No house in the world is 100% insect-free. Every house has some insects and bugs which is normal. But you have to do something to keep them away and save your house from them.

Ants are nasty pests that nobody likes to see them in their bedroom, storeroom, kitchen, etc. But unfortunately, especially in summer, we see some of the ant colonies in our backyard. Ants enter our homes in search of their food. They smell the food particles from a very long distance and get attracted to it.

If you too have ants in your home then you have two options one is, call the pesticide company. Pay them and they will take care of everything.

The second is to use plants that repel ants.

Many varieties of houseplants are available that keep the ants out of your place.

Let’s learn more about ant repellent houseplants.

Plants that repel ants

Ants use scent to communicate with each other. They smell the food and go in the same direction leaving behind their scent. Other ants smell this scent and follow the very first ant. This way the hundreds of ants move in the same direction in a single line.

You can break their communication by having houseplants that release the aromatic smell. This aromatic smell deters the ants from entering further into the house. Actually, the aroma released by plants breaks their communication.

Also, plants that repel ants release a fragrance that is mild for us but is strong for ants. This suppresses the smell of food particles.

Lavender Plant


No doubt lavender is a little big as a houseplant. There are many varieties of it. You choose French lavender or another hybrid variety to grow it indoors. Lavender needs a large space to grow so you need to find a big pot for it. Also, you have to change the pot every year once it gets bigger.

The plant needs a good amount of bright sunlight. Therefore, find a suitable place in your house where lavender can get a minimum of 6 hours of bright sunlight.


You can use grow lights to help lavender grow healthy.

It also needs a breezy spot which means good airflow. Otherwise, your lavender will die due to the insufficient airflow of fresh oxygen.

If you find it difficult to grow indoors you can grow next on the list.

Mint plant

plants that repel ants

By growing mint at home, you have 3 benefits. One is this repels the ants second is you can use the mint in salads and also make herbal mint tea. Pineapple mint, peppermint, apple mint, and chocolate mint are common varieties that most people like to grow indoors.

For growing it indoors you need to have good draining soil. If you don’t have it at home you can use your garden soil or any other potting soil. Don’t forget to mix some perlite into it to improve its drainage and aeration.

The good news is mint only needs 4 to 5 hours of indirect bright light. If you like to grow plants that don’t need a high amount of sunlight to grow. Then mint is the best choice for you.

Water it only when you feel the soil is dry because plants like mint need less water than other houseplants.


ant repellent plants

It is not easy to grow at home in pots. If you are new to houseplants and have no indoor growing experience then please choose other plants on this list. Rosemary is no fragrant like lavender but it is the same effect in repelling ants.

So, for growing it indoors the first thing you need to do is find a sunny window. Because it needs long hours of sunlight. You can fulfill its light needs by installing LED grow light above it.

For watering houseplants, the thumb rule is to stick your finger in the pot if it feels dry give some water. And if there is moisture in the soil wait for 24 hours and check the soil condition again.

For safety use well darning pot with darning holes at the bottom. This can save your rosemary from excess water.

Grow Thyme

Thyme is easy to grow and the best plant that repels ants. It needs indirect bright light to grow like mint. 3 to 4 hours of indirect bright light is sufficient for it to grow healthy. Thyme is very helpful in repelling ants. For overwater safety use a ceramic pot. Because this pot has tiny holes in it and allows extra water to evaporate quickly. Keep the plant pot at room temperature. Your thyme will not survive in too hot or too cold weather conditions.


plants that repel ants

Marigold is my favorite plant that repels ants and also looks amazingly beautiful indoors. Because the orange color flowers look brilliantly beautiful. But this plant is not easy to grow indoors.

The problem is it needs bright sunlight. So, you move it outside on sunny days and move it back into your in cold weather. In winter install grow lights for it. it also likes to thrive in warm weather. The heating system of your house can save its life.

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How to use plant leaves to repel ants?

Now you know you can use plants that repel ants. But you cannot place them everywhere in your house. So, what to do when ants are entering from different sites? I have the solution to this problem. Take the leaves of these aromatic plants and crush them to release scented oil and put them where you see ants are coming in. You will see once they smell it, they move like crazy and disappear in 1 to 2 minutes.

For the best results, you can use a garlic clove. Crush the clove and place it from where the ants are entering your home.

If ants are coming into your house from your garden this means ants have a colony in your garden. You should grow these plants in your outdoor garden to keep them away. All the plants that I have mentioned can be easily grown outside.

Do plants also attract ants?

No, plants do not attract ants but aphids do attract them. Aphids suck the juice of plants and secrete liquid waste. Ants get attracted to this waste liquid. They like to have it. Once you see aphids in your garden treat them right away and prevent ants.

Other Ant repellent methods

Your last option is chemical methods of killing ants and preventing them from destroying your house. There are many ant-repellent liquids and powders available in the market.

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