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We respect your privacy and protect your personal information like name and email address. we never ask for credit or debit card details. The site is to increase your knowledge about houseplants. We do offer some products of third parties on our site but they have their own privacy policy we are not responsible or liable for the content or any other action of linked sites.

We collect information only when you send us an email or any query or give us a comment in the comment sections. we collect Your internet protocol address, service providers, and IPS, we do this in order to improve the website. You will not receive any email from us until you request us to inform you every time we update something.

If we decide to make changes to our privacy policy we post those changes on this page of a website without any notification to our users or viewers. According to our policy, we do not sell or transfer your data to any other website or person for any reason. Your name and email ids are saved securely where no one has access without the permission of the website owner.

This website does not use cookies or any other method to track anyone.