growing potatoes indoors

Growing Potatoes in Your House

Growing potatoes indoors is a great idea for many reasons. Potatoes are rich in minerals and do not need much attention. They need less water as compared to other vegetables which are suitable to grow indoors.

Potatoes like to grow in sandy soil which is not rich in minerals and vitamins. They are simple to grow the production cost is very affordable. For indoor growing, you need a quality potatoes seed or eyes and a sandy soil + grow light. Growing them indoor needs a good knowledge of water and soil. Potatoes can be grown easily from the eyes of potatoes. These are the whiteheads that you see on some potatoes which are stored for a long time. This process takes place automatically and also called Sprout.


If you are out of potato eyes you can use sprouts. Suppose you do not have both of them now the other best way to grow potatoes indoors is to make your sprouts first. Cut the ripped potato into two slices pierce the half of potato with 4 to5  toothpicks now place this half over the glass of water. Make sure glass is in the touch of bright light after few days potato halves begin to sprout. You can use this to grow your potatoes.

The Right Way of Growing Potatoes Indoors

For potatoes, we advise you to choose wide boxes approximately 6 to 8 inches in depth this gives nice room for roots to grow in any direction they want. Now fill the bottom of the pot with the mixture of potting soil and sand. Mix 9 parts of potting soil with the 1and half part of sand.

Make sure to put sprouts facing downward so that roots can grow easily. Now it is time to put some water for better growth.


If you do not have enough hours of sunlight you can put your potatoes under the artificial grow lights. They emit the same light spectrum as the sun emits. And your plants and vegetables absorb this light for their living. Buy a nice growing light for happy harvest seasons.


potatoes for good health

Indoor gardens give us the continuous supply of these vegetables year-round. Potatoes are rich in potassium and studies have shown that a high potassium diet prevents many heart diseases.

Potatoes also stable the blood pressure or high blood pressure which is responsible for hypertension at a young age.

The vitamin C present in them acts as the best antioxidant for humans. We all know antioxidants are good for our overall health especially for our skin cells. Foods rich in antioxidants saves our skin tissues from the bacterial attack which makes our skin dull and dry. Some people use potato slices to remove dark circles under the eyes.


Potatoes increase our mental health. They contain vitamin B6 which is required for maintaining our neurological health. This vitamin helps our brain to produce an essential chemical for proper functioning.


Potatoes make our immune system strong and common conditions like cold and flu do affect our body. Again vitamin C plays a major role in improving immunity. They are also rich in fiber content which improves our digestion system. Proper digestion is key to good health (both mentally and physically).

We hope you understand the whole process of growing potatoes and their benefits. See you next time with the latest news on indoor gardening.