If you do not like plastic-made Orchid pots and want an excellent alternative. The Glass Containers are the best option. Orchids in glass containers look exceptionally beautiful.

There are many transparent plastic pots in the market. You can go for them if you cannot handle the glass material properly.

Also, glass containers are costly but they look more beautiful than plastic pots.

In this guide, I will explain how you can grow Orchids in vases. What are the benefits and how you can take care of glass containers?

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Growing Orchids in Vases

Most people grow orchids in two types of pots one is plastic and the other is glass containers. The plastic container has some advantages over glass material.

Because the glass container does not come with drain holes. And it is not possible to drill a hole at the bottom with any type of tool.

Whereas plastic containers have multiple draining holes.

Secondly, glass containers are heavy and they can break easily if not handled correctly. The good thing is there are some tips, if you follow them, you will not face any problems with orchids growing in vases.

I recommend Pyrex glass containers over tall ones. Because they are safe for the plants. In tall containers, you have to deal with high humidity. The tall style does not allow enough air to circulate and balance the humidity.

This results in many types of fungus diseases. Sometimes your plants release an unpleasant smell. I have my Orchids in Terrariums.

Terrariums are always best for small orchids and they look extremely beautiful in them. They are easy to clean and your plants never face any issues in the terrarium.

Orchid Plating Rule for Glass Containers

As you know the bottom hole is missing in glass containers. Therefore, the overuse of water can lead to many fungal diseases. To prevent you should place your plant in a way that the roots cannot touch the bottom of the container.

To do so make sure the orchid roots stay 1 to 2 inches above the bottom plate.

Potting Mix for Orchids in Glass Containers

Even the glass vases do not allow extra water to drain out. You still need to use a well-draining potting mix. Because Orchids need it to grow successfully.

I have some small round pebbles at the bottom of the container. Over them, if put a 2 inches-thick layer of Sphagnum moss.

First of all, collect some small rocks and then wash them using dishwashing soap and warm water. Once you clean all the dirt and debris, it’s time to layer them at the base of the empty Orchid glass container.

Now put your Orchid in a container and add some extra Sphagnum moss to cover the roots. Moss is a lightweight material and it will not put any negative pressure on roots.

Make sure the leaves stay above the edges of the vase and give some water. While watering it make sure the leaves are dry, and water directly to the potting mix.

After watering the extra water gets collected at the base of the container. You can clearly see it and it is safe as long as the water is not touching the roots.

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How to grow Orchids in Water?

To grow orchids in the water you can use portable hydroponic systems. They are specially designed to grow small houseplants. They do not consume electric energy and are easy to use and clean.

Some manufacturers called them Semi-hydroponic systems. They use a rotator that rotates the water in a clockwise motion.

This way the water keeps fresh for a long and it also touches the plant roots. This constant contact of water with the root supplies all the essential nutrients to the plants.

If you want to fill the container with water only and want to plant orchids in it. Your plant will surely grow but you have to change the water once in 7 days.

This increases the workload of a plant owner and is not recommended for orchids.

Orchids in Potting Mix

Orchids grow on the bark of trees which means they do not need a potting mix. They attach themselves to another tree with their roots.

The roots absorb moisture from the air particles. Because the humidity in the air is sufficient in the natural habitat of the orchids.

Watering Orchids in Glass Containers

Water your Orchids growing in glass containers only when you see the roots turn silvery. Also, the growing medium feels slightly dry.

Remember that the green roots are a sign of enough moisture in the container and watering can damage the roots.

Fill the container with water until the roots completely sink in it. They wait for 10 minutes and then empty the container. This way the roots and growing medium both absorb enough water.

The frequency of watering depends upon the type of growing medium that you use. Just, for example, I use clay pots because they store water for a long time. This way I have to water less frequently.

Orchids are delicate plants that cannot handle hard water. It is the water that contains unwanted minerals.

Therefore, use filtered water only or bottled water that you use for drinking.

Orchid Safety

Your orchid will stay safe as long as you do not expose them to direct light. Once their roots get in touch with direct sunlight, they start losing their moisture and become weak.

Put the glass container where the plant only gets enough in-direct bright light. But make sure the roots are covered with potting mix.


Growing Orchids in containers is an easy task only if you choose the right style of containers. I recommend Round shaped glass jars.

To prevent all the issues just water your orchids only when the soil I drying.

If you need more information on orchids in vases contact us.


    • I am not waiting until the glad jar is complete dry. After 14 days I give water and let the orchid in it for 10 minutes. Then turn the glas jar upside down and get ride of the water. My orchids thrive.

  1. Do you have any pictures of a orchid in a glass vase? Ijust don’t understand how to do it and do you gave them food


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