If you are tired of rooting your plant and did into get much success do not worry because I know the solution. You need to use the best rooting hormone in order to make identical plant from the mother plant. It is essential to use cloning hormone in the process of propagation.

Use of Rooting Products is like a surety that you will get success in cloning plants.

If you want to keep a specific breed of the plant in your garden, cloning is the only solution. This is a process where you can make a duplicate plant by using the cuttings of the mother plant or main plant. This duplicate plant will have the same qualities as that of the parent plant.

Growers often do a clone to keep the beneficial plants for further benefits.

Cloning is just to maintain the supply of healthy young plants throughout the year. We also do cloning, once you have a plant which is highly productive, make the duplicate of that plant to make the next harvest season just as productive.

Most of the time people end with failed cloning this is due to many reasons like environmental conditions, no experience, wrong cut etc.

There is a solution to all these problems which is using a Rooting Compound. we have 98 % of success rate in cloning plants and this is all due to the Rooting Hormone.

Thanx to the makers of cloning hormones for such a great product which make us able to clone almost every type of plant successfully at any time.

How to use Rooting Hormone for successful cloning?

Propagate a plant form cutting is an inexpensive method to grow new plant identical to the original plant. Stem cutting is the most common method that every other gardener is using for cloning. While the plant can also be grown by cutting roots and leaf. Read below to understand the difference between these three methods of cloning plants

Easy Way Of Rooting Any Plant



rooting hormone

Clones are the first choice of growers because this has so many positive feedbacks and every other grower is using it in the garden.

It is gel based cloning gel for plants and has thick consistency which has its own benefits. One of the main benefits of using this gel cloning for plants is the material (hormone) stick to the roots and seal the cutting edge of the plant cutting.

It has impressive shelf life which is more than 4 years. We are using this Clonex Gel to duplicate plants in our indoor garden. It is quite affordable and give good results if you know how to use it properly otherwise none of the product can give you results.

It has a full spectrum of mineral and trace elements that are highly needed by the new plants. the trace elements are the vitamin which present in very percentage. They provide protection to the new root tissues because they are delicate and easily get diseases.

Go to Amazon to check the positive feedbacks of various customers. The users are happy and recommend this product to new and experienced growers to Make your garden equally effective in all weather conditions. use this cloning gel and grow healthy and productive plants as much as you want.

Dip N Grow Liquid Rooting Concentrate

cloning gel

Now, this is the most powerful liquid rooting concentrate in the market and is widely used for years. This is the latest and advanced formula (manufacturer make some positive changes in their formula). It contains two hormones for effective rooting which are NAA and IBA.

The formula is alcohol based which is a good thing because the alcohol helps cuttings to fully absorbed the hormone which results in 100% success in cloning. Alcohol in the formula also acts as a disinfectant it makes your cuttings free of bacteria. 

The only disadvantage of alcohol is it burned some softwood plants but the manufacturer says to dilute it by mixing it with water before using on softwood plants. there are many warnings printed on the label read them carefully to avoid in an accident. Rooting elements are not safe for humans and animals so keep it away from the reach of children.

It is clearly mentioned on the bottle that if you do not use the diluted mixture within 10 hours than you have to through it out. after 10 hours the mixture became ineffective means no use.

To make an effective diluted mixture mix the 20 drops of this concentrated liquid into the 60 drops of water this way you can have the best form of diluted cloning liquid. This diluted mixture can be used for any plant including softwood. 

What is Rooting Hormone?

In simple words, It is a substance available in gel or powder form to stimulate plant growth. Here you might think most of the plant cuttings will naturally produce new roots then why you need to spend money on the rooting gels, liquid, and powder.

Well, it is true that some plants automatically produce new roots when placing in clean water for some time but this not true in each case. There are some species of plants which need some external help to grow new roots and rooting compound help them to do so.

Actually, Cloning hormone gives you the surety that you will get success in cloning. Failed cloning is a very painful condition when you do not have mother plant in your garden anymore and your plant cutting does not produce roots and you need to throw the plant cutting out of your garden. This happens to us so many times when we were not aware of the rooting hormone.

There is a special type of plants that produce new roots naturally but after a very long time (several days or months). This situation slows down the production of the entire garden. To speed up the rooting process use the cloning gel or powder.

All plant rooting gels, powders, and liquids use a natural plant hormone called Auxins. IAA (indole acetic acid) is a hormone that every plant has naturally which help them to produce new roots.

In this review, we will tell you which bottle of hormone contains natural substance and which has all synthetic material. Both natural and synthetic hormones are equally effective.


They are available in three forms (a) LIQUID ROOTING (b) GEL FORM (c) POWDER FORM.

LIQUID FORM: The liquid form is available in two types The Concentrated and Ready-to-use liquid hormone.

The ready-to-use hormone is best for beginners and is also more convenient to use especially if you have no time for your garden or have no experience with cloning plants. It has everything in balanced form no need to mix it with anything. Just pour the right amount of it and you are good to go.

