Before buying any fertilizer & Nutrient for your cannabis plant you should have the complete knowledge about the Nutritional requirements of cannabis plants.

Cannabis needs different nutrients at each stage of growth and it is important for first-time growers to understand it.

The right kind of nutrients results in a good number of healthy big buds.

Hydroponic cannabis nutrients are different than Soil grown cannabis Nutrients. Let’s discuss each one and know how to use them?


Vegetative Stage: High Nitrogen, high phosphorous and medium potassium

Flowering Stage: Low Nitrogen, High phosphorus, and High Potassium

What are the most important nutrients a cannabis plant needs?

Mainly each cannabis plant needs two types of nutrients to grow healthy. Macro and Micro-nutrients are everything that you need to give your plants from the germination of cannabis seeds to the harvest of buds.

Macro-nutrients are the main elements that cannabis needs in high quantity. Because micronutrients are already present in fertile soil and plants get them from the soil easily.

But if Hydroponic is your indoor growing system then you need to give micro-nutrients to your cannabis along with macro-nutrients. In hydroponics, you need to buy micro-nutrients separately for plants but this does not increase production cost. Because these nutrients come at a very affordable price. 4-gallons of micronutrients can go for more than a year if you only grow 4 plants at once.

What Macro- Nutrients are main nutrients for cannabis?

Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Calcium, and Magnesium are the main nutrients. You need to supply these elements in a high amount to your plant.

Nitrogen: It is the main element that is required most in the Vegetative stage of growth. Because it is required by the plant to convert light into energy for the plant. Nitrogen is the main part of the chlorophyll and without nitrogen, your plant will not survive in the Canadian environment.

The cannabis growing system divides the plant cells and multiply them to grow vertically and horizontally.

As we all know nitrogen is an amino acid and the amino acids act as the building block of the protein. This protein is further used by the plant in the form of energy. This protein synthesis is controlled by the % of the nitrogen in a plant.  If your cannabis is protein deficient than it will grow weak and does not produce flowers and buds.

Potassium: It is required for the living cells of plants because their functionality is depending upon the potassium. Also, the water absorption, transportation of protein, starch synthesis is regulated by this ingredient.

It also controls the opening and closing of Stomata. These are the living cells present in the plant leaves that release the excess water and absorb Carbon dioxide from the surroundings. The absence of potassium directly affects the functioning of stomata which further stops the development of the plant.

Potassium is required for the many other bio-chemicals reactions to take place in plants. The division of cells and the production of starch is a good example of bio-chemicals reactions.

Potassium also affects the absorption rate of trace elements. Low potassium means your cannabis cannot absorb essential minerals that are required for good big buds. 

Phosphorous:  Phosphorous is required by a cannabis plant for a number of reasons. This directly affects the production of buds, their size, taste, and growth of the plant. Deficiency of it does not affect the rate of photosynthesis. But it slows down the growth of the plant by affecting the cell division rate. Phosphorous deficient plants show abnormal discoloration in the color of leaves. This is due to the overproduction of carbohydrates which again is controlled by the adequate amount of phosphorous.

It affects the following growth factors of the cannabis plant

Help in developing strong roots

Strengthen the stem and stalk

Regulate the production of flowers

Improve the quality of buds

Increase the size of buds

Speed up the maturity rate of the plant (faster growth)

Sulfur: Sulfur is as important as phosphorous for plants. It acts as the main enzyme in the formation of Chlorophyll molecules. This means it affects the chlorophyll and also the utilization of Nitrogen in plants.

It is the main element in the formation of amino acids too that are further used by the plant in protein synthesis. So, this indirectly controls the production of protein in the plant.

Mainly sulfur is an essential mineral required or the formation of protein in plants, enzymes, and chlorophyll in plants. If you are growing cannabis in soil than you definitely need it because it Conditions the soil and reduces the amount of sodium in it. Sodium is not good for the growth of Cannabis and many other fruits and vegetables.

Calcium: The main function of calcium in plants is to make them strong. So, that they can fight against many diseases on their own. The deficiency of calcium results in a weak plant with stunted growth, curled leaves.

You can choose the Cal-mg supplement to full fill the calcium needs of your cannabis plant. This makes your plants strong enough to handle the hard winters of Canada.

Magnesium: Glucose is the food for plants they use glucose to perform many plant functions along with photosynthesis. Lack of Mg stops the photosynthesis process that leads to insufficient plant growth or dead of the plant in some rare cases. 

To identify your cannabis is MG deficient or not, check the leaves if they show the discoloration of leaves. Means leaves are turning to the yellow color and this discoloration is also seen on veins of leaves this indicates that your plant is Mg deficient.

Give it some Mg from Cal-Mg supplements.

Micronutrients for Cannabis Plant

On each bottle and bag of the nutrients, you will find the three numbers are written on the front side.

Like, 10-5-8 this shows that 10% is Nitrogen, 5 % phosphorous and 8% Potassium is in the nutrient bottle. If you see on the backside of the nutrient bottle or bag you will see the list of nutrients. Those nutrients are called micro-nutrients. They are listed as follows










All these micronutrients are required in very low quantity and soil growing plants get these elements from the soil. Hydroponic growers need to give every single essential nutrient to plants by their hand.

How to use nutrients for cannabis?

The best way is to follow the instructions printed on the nutrient pack. If it says mix 4 spoon of it in 2 gallons of water. Then only use 2 spoons of it first, if your plant shows signs of nutrient deficiency (with corrected pH) than slowly increase the amount of nutrients and fertilizers. Once your plant seems healthy and thriving note the amount of nutrients you mixed. This is the amount that your plants need to grow.