Self watering planters are excellent choices if you want an auto watering system for your house plants. Self watering planters are of two types indoor and outdoor. Further, they have many designs small, medium and large. Their different shapes make it easy to use them where ever you want in your house. In this post, we will discuss some of the top-selling high-quality affordable self water planters.

They prevent your house plants from drying out, all you need to do is fill up the water reservoir every 2 to 3 weeks (depend upon the size).

 3 pcs Hanging flower pot auto-watering planter

best self watering planters

These work great if you like to decorate your home with plants on the wall. You will get everything in the box to install them on the walls (easily). As you can see in the pictures, we have used them in different styles in different parts of the house. These self watering planters come in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) with 5 different colors. This gives you the opportunity to choose them according to your interior paint.

We have white color pots and hang them on to the wall with just a single screw. Lightweight auto watering pots made with good quality plastic. To pot your plant into them take out the inner shell fill it with the growing medium and put your plant into it.

For your bedroom, small size hanging pots looks great but for large walls in the hall use medium to large size pots. We use small pots in our bedroom and medium-size in the lobby. The inner pots are small but the water holding capacity is good. The cotton rope takes the water up to the plant and makes the soil moist.

The box includes:

3 pieces outer planter

3 pieces of water absorption cotton rope

3 pieces Shook and screw

We found these self watering planters good heat-resistant, cold-resistant with high strength. We have not seen any sign of discoloration for two years of use.

13”x11”x22” perfect size

Different configuration styles

Tool Free assembly

4.5 stars out of 5

Best self watering pots for home use. Light in weight, made with high quality material, multilpe color choic. 

Cole & Mason Self watering herb planter

cole & mason self watering herb planter

If you have this gadget at home you will not need to buy the herbs again from the market. As the name clears it is made for growing herbs and small plants at home. we are growing mint and green beans at this time. Some people claim that it is smaller, remember it is made for growing herbs, not large trees.

Take out the inner pot fill it with the growing medium, put the herbs in it then put it back on its place. This system uses 40% less water as compared to many other products. This means no worries about watering the herbs anymore. Check the water level every 2 weeks and add if required. It is very easy to clean just detach all the parts and clean with mild-warm water for hygiene cleaning.

Cole & Mason have their headquarter in England and all their products are designed and manufactured there. Before potting your plant do not forget about the hydro pad. This hydro pad transfers the water from the reservoir to the roots. The system includes 4 pads that are sufficient for more than a year.

They also manufacture other very useful products one is herb keeper. Once your herbs get mature in the planter cut them and keep them fresh in herb keeper. You can keep your herbs fresh for more than 7 days. Herb keeper have different sections in it where you can put different herbs and keep them fresh for about 10 days.

The box includes:

One self-watering system

4 hydro pads

User guide

Top quality product

Excellent reviews

Great style

High qaulity

Cole & Mason is a leading brand of England. They make all types of gardening tools and sell them worldwide. Unmatched quality and customer support. 

Lechuza Cubico Garden Self watering Planters

lechuza self watering planter pot

This tall planter is available in different sizes from 16 to 30 inches tall. The planter is made for both indoor and outdoor use. Outer plastic is made with high-quality material which make it UV resistant. The color of planter will not fade even if you will use it for years in direct sunlight.

Also, it has the drainage plug to protect your plant from extra rainwater. The water indicator tells you when you need to fill the reservoir with water. It comes in different shapes visit the link to know more about the designs.

Follow the instructions written in the summary book while potting the plant. Whereas in other systems, a water pad is used to transfer the moisture to plant roots. This system acts as hydroponic systems because it gives the space to roots to grow big so that they can touch the water in the reservoir.

Plants grow better in these types of systems where the roots have direct contact with water and other nutrients. You need to put the minerals in the reservoir water to give your plant a complete food.

This is the favorite product of many plant lovers that is the reason it got 4.5 stars out of 5 on the amazon. Read the customer reviews on Amazon before selecting it. You will be surprised to know about its uses and qualities.

The box includes:

One planter

Liner with a water reservoir

4 raiser pads

Water level indicator

Plant substrate

Lechuza Cubico Planter 

Verticle Design

Reputed Manufacturer

Top class choice

Some people find it little costly.
This manufacturer is famous all over the world. You can see Lechuza garden planter in all professional gardens. This brand is the first choice of expert gardeners. If you want a branded planter than this is for you. 

Glowpear Urban Garden Planter

best self watering planter

The Glowpear urban garden planter is designed to grow a wide range of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. It’s durable construction and latest style make it suitable for the modern home. A perfect self-watering planter for balconies, decks, and patios. It gives new improvements to your home style.

Best of all, there is no other competitor in the market who is selling the same type of planters for both indoor and outdoor use at reasonable price. You will not need to worry about watering your plants. The in-built self watering system will take care of everything. The reservoir holds plenty of water which supplies the moisture continuously to the plant roots.

Attach multiple glow pear planters to make a chain of them. Connect the reservoirs together and let them share the stored water. You can convert it into a self-operating ecosystem by just adding two things in the system. One LED light and a timer is required and you will have an auto ecosystem at home (compact size).

It looks so beautiful with a green color reservoir. The total weight of the item is less than 7 kg with an empty water reservoir.

The package includes:

One planter itself



Assembly guide

Everything is included in box

Urban BPA free Design

Top Recyclable Material

Holds plenty of water

Easy to assemble

High Price
Specially designed for growing various types of vegetable, herbs, fruits and flowers. The deepwater reservoir can easily hold a large amount of water. Easy to assemble no tools required. UV protective outer coating. 

