Spectrum king LED is a big manufacturer of full spectrum grow lights which are widely used all over the globe.

In this article, we are going to tell you why you need to use Spectrum King LED grow lights.

We will also highlight the points where spectrum king is better than other light manufacturers.

As we all know experts always advise using those lights which mimic the sunlight as much as possible. Full spectrum is a term which is used to describe lights which emit light wavelengths similar to the SUN Light.  

spectrum king led

BIG MISTAKE: Red, Blue, IR, and UV light wavelengths are not enough to make a good grow light. you cannot grow healthy plants by just giving them these few colors of lights.

Then what plants need to grow? Read below.

Today we have many types of grow lights around us. Some of them are 8 bands, 9 bands, red-blue lights etc. Even some companies tailored the spectrum of light and give spectrum controlling options to growers.

On the other hand, Spectrum king believes that there is no need to change or control the spectrum of light. Their artificial LED grow lights emit wavelengths in the range of 380 to 779nm which is similar to the natural light.

Now 380 to 779nm includes all wavelengths that are emitted by the SUN. This has a light visible to the human eye, also the invisible light wavelengths like UV and IR light wavelength.  

Here some people might think that if Red and Blue wavelength trigger the photosynthesis then why spectrum king is giving yellow, white, IR and UV light wavelength.

Let’s go little deep in the biology, it is true that Red and Blue light is required to active photosynthesis process. White and yellow light are required to open the pores in the leaf so that the light can go directly deep inside the plant and plants can make their food. This process is called photorespiration which is only possible when a white or yellow light strikes on the plant leaf.

The absorption rate of the light is totally depending upon the quality of light and the quality of light highly depends upon the quality of the material.

Lights made by using top quality material emit excellent light which can be easily absorbed by the plants of all types.


Why full spectrum?

Traditional LEDs only emit a single color of light normally which is red or pink. You can grow plants with them but just making them large in size is not enough. We need a high yield which is only possible with the help of the full spectrum of lights. Where lights emit the same spectrum of light which we receive naturally.

Full spectrum means all colors of light (red, blue, yellow, white, green) including IR and UV light wavelengths. White and yellow light open the tiny pores on the leaf, red and blue activate the photosynthesis whereas other light wavelengths do the rest in different growth cycles.

High intensity of light + color spectrum = full spectrum of light.


The company is in the filed from more than 10 years. They are making LED light for almost every sector (military, medical, schools, agriculture, government, and other commercial fields). Each LED light is specially designed and developed in the USA by the LED experts of spectrum king. Their huge experience makes them one of the topmost LED grow light manufacturing company.

Water resistant grow lights can be used in any place. they are made for both outdoor and indoor use. The light maker is the king of water-resistant grow lights. They also grow their food with the lights they made in this way they eat fresh and healthy food also test the efficiency of their products in real-world conditions.

None of the other company can make better lights than this manufacturer.


Do not buy grow light by just reading fake reviews or videos on YouTube. It is best to know about the Chip or motherboard of your grow light which is everything. When you buy a light, you are paying 80% for the motherboard of the chip. It is the main and most important part of the light (heat sink, cooling fans comes at second place).

Majority of the grow lights in the market are manufactured in China where the companies use cheap material. They use Bridgelux and Epistar diodes which are o to use not so good like the American made LEDs as Cree LED.

It is not wise to pay the high price for these cheaply made lights. They look good and stylish but inside there is a cheap material which will not satisfy the customers.

LM79 or LM 80 data on the LED chips (these are the test reports, not every LED manufacturer do these tests on their products)

The light maker makes each grow light in a well clean room with no humidity. We all know there are many standards in the USA and every factory has to work according to them. The components that are used to make LEDs in the USA are standardized by the government bodies.

Malfunction is a common problem in LEDs according to the spectrum king 10% of malfunction is ok with LEDs. This does not mean every LED light has this malfunction this is the only allowed percentage of LED light malfunction.

It is impossible to make 100% efficient light whether it is a grow light or an ordinary light which we use at home for lighting purpose.