The most common mistake which people make while using liquid cloning hormone is, they dip the plant cutting directly into the bottle. This habit will contaminate the entire solution of cloning compound or spread disease in the garden.

The best way to use it, take out the desired amount of it in a separate container and then dip the cutting into it.

On the other hand, if you are using a concentrated form of it, this means you already know that you need to dilute it first. Concentrated liquid gives more control over the potency of the rooting mixture. Suppose you have many plant cuttings of different plants all of them need a different concentration of rooting mixture to grow. Here you can do two things first you can buy different ready to use liquid for every type of plant cutting or use concentrated liquid and customize it according to your need.

Some plants need more concentrated liquid than other for effective cloning. For example, softwood tissue plants need less concentrated liquid than the hard-woodier tissue plants. so, double check the type and requirement of your plant before using rooting gel or powder.

All concentrated liquids need refrigeration because they have a very short lifespan (the only downside).

GEL FORM: Rooting Gel is the most popular and widely used hormone for cloning. It has many benefits over the other available forms which are as follows.

The biggest benefit is gel form have the right amount of synthetic hormone which is suitable for every type of plant. A Very small amount of gel is required for cloning the plants as compared to the powder and liquid forms.

No need to dip directly into the container you can take out the gel with the finger and apply it at the bottom of plant cutting. Another advantage of gels is they cover the entire cut region and keep it covered. This process allows the hormone tissue to get easily absorbed to the plant cuttings. Gels are best to use in all cloning machines.

POWER FORM: Powder form rooting hormone products have years of shelf life if they kept dry in a safe place. Commercial Growers always prefer to use powder form over others. The biggest advantage according to us is the shelf life of powder.

They do not need to mix it with anything. All you need to do is take the cutting and dip it into the powder bottle, tapped it lightly to remove the excess of the material. After this place the cutting in your cloning machine. This is as simple as that.

EXTRA TIP: Before dipping the cut into the powder, we advise you to dip it into the water to make it slightly wet. In this way more, the powder will stick to the end and increases the chances of better rooting as fast as possible.


Using best rooting material is not enough for successful rooting there are many other factors which contribute to effective cloning. Environmental conditions are extremely important to keep in mind while doing all this process of making duplicate plant from the mother plant.

Cleanliness is another important factor for obtaining reliable cloning results. Sanitizing and sterilizing are the process which you need to use to clean every equipment which is used in cloning. Do the cleaning process after finishing the one batch or starting the new cloning batch.

Search for the healthy and vibrant donor plant in your garden for cloning because the clone will grow up same as like the mother plant.

To get 100% success in cloning make sure you choose the right parent plant and all equipment are well cleaned, make sure you are using effective rooting stimulator for guaranteed results.

Which type of Plant Cutting is Best to Grow with Cloning Mixtures?

Cloning hormones are capable to grow any type of plant cutting like stem cutting, root cutting, leaf cutting. The thing which matters is your experience if you do not have experience read the complete article to gain enough knowledge about cloning plants or ask help from an experienced gardener.

Growing a plant from a cutting is requires lots of patience. Cutting s are fragile when they just get separate from the original plant.

Always remember to moist the soil after putting the plant cutting into the pot. Do not water the cutting just through some water to moist the soil not wet.

Growing form Stem Cutting

  1. First of all, choose the healthy plant which you believe gives more production and you need more identical plants in your garden. Now take a clean knife and cut one of the healthy stems of the plant. Do not use scissors they will pinch the stem or give an improper cut. Take an 8 to 10 inches long stem, carefully remove all the leaves and cut the part of the stem which is above the node.
  2. Moist the bottom part of the stem.
  3. Take out the desired amount of cloning compound in a different container. Dip the bottom of the stem into it (one inch only). Use any hormone of your choice Gel, Powder or Liquid the procedure is the same for all of them.
  4. Now place the cutting into the potting medium. Make a hole first into the pot so that the stem can adjust into the pot their comfortably. Tap the soil properly this will remove all the air around the cutting. Spray the water onto the stem and moist the soil.

NOTE: Plant cutting do not need direct sunlight but this does not mean you always put them in shade (little light is required for few hours).

Rooting from Leaf

rooting hormone

Not all plants have stems, some only have a leaf. It is simple to make a clone from leafy plants. cut the closest leaf from the center of the plant. Dip the bottom part into the hormone and plant the leaf into the soilless mix.

Some plants which do not have a stem or have very small stem required to put some of the rooting hormones on the back side of the leaf and then slightly press the leaf so that the back side of the leaf where we use the hormone touches the soilless mix.

Root Cutting Method

root cloning

As the name suggests in this method of plant cloning, we use the roots of the parent plant. A small piece of the root of an original healthy plant is used to produce more identical plants. Uncover the root area (not all) and cut the 2 inches piece of strong roots and cover back the root area of an original plant.

Now dip the root into the rooting hormone and plant it into the growing medium. Normally Fall is the best time for cloning because by the spring you will have a healthy strong big plant.