• Pencil Cactus Care Guide and propagation
    Pencil cactus is also called Euphorbia tirucalli and Milkbush plant. It has long upward growing pencil-like stems. If you like to have succulents in your indoor plant collection. Then you must grow this plant indoors. Pencil cactus care is easy for even beginner growers. It produces brilliant orange and pink stem tips. This extraordinary cactus … Read more
  • Why your Snake plant is not growing? Quick fix techniques
    If you feel that your snake plant is not growing. This means it is lacking something that it needs to thrive. There are many factors that directly impact the growth of plants. You need to identify the cause of your snake plant not growing and fix it. In this article, I will explain How you … Read more
  • Christmas Cactus dropping leaves and Solutions
    The Christmas cactus is a beautiful plant. It produces awesome flowers that look fabulous in fancy plant pots. Most growers notice their Christmas cactus start dropping leaves. This problem is common when you do not give proper care to your plants. The common causes of Christmas cactus dropping leaves are improper lighting, low or high … Read more
  • Pilea Involucrata Care and Propagation | Friendship plants
    If you searching for best looking Pilea plant then you should look at Pilea Involucrata. This plant is famous because of its beautiful leaves. The Involucrata plant is listed as a beginner’s houseplant. Because it is easy to grow and maintain. But there are some issues with pilea involucrata care. All the possible problems and … Read more
  • Aloe vera turning brown
    Brown leaves of the aloe vera plant mean your plant is in serious problem. There are many causes of aloe vera turning brown. Excessive use of water is the most common reason but it is not the only cause that triggers brown leaves in aloe vera plants. In this post, I will explain every single … Read more
  • Saving Overwatered Aloe plant
    Before buying an Aloe plant you need to know about its watering needs. Because it is hard to save the Overwatered aloe plant. Aloe Vera is a tropical plant so it needs less water to grow. It can easily recover from drought but saving it from excess water required special skills. But there are some … Read more
  • ZZ plant leaves turning yellow and the Solutions
    ZZ plant yellow leaves mean you did not give proper care to your plants. Yellow leaves on your ZZ plants are the result of overwatering, dry soil, high dosage of fertilizer, high-intensity light, etc. In this article we will answer all the queries related to the ZZ plant leaves turning yellow and how to fix … Read more
  • Why is my snake plant dying?
    The snake plant is a famous rugged houseplant. It is resistant to many common problems. But many people want to know why is my snake plant dying. There are many reasons behind the dying snake plant. The most common causes are discussed below. Excess watering, low humidity, high temperature, and root rot are mainly responsible … Read more
  • Succulent potting soil
    After years of trial, I finally make the best succulent potting soil recipe. If your succulents do not grow well in commercial potting soil. Then you can make the succulent soil at home. Today I am going to share my secret succulent soil recipe. For the last 7 years, I stop buying succulent soil from … Read more
  • Sansevieria Cylindrica (African spear)
    I don’t understand why people do not grow Sansevieria cylindrica. This plant has unique long cylindrical leaves. They grow in a star formation. It is also called the African spear plant. Growing and caring for this plant is just similar to its close friend snake plant. Some people call it the elephant toothpick plant due … Read more
  • Haworthia cooperi Care Guide
    Succulents are good houseplants. Because they look very beautiful and need minimal care. If you like to grow rare succulents. Then you should go for the Haworthia cooperi plants. They do not have the normal shape green leaves like other succulents. It has transparent rosette pattern ball-shaped leaves. Haworthia cooperi care is easy even new … Read more
  • Pilea Glauca Care
    There are many plants in the Pilea family. The surprising news is pilea glauca does not have its botanical name. Because the plant is still under research. Scientists need more time to study this new variety before they name it. Despite all, it looks beautiful. Hundreds of mini leaves together look amazing. Pilea Glauca care … Read more
  • Moonshine Snake Plant | Ultimate Growing Guide
    The moonshine snake plant is different than normal houseplants. You cannot grow most varieties of houseplants in outdoor garden. Sansevieria moonshine is the perfect plant to grow as outdoor decorative plant and like an indoor piece of decoration. The plant is native to West Africa and is naturally found in wild areas. In the USA … Read more
  • Gollum Jade plant care tips and Growing Guide
    If you are planning to grow Gollum jade. You need to read the below Gollum jade plant care guide before growing the plant. Gollum jade is a succulent plant and succulents are easy to grow indoors as well as outdoors. Gollum jade is also known as hobbit jade or crassula ovata. If you give it … Read more
  • Grow Echeveria flower Plants | Ultimate guide
    Echeveria flower plant is a succulent plant and produces pink, red, white, or yellow flowers. This plant is easy to grow and care for at home. You can grow it in an outdoor garden and also in containers. It can be a good indoor flowering succulent plant. It has tall stalks and every stalk has … Read more
  • Grow Sansevieria Zeylanica with less care
    Sansevieria zeylanica is an evergreen perennial plant and is also well known as bowstring hemp. If you want to grow a snake plant. Then this is for you because it looks so beautiful and does not need much maintenance. As Sansevieria zeylanica is native to India and Sri Lanka it needs warm weather to grow. … Read more
  • Mother of Thousands Plant care and Growing Guide
    Mother of thousands plant care is simple and easy. Give it basic care and your mother of thousands will thrive for years to come. You need to find a low humidity place at your home to grow mother of thousands plant. Give it indirect bright light, water when required and keep the temperature between 60 … Read more
  • Hoya Verticillata Care, Propagation and Common Problems
    Hoya Verticillata is a beautiful houseplant for homes and offices. This indoor plant is suitable for low-light places. It does not need much natural light for its growth. This makes it the best indoor hoya plant. Moreover, its air purification benefits are countless. If you are worried about the indoor pollution of your home or … Read more
  • Why is Your Snake Plant Leaves are Bending or Dropping (Quick Solutions)
    The snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is easy to grow and hard to kill houseplant. It grows well in almost all types of weather conditions. But in some cases, snake plant leaves start bending. This can be due to fungal disease, root damage, pest infestation, or wrong care practices. The good news is you can easily … Read more
  • How to Propagate Sansevieria Trifasciata ?
    If you have a snake plant and want to propagate it in easy ways. Then you are in the right place. Because today I am going to share the 4 best ways of propagating Sansevieria Trifasciata. The best part is these techniques apply to all types of Sansevieria varieties. You will also learn: How do … Read more