Cree LEDs use highest diode material which is Silicate Carbide. it is a synthetically grown material. Cree is the only company in the USA which does several tests on their LEDs.

Whenever you see something is powered by Cree this means you are buying the right quality thing. It is best to spend money on durable and reliable things.

The LED lights that are selling under the brand name of spectrum king have successfully passed the Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical and Optical tests of Cree.


All LEDs are certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL). They are the non-profitable, independent product safety organization.

It is required by US federal laws that every product should go under the UL testing before legally sold and installed in the market.


In simple words, this means your LED light is waterproof. All KING LED grow lights are IP 65 approved. You can use them in wet or humid conditions without any failure or danger. Normally we have such conditions in our grow rooms, greenhouses.

This is box title
1. When compared to old lighting system king LEDs save 60 % of electrical energy

2. Made in the USA

3. Full Spectrum lights

4. Unique Patent Formula

5. Water resistant (IP 65 Rated)

6. The high intensity of light

7. Uniform emission of light

8. More absorption of light

9. Reliable and durable products

10. 5 years of warranty

Spectrum King SK602 630-Watt LED Grow Light

If you are looking for brightest and energy efficient light with large coverage area than your search ends here. This the best brightest light that we found in the Canadian LED industry.

The SK 602 LED grow light cover the growing area of 8×8 feet in a flowering stage and 10×10 feet in veg stage. The recommended height of hanging for the veg stage is 48” to 60”. The manufacturer said that the minimum recommended height for the flowering stage is 28” to 36”.

If you put the light too close to the plant than the intensity of light will damage the plant permanently. so, check the given manual or instruction manual before operating this particular grow light.  

The coverage area you will get with this grow light is unbeatable at this price range. Moreover, the product emits the uniform light this means every part of the plant receives an equal amount of light. An equal amount of light absorption gives more yield.

The light is designed to replace the 1000 watt HID bulb. HID lighting consumes more energy as compared to the LED. Replacing your lighting system will reduce energy consumption.

The combining power of 392 diodes makes it No.1 light for greenhouses. 29 Red diodes are used to make flowering easy and perfect. While other 363 diodes are full spectrum light emitting diodes, which are there to give a full spectrum of light. To protect the diodes, form any accidental damages a glass protector cover is used.

PAR efficiency 2.15 mol/J, LUMEN Output 94,393 lumens.


The spectrum of SK602 contains all colors of light which are essential for growth. 4000 Kelvin and some red color wavelength to trigger the flowering stage. The white spectrum of light gives natural like feeling to the pants. Blue and red wavelengths of light the three to support vegetative and flowering stage.

The green spectrum of light helps to start photosynthesis by opening the tiny pores on the plant leaf. The combination of all these makes an ideal spectrum for indoor plant growth. Many manufacturers try to copy this spectrum but due to the lack of skills and knowledge, they failed to do so.

Our advice is always buying genuine products. Do not choose cheap quality products to just save some bucks. Top quality products always stand for their words.

SK602 is not suitable for vertical growing.

We use this light in one for our 5×5 grow tent and it is so powerful that we need to take it out and fix it on the wall.  The internal side of grow tents is normally made with reflective material which reflects the light and the stitching of light tent does not allow the light to pass. The light stays inside the grow tent which again increases the PPFD factor.

In our test we have found that it is not suitable for height restricted areas.  Give 2 feet of space between the plant and light.


Just in case your light gives problem than it is covered in the warranty given by the manufacturer. The company gives 3 years of warranty on light intensity and 5 years of warranty on all parts. If due to any reason any of the internal parts of the light stops working, all you need to do is just notify the Spectrum king they will fix it for you totally free but only if the problem comes in first 5 years of use.

UL certified, ETL listed, CE certified, RoHS compliant and IP66 which mean the light is waterproof.

You can use it any part of your house as it is waterproof light.


The light is little costly but in long term use, it is highly cost-efficient. The coverage area of light makes it best light in the market at this price range. SK602 full spectrum grow light is one of the best lights developed by the professionals.

We are using this light from 5 years all parts and all diodes of the device are working fine. We never find any issue with the quality of it. The customer support of spectrumking is always available to help their customers.