ViVO Home raised bed garden planter

raised garden bed

Vivo home is a reputed name in the field of home decoration and gardening tools. You can use any growing material with the auto water pots system. Experts recommend using soil as a growing medium when you have a self-watering plant growing systems.

The auto watering disk takes care of your plant needs. You do not need to water your plants daily. We have one which is placed at the front door. To be honest our house entrance looks so beautiful and stylish we are growing flowers in it. Now for 2 years of use, we are going to order two more for indoor use.

This time my brother wants to grow basil, mint, peppers, and strawberries in it. The outer material is so strong that it can tolerate both the hot and cold weather.

Box includes:

You will get 2 sets of plastic garden planters

Self-watering disk

4 safety heads

4 columns


4 water plugs and walls

Premium Material

Manual Drainage hole

For indoor and outdoor use

Stylish Design

You are getting premium quality at reasonable cost. When we compare it with other manufacturers we have found that this is the cheapest one. Others offer same quality planters starting from $150.  

Botanica Modular Garden Planter

botanica garden planter

Garant’s botanica is the largest manufacturer of non-powered gardening tools. They are famous for their quality and affordable price. This is another amazing product which you can use to grow any type of small to medium pant at home or outside. 

The best part is you can collapse and stack the planter according to the place. If you want to set up it inside your home you can do so in different styles. Just remove the legs and it will stay on the floor for years.

Gardeners are happy to use planter. It is available in many colors.

No water leakage, high-quality plastic, good water holding capacity make it a favorite one for every gardener. If you are a beginner and want to test your gardening skills than this is the product you need to have on your side.

Easy to use, simply add the soil in it than pot the plant and fill the reservoir with water.

The box includes:

Planter itself

Water holding reservoir

Premium Material

Manual Drainage hole

For indoor and outdoor use

Stylish Design

Specially designed Botanica Urban style self watering garden planter for indooor and outdoor use. Easy to use, you can create your garden at any place by combining the botanica planters together.  

Keter Urban Bloomer Raised Garden Bed

best raised garden self watering bed

If you like to grow herbs and vegetables at home but not sure which type of planter you should use. Then this the solution to your confusion. This is made with fine material which means you can use it for years.

Grow the salad items at home and enjoy the fresh salad. This way you can cut your grocery expenses. It can hold up to 23 gallons of soil for growing your favorite herbs and vegetables.

For safety reasons, the manufacturer gives a manual water drainage button to remove the excess of water or to wash it completely. Once you set the systems according to the instruction manual you will see a sudden boost in health of your plants.

Soil plays an important role when  growing plants in pots (mix perlite with soil to make it light and increase draining properties). The soil should be light and crumbly so that roots can easily expand. If you see the soil is too dense then the solution is peat moss, add some of them into the soil and make it easy for roots to grow faster.

Good height, you can manage the plants by sitting or standing (no more back pains).

The box includes:

One planter

Seed sprouting tray

Water gauge

Water reservoir system

Instruction manual

Premium Material

Manual Drainage hole

Bottom shelf for storage

UV protection

Made from Durable Resin

Specially Made with high quality durable material. Perfect for experienced gardeners, beginners may find it costly and big in size. Rugged structure, UV protection layers make it suitable to use in direct sunlight.  

Benefits of using self watering planters

Outdoor plants are easy to grow and require less maintenance than the house plants. It is our responsibility to give them sufficient water, sunshine, and fresh air to grow healthy. They get enough sunshine when you put them near windows or growing them in your balcony. The problem occurs when some plants required frequent water than others.

Most of the herbs need moist soil all the time. Herbs are the most thirsty house plants. Many of us drop the idea of having an indoor garden because of their busy lifestyle. If you are one who dreams about having a beautiful indoor garden but do not have time for their maintenance. Then you should consider growing herbs in self watering pots.

The auto watering pot is designed differently than regular pots. The main aim is to reduce the watering need to as little as once in 30 days. Always try to grow those house plants who do not need much attention. There are many plants that grow their own the only thing they demand is clean water and sunshine.

These planters also reduce the risk of overwatering. 90% of the house plants die due to root rot or fungus a result of overwatering. You can also use them outdoors, do not worry about the rainwater. These planters have drainage holes at the bottom which automatically drain the excess water. Some manufacturer gives manual drainage button which you can use to empty the planter completely.

The best soil to use in self watering planters

When it comes to choosing a growing medium for your planters. Keep in mind, the potting medium should be lightweight and drains easily. Heavy and densely packed potting medium holds more water and keeps the soil extra moist. Moreover, will cause waterlogging and increase the risk of root rot and fungus.

The use of peat moss or perlite is best for house plants. but if you like to use soil then please add some peat moss into it to maintain the balance. This also makes some room for root to grow which is good for plant growth.

Which size of planters is best for home use

Now, this is the crucial part because picking up the right size planter for your house is important to ensure the supply of the perfect amount of moisture to the plant.

The self watering mechanism will not work if you put the small size of the plant in the large planter. To get the best out of the planter the roots must grow to the level of moisture transfer pad. This pad connects the water reservoir with the potting medium. Small plants have small roots which do not grow to the level of water pad in large planters.

Placing large plants into a small planter is also not recommended. Large plants have large roots so they need some more space to expand. In smaller pot roots will be concentrated in a smaller area which restricts the water supply to them.

Remember one thing the self watering planters will not work in the initial stage and you have to water your plant from the above. Because they start working when the roots grow enough and touch the water transfer pad or the wick.

Self planters are useful in keeping the house plants healthy. But they are not the 100% solution. There are many other things that affect the plant health and life cycle. Protect your plants from diseases, insect attacks, and from your pets.