How to care for Philodendron plowmanii?

If you want a houseplant that produces rare big size attractive leaves. Then Philodendron plowmanii will be the best option. Because it has massive size leaves in a gradient of colors.

Plowmanii is an expensive and rare plant in the USA. You will be lucky if you find it in your local garden store. Otherwise, you need to order it online.

To grow this plant, you do not need to study anything, just read this post to master in caring Philodendron plowmanii. Your Previous experience with tropical plants will help you in growing this massive leaf Philodendron.

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About the plant

To successfully grow this plant at home, you need to give it good space. Whether you grow it outside or inside this plant spread in a large area.

If you give it a growing environment similar to its natural environment it will grow more than 8 feet. But this height is only possible if you use a very large pot or you grow it in your outdoor garden. But using a very large size pot indoors is not a wise idea.

In regular indoor plant pots, this plant only grows up to 2 to 4 feet in height.

With a little bit of fertilizing, you can increase the production of plant leaves. The big size leaves have multiple green and grey contrasts. For a thriving plant protect it from the cold and frost. The leaves start turning yellow and brown in cold weather.

Light Needs

Plowmanii philodendron plant can easily grow in low light conditions. This means you do not need to arrange bright light conditions for it. General houseplants like to live in filtered bright light. But for healthy Philodendron plowmanii, your ceiling lights are enough.

You just need to protect your plant from midday high intense sharp light. Hot sun rays can burn beautiful leaves. You will observe brown crispy edges.

This clears that you cannot grow it in an outside garden. Because you need to protect it from direct sunlight. And growing it under large trees will block all the light. This put a negative effect on its health.

You need to work very hard to grow it outside. Spending most of your time and energy on just one plant is not good for your gardening carrier.

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Potting Soil

Potting mix that contains peat moss, perlite, and compost is best for growing and caring philodendrons. These mixes do not contain soil and are the best draining materials. Compost is an essential ingredient in the formula. Because it nourishes the growing plants with essential nutrients.

You should avoid garden soil or any tightly packed soil. Such soils become waterlogged on watering and reduce air circulation. Also, put unnecessary pressure on plant roots. This disturbs the normal functioning of plant roots.

Therefore, always use soilless growing mediums for growing philodendron varieties.


This plant is a rainforest plant but this does not mean it needs a heavy amount of water. The soil in these forests is naturally well-draining soil. It absorbs all the water from the top layer and sends it deep into the earth.

The soil formula that I mentioned above is fast-draining soil.

It only holds a minimum amount of moisture in it that is enough for plowmanii plant to grow.

The best watering technique is checking the potting soil before watering. The top 1 or 2 inches of the soil must be dry. Please use clean filtered water for watering and you will never face dehydration problems.


I only fertilize my plants in their growing season. This is the best technique because plants do not grow in the winter season. So, winter fertilization is a waste of money. Spring and summer are the growing seasons. Fertilize twice a week in the summer season and once in the spring season.

There are many liquid fertilizers that are derived from organic substances.

They do not put a negative effect on the plant in any way. These slow-releasing nutrients are required for the continuous supply of essential nutrients.

Use any general-purpose houseplant fertilizer.

Temperature & Humidity

55 F to 85 F is the best temperature range for the good health of this plant. For good Philodendron, plowmanii care maintain the room temperature in this range.

You cannot grow it outdoors if winters in your area are frosty. Indoors is the best place for it. You should protect your plant from sudden hot or cold winds. Keep it away from the heating vents and air conditioners.

The room humidity should be above 40% to maintain its good health. To increase it you can use a pebble tray or plant humidifier. No need to spray water on plant leaves this will increase the chances of leaf rot.


Philodendron plowmanii needs loose roots in the pot. This means you need to repot it on time or the plant will start suffering.

For repotting use a 2-inch bigger pot and select terracotta material. This material is good for plants that do not need much water. Nowadays we have very stylish terracotta pots in the market. You can also buy them online from many online garden stores.

I brought my pots from amazon. They took time to deliver but they sell the best pots.

Propagation of Philodendron plowmanii

Stem cutting is a fast and easy method of propagation. All you need to do is just find a healthy stem. Cut 1 inch below the leaf node and remove unwanted leaves. There should be 1 or 2 leaves on the top of the stem cutting.

After that, you can use water or a soilless growing medium for the next process.

Place the cutting in a glass of water or plant it in the potting soil. Then locate a warm and humid place and put the glass or pot there. It will take some days to develop new roots.

In the case of glass, you can clearly see the development of roots. But in potting soil, you need to wait for the new leaves. Once you see them it’s time to transfer it to the final pot.

Keep the potting soil moist all the time and change the water of the glass after 7 days or when it gets dirty.


This is a rare philodendron variety. Your family and friends will get surprised when you have this plant at home. They will surely ask you to propagate one for them.

Foliage is the main beauty of the plant. So, expose it to adequate light and give it clean water to encourage the production of leaves.

Do not grow it in an outside garden, it will not survive in hot or cold weather. If you master growing this plant then you can grow any variety of philodendron plants.

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