Grow tents comes in many shapes and sizes, different growers want different size of tents. So, we have decided to give a review on the best small grow tents.

If you are living in a basement or apartment and want to grow some plants at home. You do not need more space, with the help of small size grow tents you can grow them even in the corner of your bedroom or kitchen.

The article is divided into 3 parts. In the first part read the review on 2×2 grow tents, in the second section read the review of 3×3 and in the last section, you will find 4×4 grow tents. We only choose those tents which are used by our team members and regular readers. All below reviewed small-size tents are tried and tested products. Choose the tent according to your requirements.


GA Grow Tent with Waterproof Floor Tray

mini grow tent

If you like to grow a few plants then use this mini grow tent. No need to spend hundreds of dollars choose this small size affordable grow tent and start growing from today.

BODY FRAME: It is very easy to install at any place of your choice. You do not need to use tools just follow the instruction book and you will set up the frame in 4 minutes. The metallic body is strong enough to hold the 200 lbs Grow light. Corrosion less body frame with metallic joints which increases the life span of a tent.

QUALITY: The inner reflective layer is made with PET mylar and is 98% reflective silver in color. The inner layer increases the light absorption ratio. High-density 600D oxford material is used to make the outer cover of the tent. The heavy-duty zipper is explosion-proof and waterproof. Thick canvas prevents the leakage of light means the outside light cannot enter inside and the light inside the tent is not allowed to leak out. They also give a small window in the tent which you can use to check the inside environment without opening the entire grow tent.

WARRANTY: It comes with the 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. If any problem comes with the tent in the first 24 months contact the seller, they will fix it for you free of cost.


It includes the following things

1 2×2 grow tent
1 Waterproof floor tray
Carbon filter belts
Instruction manual
Metallic body frame
Warranty card

BloomGrow Mini Grow Tent

small grow tents

BODY FRAME: Metallic body structure with hard metal which has anti-corrosion coating on it. Frame rods are 16MM in diameter with the metallic connector to connect them together. Connectors are also 16 MM in diameter.

QUALITY: Thick canvas is used to make the outer cover of the mini tent (600D light-proof material). Zippers prevent light leakage and water from getting inside the tent. The double stitching technique ensures the durability of it. Do not need to use tools for the installation to follow the steps given in the manual book. It is always easy to set up a small grow tent.

98% of the inside is coated with a highly reflective sheet. This sheet is used to lower down the loss of light.

VENTS: Multiple vets are given to install the proper ventilation systems. The green color window is given to check inside the tent. This feature is fantastic to see inside without disturbing the plant.

WARRANTY: Nothing is mentioned about the warranty for the product on Amazon. Contact the seller to know more about it.


It has the following things

Metallic frame with grow tent
Removable floor tray
Nylon belts
Manual book
Connectors (16 MM)

PrimeGarden Grow tent with LED Grow Light – Bumper Offer

PrimeGarden mini grow tent

PrimeGarden is offering the best deal by including LED grow light in their tent package. Most of the tents do not come with grow light those do comes with artificial grow light costs very high. This brand offers its package which includes two things a mini grow tent and grow light with hanging hooks, nylon belts, power cord, etc.

300 Watt LED Grow Light: PrimeGarden Give 300 Watts LED grow light with its high-quality 2×2 grow tent. It is a full spectrum grow light which takes lesser current and emits high intensity grow light.

Input voltage: 85V to 265 V AC, Frequency: 50/60 HZ, Weight: 2.2 KG GROSS.

It contains a total of 96 pieces of small but high power LEDs that emit a full spectrum of light. PrimeGarden recommends to hang it at the height of 24 inches while germination and 18 to 24 inches at the stage of vegetation.

They also give 1 year of warranty on the grow light. which is more than enough. Do not waste your time if you are serious about indoor gardening. Choose this amazing deal and have two things at the price of just one.

GROW TENT FRAME: High strength steel frame with metallic connectors.  The advantage of having a steel frame over the plastic is steel is durable than plastic. It has more life than plastic. Steel is rigid and almost unbreakable. Steel rods do not catch corrosion and have the power to hold the weight of light and duct fan.

QUALITY: Best quality grow tent at the lowest price. First of all, the package has two things which you can get at the possible lowest price (for sure). 600D highly durable material is used to make the grow tent while the inner surface is coated with mylar (a reflective material). The main function of the mylar is to reflect the light on the plant. It almost triples the light absorption and minimizes the wastage of light.

Steel structure with steel connectors plus steel hanging rod which can hold up to 200 lbs of weight. Heavy-duty zipper with double stitching technology which ensures that the light does not leak from any part of the tent and zipper. The steel rods are also painted with white color (double protection).

Two vents for inline duct fan and carbon filter. Also, the nylon belts to hold the fan and activated carbon filter.

WARRANTY: Both the tent itself and Grow light comes with the 12 months of warranty. If anything goes wrong you can contact the manufacturer, they will fix it free for you.


