Pink Syngonium is an easy to grow houseplant and is popular all over the Globe. It is the first choice of new American growers and plant lovers. Because it produces beautiful leaves and has excellent air purification properties. The best part is pink Syngonium care, maintenance and propagation are extremely easy.

Even beginner growers can grow it without any problem. It is a hardy plant which means it can survive in all types of growing conditions. And is resistant to most of the common houseplant pests and diseases.

Those who do not like to give much time to their plants should go for it. Because it needs less water, less amount of light, and just a few cups of fertilizer for an entire year.

Below is the best pink Syngonium care and propagation guide.

Common Names

Arrowhead vine, Goosefoot plant


Araceae family


Bright indirect


Rich organic, fast draining




Liquid Organic


40 to 65 %


Toxic to animals and humans




Root rot and brown leaves

About Pink syngonium

Pink Syngonium is also known as the Arrowhead plant, Goosefoot plant, and Arrowhead vine. It is an evergreen plant well-known for its air purification powers.

People grow it indoors to reduce indoor air pollution. This plant absorbs benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air.

Then send the pollutants to the roots. Where the roots convert toxins into plant food.

It belongs to the Araceae family and naturally found in Mexico and brazil.

The arrowhead vines grow up to 3 to 7 feet tall with a total spread of 2.5 feet. Syngonium is a fast grower so you need to trim it regularly to keep it in good shape.

No doubt it produces beautiful flowers. But unfortunately, it rarely blooms in indoor conditions. But there is good news for you and that is it has brilliant heart-shaped long leaves. These pink leaves are the real beauty of this plant.

Almost every American grower has at least one growing pink Syngonium plant. The most popular variety is hybrid Syngonium with dual-color leaves.

There is only one negative point and that is its toxicity

Keep your children and pets away from this plant.

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How to care for pink syngonium?

You just need to follow the below guide. It is not necessary you do exactly the same as what is written below. Two plants of the same species may need slightly different care. Therefore, choose the necessary information that you need.

For, example, if your plant is healthy in 40% humidity. Then no need to increase it, because high humidity is recommended in this guide. This is the overall best care guide, remember that your home environment strongly affects the plant needs.


The light needs of the arrowhead plant depend upon their type. Some type needs bright light where hybrid species need low light.

If your plant has pink, white, or yellow leaves then it needs bright light. The light should be bright but not direct light.

The arrowhead vines do not grow long if you put the plant pot in low light. On the other hand, direct light can burn the leaves.

Growers living in rental buildings should use grow light. They are designed to grow houseplants. Choose houseplant grow light only. The lights that you see in greenhouses are high-end lights. They are not suitable for the houseplants

Because indoor plants need few hours of indirect light in a day.

Quick tips

Choose any sunny window to grow it

Put the pot close to the window but not on the window sill.

Pink Syngonium growing in hanging baskets also need indirect light.

Watering Pink Syngonium

Watering is the main part of the pink syngonium care. Because it needs more water in summer days and less water in winters.

Stick to the moderate watering routine for best growth. And your plant will not get infected by any fungus disease.

You will be surprised to know that your pink Syngonium can survive longer even without water.

But if you do not water it for more than 2 weeks then the plant leaves start losing their moisture. This turns them dry and brown. To revive its health again soak it immediately in the water. Then put it in a high humid place.

Some quick watering tips:

Use clean filtered water only

The upper 2 inches of the soil should be dry before watering.

Use room temperature water for watering.

New growers should use a soil moisture meter to check plant pot soil.

arrowhead plant care


Pink syngonium aka Arrowhead vine plant needs little acidic soil. The pH of the potting soil has to be in the range of 5.5 to 6.5.

The second thing that you need to check is the draining power and fertility of the soil. It has to be fast draining and must have some organic ingredients. Because organic substances reduce the need for fertilizers.

This keeps the growing cost very low and you save some money. For good growth, the soil should have some fluffy material like perlite. It not only makes some room for the airflow. It also stores water in it to keep the plant well-hydrated.

When you use perlite then you need to water your plants less often.

This is not a costly ingredient. You can get it in all the garden stores.


15 to 25 degrees C temperature is the best range for growing arrowhead vine plants. Normal house temperature is in the same range. So, you do not need to worry about the temperature. But if the temperature of the grow room drops below 12 degrees C, then this will create a problem. Because warm plants like arrowheads start losing their moisture.

The plant content in them starts to freeze and this results in stunted growth.

To grow healthy plants always use a room temperature monitor. You can set the minimum and maximum range on these digital devices. An alarm will trigger when the temperature goes above or below the set degree of it.

Those living in 10 to 12 USDA zones do not need to worry about the environmental conditions. These areas of the USA have a suitable environment for arrowhead plant care.


It needs 40 to 65% humidity in the air. Stable humidity is necessary to grow plants. But you cannot control the outdoor weather.

On the other side indoor environment is in your control. You can increase or decrease the humidity with various methods.

An electric humidifier is a quick and easy solution for increasing humidity. If you do not have a humidifier, you can use traditional methods. Pebble tray and grouping the plants are some proven easy methods.

In the summer months use a spray bottle to mist water on plant leaves. But mist water only in limited quantity.

arrowhead vine


Organic liquid fertilizer is perfect to use for caring the pink Syngonium. Before using fertilizers read all the instructions and follow them. Highly concentrated formulas can burn your plant. Always dilute it before use.

Do not use it in winters because it is the resting time for the plants. Plants take rest and stop growing in a cold environment.

Granular and powdered fertilizers are not safe for container-grown plants.


Plant trimming is necessary to keep it short and healthy. As I said this plant is fast growers. The arrowhead vines grow at a rapid rate. To keep their growth in control you need to trim the overly grown vines.

Also cut and remove the infected parts of the plant. Remove dry and yellow leaves. Do not use trimmed infected parts of the plants in compost. This will destroy your compost and you will have infected final material.


Repotting is necessary only in root-bound conditions. For repotting use one size large pot than the current container.

Water the plant 30 hours before the repotting. This will make the soil loose and you can easily take the plant out of its pot.

Then put new potting soil in the new pot and plant your plant in it. Give some water and put it back in its place.

For extra safety of the plant check the roots and remove the infected part.


It is toxic to animals and humans only if ingested. Keep the plant container away from the reach of the children and pets.

Swollen mouth, mouth sores, stomach pain are the main symptoms of plant toxicity. If you see any of these then contact the poison control center immediately.

pink syngonium care soil

Arrowhead Vine Pests and Diseases


The pink Syngonium plant is a hardy plant and has strong immunity against pests. But if you see pests on your plant then this means your strong plant is in serious problem. Pests only infect unhygienic and unhealthy plants. If you properly follow the pink Syngonium care then it will not get infected by pests and diseases.

Mealybugs are the common pests. Use rubbing alcohol to kill them. Take a cotton cloth and pour few drops on it. Then wipe each leaf of an arrowhead vine plant.

The second option is insecticidal soap. Use it to wash your plant and it will kill all the bugs and pests. After that spray neem oil and water mixture on the entire plant.

Root rot

It is the only disease that affects the plant. Root fungus is only possible when you blindly give water to growing goosefoot plants.

Help your goosefoot plant by following the best watering techniques.

Pink Syngonium brown leaves

Underwatering plants develop brown color. Continuous exposure to extremely bright light also causes brown leaves.

Water your plants only when they need it to avoid brown pink Syngonium leaves.


Put the pot in the low intense filtered light to avoid light burn and brown plant leaves.