Shameplant (mimosa pudica) care guide

Shameplant is popular all over the world. It is famous with many names including Mimosa pudica, touch me not, shrinking plant, etc.

When you touch this plant, it immediately folds its leaves. Once you stop touching it, within a few minutes it will reopen its leaves.

But this does not mean shame plant is a sensitive plant in terms of care and maintenance. Below is the complete growing and caring guide. After reading it you’ll be able to grow and maintain its health throughout the year.

Let’s start

About the Shameplant

Shame plant is a fast-growing plant. It grows up to 6 feet in height but if you grow it in plant pots it remains short near about 2 to 3 feet tall. The total spread of this plant is 3 feet.

Because it is a fast grower it needs repotting. If you choose small pots then you may need to repot it twice a year.

To grow healthy and strong it needs constantly moist soil. It is only possible if you give it water frequently. But as we all know extra water causes root rot. Therefore, to avoid overwatering I prefer using self-watering planters to grow shame plants.

If you are going to use a normal container then make sure it has a bottom draining hole. This bottom hole is required to save your plant from accidental overwatering.

Buy a pair of sharp shears because you need to trim your fast-growing shame plant.

Light Needs

If you want your shame plant to produce beautiful pom-pom flowers. Then make sure your plant is getting plenty of sunshine.

It can adapt to low light conditions but then it will not produce beautiful flowers.

In 65% of the cases, the indoor growing Mimosa pudica does not produce flowers due to low light.

To push it to produce flowers you need to place the pot on the sunny window. Direct light is not a problem for this plant. It enjoys the direct falling sun rays.

I have my plant sitting on the west-facing window. Because in my apartment it is only option that is a sunny spot

Potting Soil

As I mentioned above it need constantly moist soil. This means the soil that you are going to use must have some ingredients that can store enough water for a long time. I prefer amending the regular potting soil with some excellent and inexpensive ingredients.

The second thing you need to care about is good aeration. Shame plant roots need fresh air to grow healthy. Because the moist soil invites many viruses and fresh air is needed to prevent any root infection.

I discovered a few ingredients that have good watering properties along with aerations.

In your regular potting soil mix 2 parts of peat moss + 2 parts of loamy soil + 1 part of fine perlite.

Once you mix all these substances in your soil. The potting soil will become well-draining and aerated.

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Mimosa pudica aka shame plant needs a high amount of moisture in the soil. This means you need to water your plant many times per week. But there is a risk of root rot with frequent watering.

Do not let the soil dry or you will die. Keep eye on the water level if you are using self-watering planters. For a normal pot use a soil moisture testing meter to test it.

Once you see the top 1 inch of the soil is dry immediately give some fresh water to your plant. In the summer season, you need to give extra attention to it.

In winter it needs less water, I only water once a month in winter. But before watering I always check the soil condition even on cold days.


The good news is this plant does not need any fertilizers. But for its good overall health, you just need to give it some nutrient boost. If you are using organic-rich soil. Then do not fertilize it because it does not like to live in nutrient-rich soil.

Therefore, no need to use nutrient-rich soil. Buy the liquid general-purpose fertilizer that contains potassium with nitrogen.

Fertilize it only in its active season. Once in spring and once in the summer season then stop it.

Temperature& Humidity

Maintain the room temperature between 60 to 85 degrees F. It is a temperature-sensitive plant but if it drops below the recommended range then will not produce flowers.

As long as humidity is concerned, you do not need to worry about it. Because the general home humidity in the USA is sufficient to grow and propagate mimosa pudica plants.

If you find that the humidity in your home is low for some days. Then you can mist water on the plant to give it some comfort.

Plant humidifiers are affordable and convenient options to increase grow room humidity.


Mimosa pudica is a fast-growing plant and it needs frequent repotting. Before repotting it, you need to check the signs. If the roots are visible on the top surface and they are coming out of the bottom hole. This means it needs immediate repotting.

Do not use terra cotta pots because they help the soil to dry quickly. Ceramic and plastic pots are best for this plant. Because they do not allow the soil to dry quickly and you get some time to relax.

Use 2 inches wide and deep pot for repotting.


In my opinion seed propagation is the best method over stem cutting. The germination success rate is 98% in the case of shameplant.

The very first step is to buy high-quality seeds and then soak them in water. Then plant them in the soil and place the pot in a high-humidity place.

The soil must contain compost, perlite, and coco coir. All these ingredients make soil fluffy. This way it is easy for the seed to sprout.

Remember to get success in gemination you need to place your pot in a high humid room. Do not put it in your bathroom. It is not a good place for germination.

We use the bathroom to give an instant humid boost to mature dry and dying plants.


Mimosa pudica aka shameplant is easy to grow. It needs plenty of sunlight for flowering. Watering is the tricky part of its care and maintenance routine.

If you are a beginner this plant is perfect to start your hobby.

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