1 grow light

1 grow tent with structure

Hanging hooks

Nylon belts

Power cord

MarsHydro Small Grow Tents

2x2 grow tent

MarsHydro small size grow tents are at the cheapest price. Amazon is selling the Marshydro grow tents at a very low price. Crack the deal and get the excellent grow tent at your home in a few days.

BODY FRAME: Again, the frame is made of steel. No tools are required for the installation. Just follow the steps written in the instruction book.

MATERIAL: 1680D Oxford heavy duty light-proof cloth is used. Mars hydro has experience of more than 7 years in the field of grow tents. It is a good idea to buy the best grow tents which are manufactured by the experienced manufacturer.

100% diamond mylar is used to cover the internal surface of the tent. where other companies use 95 to 98% reflective mylar mars hydro grow tents use 100% of it. This ensures the high rate of light absorption. Create the perfect growing environment for your plants by choosing this amazing product. A small window is given to check inside of the tent at any time without disturbing the growing plants.

The package includes assembly instructions follow them to set up in a few minutes. Removable floor tray makes it very easy to clean. Make your grow tent is neat and clean, cleanness is important for the healthy growth of plants.

Multiple vents to hold the maximum weight of 140 lbs.

WARRANTY: Marshydro gives years of warranty on each product but nothing is mentioned about this product on Amazon. They never launch a product without any warranty. The seller forgot to write the warranty in discerption. Just mail them to know more about the warranty.


1 grow tent with standing structure

Belts to hold fan and filter

Assembly guide

Gorilla Grow Tent 2’x2’ Size

small gorilla grow tents

Gorilla grow tents are famous all over the world for their excellent quality and honest customer service. They deliver exactly what they promise. We also have 3 gorilla small tents in our home garden. Using them from 4 years they still look like new. No issue with the quality of the material. If you have a good budget then choose this brand over others you will never regret your decision.

STRUCTURE: Steel poles with metal connectors. No, any tool is necessary to assemble the structure. Read the assembly book carefully to connect the interlocking rods and your frame will be ready in 2 minutes. We call it the best budget mini-grow tent for home growers.

Top-quality zippers do not allow light to go outside the tent. It also provides safety to your plants from dirt, dust, pollution, and insects. Plants grown in an enclosed environment are more likely to grow healthy than in open filed.

THE QUALITY: When it comes to growing tents then Gorilla tents are in the first place. They use top-quality material. Tents come in many different shapes and sizes choose according to your space. Buy it once and use it for years without any issue.  Strong zipper, durable fabric makes it a top-selling product for many years.

You can adjust the height of it by buying the separate height extension poles.


Single grow tent


Manual book


Vivosun is the leading manufacturer of growing equipment. They sell good quality mini grow tents in the market. Their small size grow tents gain 98% positive feedback which makes them top-rated small size grow tents.

BODY FRAME: It is supported by top-class metal poles which are painted with anti-corrosive coating. It has a smooth zipper whose operation is very smooth. Moreover, it is a heavy-duty zipper with double stitching which locks the light inside the tent.

Vivosun 3×3 grow tent is suitable for small and tiny places.

CANVAS: High-tech material is used to make the outer cover of the tent.

THE QUALITY: It has top quality in the market. The inner reflective surface is made with 98% reflective material. Your plants will love the environment of the tent. Plants love to grow in quite an environment where human disturbance is almost negligible.

WARRANTY: Vivosun Mini grow tent comes with 24 months of warranty.


Carbon filter belts

Grow tent

Removable floor

Attached tool bag

Ipower small grow tents (3×3 size)

Ipower is another big name in the market. They make LED lights, HPS grow light, tent, Hydroponic systems, and many more gardening tools.

BODY FRAME: Sturdy metal for rough use. It has a total weight load capacity of 110lbs.

THE QUALITY: Tear-proof extra thick tent material but it has only 96 % of reflective mylar coverage. Well, it is enough to grow any plant and the percentage of mylar does not affect the growth of plants in any way. You can control the internal environment of the tent by installing a good grow light with a duct fan. Remember proper ventilation is necessary for the growth of the plant. Plants need fresh air like us (humans) to grow healthy.

100% leak-proof 3×3 grow tent with a high-class zipper. It also has a tool bag inside it. You can place your tools like cutter, tape, temperature gauge, etc in it. The removable water-resistant tray is easy to take out and clean. The assembly book comes with the diagrams which make it easy to understand the assembly process.


1 grow tent

Fan and Filter belts

User guide

Warranty card

Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Small Grow Tents

Apollo horticulture makes the next generation grow tents. This tent is one of their best pieces of technology with a size of 3×3. Place it at any place you want and grow your favorite plants and herbs.

BODY FRAME: High-quality metal poles with connectors of the same material. So, no need to worry about the strength of the tent frame.

THE QUALITY: Double-stitched thick fabric for extra durability. Waterproof, dustproof tent. It also protects your growing babies from external bacterial attacks. Double stitching is necessary to stitch it properly because it is not possible to stitch the thick material together with a single stitch.

