Pink Princess Philodendron has green color velvety leaves with red or pink variegation. This is a hybrid variety means you can grow it in any part of your house.

It just needs filtered bright light to grow its leaf size and for brilliant variegation.

The good news is it needs very little care as compared to other philodendron plants. You do not need to raise the normal temperature of your house.

Also, princess philodendron will not mind the normal range of your home humidity.

To grow comfortably use terracotta containers. I invite you to read the below caring guide. Make note if you are new to growing plants in containers.

About the plant

The best thing is it is a slow-growing vining plant. This means it needs less care and is a perfect plant for homes and apartments.

On its native land, it grows in an outdoor environment.

Your home environment is what it needs to thrive. You don’t need to make any changes in your living space for this plant.

The normal height of a princess philodendron is 3 to 5 feet tall.

Variegated plants are more costly than other normal houseplants. Therefore, you should learn everything about this plant before buying it.

Light Needs

Your Pink Princess Philodendron needs dappled light to thrive. Just protect it from the direct sun rays and your plant will continue to thrive.

Actually, the direct sunlight between 10 am to 4 pm is very harsh for the plant.

The leaves of princess philodendron cannot absorb this light. They lose the water stored in them and start turning brown.

There is no technique that can turn brown leaves green again.

So, protect your plant from direct sun rays and expose it to indirect bright light.

For extra care, you can expose your plant to the morning sunlight before 10 am. Then put it a few feet away for a sunny place.

Potting Soil

Use soil that is rich in organic matter and has excellent draining abilities. Because such soil does not become compact when watered and this saves your plant roots from fungus.

The general-purpose potting soil will not work because it holds a high amount of water in it. Which is not good for growing philodendron pink princess.

Use African violet or orchid potting mix with some organic material for growing princess philodendron.

These mixes will work best for tropical philodendron plants.

No garden soil or clay soil is recommended. The use of such soil will increase the chances of root rot and other common houseplant diseases.

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To grow a pink princess philodendron, you have two options. One is to use rainwater and grow it in the glass. The second is to use potting soil and grow it in a plant container.

Because you can grow it in water only. This does not mean it needs a high amount of water to survive.

To water your container growing pink princess. Follow the below guidelines.

  • Check the soil moisture before watering it.
  • Let the top few inches of the soil dry before watering.
  • Use fresh drinkable water
  • Water it less frequently in the winter season.

Remember that the room temperature and the normal humidity level of your home directly impact the need for watering applications.


If you see signs of nutrient delicences then you can fertilize your philodendron plant. Otherwise, you do not need to fertilize the pink princess.

If the soil you use has some kind of organic material, then you will never need to fertilize your plants. Such soil has all the essential nutrients that are required for healthy growing plants.

For the general health of the plant use general-purpose liquid fertilizer. Prepare the weak solution and pour it into the plant.

No use of spray bottles, this will be an act of wasting costly nutrients.

Temperature & Humidity

Because it is a tropical jungle plant it needs warm weather. The ideal range is 65 to 80 degrees F.

Do not let the room temperature drop below 60 Degrees F. Or your plant will start dying. Do not expose it to a cold or frost environment.

The sap of the plant and the leaf tissues cannot handle the cold weather.

In the summer season to give it good comfort, many growers put it in front of the AC air. But this will make it dry by evaporating the water out of the plant.

It likes high humidity so keeps it on the higher side. Generally, try to keep it above 60%. You can use a plant humidifier or any other method that is convenient to you.


It is a slow-growing plant so you do not need to repot it frequently.

For repotting wait for the active growing season and use plant pots with draining holes. I prefer terracotta pots over other materials.

Use new soil in pots and give water to the plant to make them comfortable in its new home.

Do not use plastic pots they are not porous and do not help in draining extra water. These pots are good for plants that need a high amount of water to grow.


You have two options one is to propagate it from the healthy stem cutting. The second is to propagate it at the time of repotting by dividing its roots.

Cut the stem in the active season which is spring and summer. Then dab it in the rooting hormone and place it in the potting soil.

Place the pot in a high humid place and in warm weather.

Within 6 to 7 weeks, you will see the development of new roots. Once these roots gain enough size then you can transfer the plant to its final pot.

In the division method, takes out the plant from its pot and divides the roots into parts. Then plant each division of roots in a different pot and you’re done with propagation.

Place the pots in a warm humid place, for 36 hours. Then give them regular care.


Philodendron pink princess is a very rare plant. Protect its leaves from direct sunlight and do not overwater them.

Fertilize it if the soil you use does not have enough nutrients.

It is a slow-growing short-height plant that is easy to grow in small spaces.


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