propagation and Common Problems
    Hoya Verticillata is a beautiful houseplant for homes and offices. This indoor plant is suitable for low-light places. It does not need much natural light for its growth. This makes it the best indoor hoya plant. Moreover, its air purification benefits are countless. If you are worried about the indoor pollution of your home or … Read more
  • Why is Your Snake Plant Leaves are Bending or Dropping (Quick Solutions)
    The snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is easy to grow and hard to kill houseplant. It grows well in almost all types of weather conditions. But in some cases, snake plant leaves start bending. This can be due to fungal disease, root damage, pest infestation, or wrong care practices. The good news is you can easily … Read more
  • How to Propagate Sansevieria Trifasciata ?
    If you have a snake plant and want to propagate it in easy ways. Then you are in the right place. Because today I am going to share the 4 best ways of propagating Sansevieria Trifasciata. The best part is these techniques apply to all types of Sansevieria varieties. You will also learn: How do … Read more
  • Snake Plant Temperature Tolerance
    The snake plant needs less care and it is almost hard to kill. This is the reason new growers like to have snake plants in their plant collection. It can tolerate a variety of temperature and humidity levels. But snake plants cannot survive in extreme conditions. There is a temperature tolerance range for this plant. … Read more
  • What to Do with Snake Plant New Shoots (Detailed Guide)
    If you have a snake plant with new shoots coming out from the soil. And want to know why your plant is growing new pups and what you should do with them. Then you are at the right place because today you’ll learn everything about the snake plant new shoot and its uses. You will … Read more
  • Why are the Leaves on Your Snake Plant Splitting or Cracking
    Snake plant leaves splitting or cracking indicates serious problems with your snake plant care routine. You need to fix the leaf cracking immediately because once all the leaves will split. Then you can’t do anything to revive their health. Lack of moisture, overwatering, physical damage, loss of nutrients, low light, and extreme temperature are the … Read more
  • Why is My Aloe Vera Plant Leggy and How to fix it?
    Aloe Vera is commonly found in most houses. It is easy to grow and needs less maintenance. The only challenge is preventing the leggy aloe vera growth. There are many reasons responsible for leggy aloe plants. Stretchy aloe vera means your plant is uncomfortable and it needs more care. It is a sign that tells … Read more
  • Snake Plant Leaves Turning Brown and Crispy (Causes & Solution)
    Lack of water in potting soil turns snake plant leaves brown and crispy. I know snake plants can tolerate dryness for a long time. But when you completely forget to water it, this results in crispy edges. To prevent dehydration, you need to learn how to water your snake plants. In this article, you will … Read more
  • Aloe Vera Plant Turning White
    Generally, the Aloe vera plant leaves are green in color. If your aloe leaves are turning white this means something is wrong with the plant or with your care methods. Aloe vera grows well in the indoor growing environment. It only changes its leaves color when it is stressed or it is not getting proper … Read more
  • How to grow a perfect Aloe Vera Plant in Water (Easy Methods)
    Aloe Vera is a strong succulent plant therefore it can be easily grown in water only. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while growing aloe vera in water. Light, Watering, and Fertilizing are some of the main growth factors that directly impact the health of aloe growing in … Read more
  • Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Bending (Causes and Solutions)
    Aloe vera plant leaves bending indicates that your aloe is in serious problem. You need to fix it soon or it will die. There are many reasons that cause dropping leaves in aloe plants. Some of them are overwatering, poor drainage, fungal infections, bacterial or pest attacks, and low light. The most common reason is … Read more
  • Overwatered String of Hearts (Causes and Easy Fix)
    Months ago, I was shocked to see the condition of my String of hearts. It was suffering from excessive water. Then I started searching for the solution and finally got some best solutions. Overwatered String of hearts is easy to save. All you need to do is follow the steps that I followed and now … Read more
  • Most Common Signs of Underwatered Snake Plant
    Underwatered snake plant shows many signs of discomfort and stress. You need to know about them to revive your plant. There are many techniques that give new life to underwatered plants. But in the case of snake plants, these formulas only work in 30 % of the cases. Therefore, you need a permanent solution which … Read more
  • String of Pearls Turning Purple & How to fix
    The string of pearls is a plant that produces green pea-like leaves. But when you observe your String of pearls is turning purple. This indicates that your plant is under stress. If you don’t do anything it will die soon. Many factors such as high-intensity light, overwatering, overfeeding, and temperature changes directly impact the color … Read more
  • Ultimate Hoya Kerrii Care guide for plant lovers
    Hoya kerrii is a Tropical plant with unique heart-shaped leaves. It is also famous as Valentine Hoya or Sweetheart plant. You can grow it at home and give it as Valentine’s present. Hoya kerrii care is easy even for non-professional growers. If you buy this plant from the garden store. You will only get a … Read more
  • How to care Turtle Vine plant in easy steps?
    If you live in a warm climate zone then I have good news for you. You can grow turtle vine plants as an evergreen groundcover. Because it likes to live in a warm climate you can grow it for 365 days. When grown as a groundcover it shows vigorous growth. In containers and hanging baskets, … Read more
  • How to propagate and care for Rat Tail Cactus?
    As you can see in the image the Rat Tail Cactus plant produces thick and long stems. Each stem has sharp tip spikes. These stems look like a Rat tail, it is also known as Disocactus flagelliformis. It looks very beautiful, especially in hanging baskets. For healthy growth, you need to take care of the … Read more
  • How do you take care of a monkey tail cactus?
    Generally, people want plants that are easy to grow. They do not have enough time for their plants. This is the reason cactus and succulent plants are popular these days. Monkey tail cactus is one of the cacti plants that is popular over the globe. The flowers it produces are very attractive and unique. None … Read more
  • How to care for Cat Tails Euphorbia?
    If you like to grow shrub-type succulents that grow straight upwards and produce beautiful flowers. Then you definitely grow cat tails euphorbia. It may look like a cactus but this is a succulent plant that likes to live in little dry conditions. Give it less water, warm weather, and plenty of bright light for strong … Read more
  • Pencil Cactus Care Guide and propagation
    Pencil cactus is also called Euphorbia tirucalli and Milkbush plant. It has long upward growing pencil-like stems. If you like to have succulents in your indoor plant collection. Then you must grow this plant indoors. Pencil cactus care is easy for even beginner growers. It produces brilliant orange and pink stem tips. This extraordinary cactus … Read more