Extra strength thread is used to give it extra stability and power. Pure reflective mylar is used which reflects the light on the plant. This reflection is required to make the internal environment a little warm which is suitable for plant growth.

The company uses big zippers to open and close it easily. The light-proof tent does not allow the light to go out of it.

WARRANTY: The product comes with a 90 days warranty period and 30 days of a money-back guarantee.


1 3×3 grow tent

1 Removable floor tray

2 Filter Straps

1 user guide

SunStream 3×3 grow tent

SunStream is a new manufacturer of growing tools but they made good products by using the latest technology. The product comes with the plastic and metallic connecting corners. While ordering it double-check that you have selected grow tent with metallic corners.

BODY FRAME: Metal poles with Metallic corners

THE QUALITY: SBS zippers are used they do not stick and never get corrosion. Hassle-free installation because you do not need any extra device to assemble it. Just use the corner connectors to install it, insert the poles into the given interlocking corners to stand it straight on the floor.

Mylar reflective layer to increase absorption. No need to open the grow tent for the checking, just check from the given window. 600D thick canvas material gives extra durability to grow tent. Only a thick grow tent can lock the light inside it. Thin canvas cannot hold the light inside the tent. Moreover, thin canvas material is not 100% waterproof and lightproof.

If you have a low budget but want a good quality 3×3 to grow tent then select this product it comes with a 1-year warranty. This is a water-resistant grow tent that you can use even in a humid place.

VENTS: Multiple vents to install filter and duct fan. Easy-to-remove tray makes it easy to clean and manage. Special attention is paid to the corners while stitching the canvas. Corners are the part where most tents allow the light to leak out. But in this case, it is completely lightproof and sealed from corners.


1 3×3 SunStream Grow Tent

Inner tool organizer

Removable tray

User book

Warrant card

Holding belts for fan and carbon filter

Growneer Hydroponics small size Grow Tents

Growneer is an honest manufacturer of mini grow tents. They make an affordable range of gardening tents.

BODY FRAME: Top-quality steel with steel poles to connect the structure.

THE QUALITY: The product is used by thousands of users over the globe and they recommend it to everybody. Some growers find little pinholes in the tent at the time of delivery. Which can be fixed with a small amount of glue. Lightproof and tear-proof canvas material with 95% reflective coating. The kit includes 1 instruction pamphlet. Growneer is famous for its 24/7 customer-friendly service. If anything, happen to your product or it is defective contact the seller they will replace it for you.

Strong zipper with triple stitching which gives a light leak-proof mini tent. The heavy metal rods ensure the stability of the tent. A rigid structure is required to make it stand strong against the floor.

WARRANTY: The maker is so confident about the quality of their product that they give 2 years of warranty and 30 day of a money-back guarantee. If in the first 30 days you find it not useful for your garden you can request it for return. Their return policy is hassle-free. After 30 days they will not take it back and give a refund but they will fix it for you only if you find a manufacturing defect in it.

VENTS: Vents are there to be used for ventilation purposes.


1 Grow tent

Removable tray

Carbon filter

Instruction pamphlet


VIVOSUN Horticulture 4×4 grow tent

Vivosun makes the best small grow tents in the market. If you have a plan of using the tent for years of growing then choose this product.

BODY FRAME: Made with strong steel metal poles and also have metal corner connectors. The metallic poles give it strength and stability.  100% of steel is used to make the body frame.

THE QUALITY: Tear-proof fabric is just perfect for blocking the light. Extra thick canvas with heavy stitching is a unique combination. In order to make it more reflective, the company adds 98% reflective coating. High standard reflective material makes it suitable for growing big plants. 600D canvas is waterproof and dustproof. It will block the dust from getting inside it. High-quality metal zippers are used for easy operation.

Take a look from the given window to check inside it. Vivosun is the big brand they make all top-quality products without compromising with their quality. This is the reason that their products are famous all over the country. For easy installation check the given diagrams and repeat the same steps.

WARRANT: 2years of warranty with 30 days of money-back guarantee.


One grow tent

Diagram book

Holding belts

interlocking connectors

MarsHydro 48”x48”x80” tent

Reliable brand, more than 7 years in the field. 100% genuine products in the market. If you want the best things for your indoor garden then buy the best products. Customer ratings can make it clear for you about the reputation of the company (Go to Amazon and Check ).

Metal body with metal connectors.

THE QUALITY: 1680D oxford cloth heavy duty material to give it extra toughness. The thick canvas material makes it super suitable for small growers. 4×4 size of the tent is enough to grow multiple plants at once but if you plan to grow a single bigger plant then this is best for it. For fast assemble they give printed pictures which you can follow while assembling.

WARRANTY: Nothing is mentioned about the warrant or guaranty of the product but normally Marshydro gives 2 years of warranty and 30 days of money-back guarantee on their all products.

VENTS: It has dual vents which are there to hold duct fan and carbon filter. Proper ventilation is highly necessary to grow healthy plants.


The package includes the following things

Removable waterproof tray

Single grow tent with structure

User book

Safety belts for light, fan, and filters