Moses in the cradle plant is also popular with other names. Boat Lily, Moses-in-a-Boat, Cradle Lily, and Oyster plant are some of the most popular names.

It comes from Mexico and Guatemala but nowadays due to its easy care and beauty. This plant is easily available in Texas, Florida, and other parts of America. It is a beautiful and easy to grow Ornamental plant.

In today’s post, I will tell teach you the caring steps and growing needs of Moses-cradle.

About the Moses in Cradle

The name Moses in Cradle comes from its looks. The boat-shaped leaves hold the flowers that grow in the center. This is why people called it Moses in the cradle plant.

When grown indoors it grows up to 12 to 14 inches in height. Produces beautiful dual-color leaves, green from the top and purple from the underneath.

It grows clusters of white flowers that are held by boat-shaped brackets.

It needs low light and general-purpose potting soil to grow healthy and to produce flowers. Watering is the only tricky part. But you do not need to be worried because everything is well explained in this post.

Light Needs

If you like your plant to produce flowers throughout the year. Then there is one trick called a low light beam.

Expose your plant to low bright light for 365 days. This way your plant cannot decide the time of the season. And take all days equally warm and lighten. This encourages the plant to produce flowers that stay for 365 days.

This trick does not have any negative effect on your plant health. In fact, it is practiced for years in greenhouses.

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Potting Soil

I do not recommend you to use your normal garden soil for growing this plant. In fact, you should not use it to grow any type of plant in containers.

The garden soil becomes soggy and heavy when watered. This closes the air pockets and increases the chances of root rot.

For quick solutions use an all-purpose potting mix. Just buy a bag of it from Amazon (low price), fill the plant pot, and grow it.

But if you want something special for your plant. Then alter the normal potting soil with equal parts of perlite and peat moss.

This mixture helps your plant grow in almost all growing conditions from winter to summer.


Watering is a little tricky part because this plant does not like to live in water-logged soil. The best method of watering is poking your finger in the soil and then watering it.

But there is a problem with this method, people check the soil moisture and water it a little bit. This way the soil stays hydrated for a long time. Which is not good for cradle plant.

Therefore, I recommend you let the top 2 inches of the soil dry. Then soak it completely in the water and give 30 minutes to drain extra.

After that put the sauce under it and place it back in its final place.

The water must be free of hard minerals that are not required by the plants. Because unwanted minerals clog the air pockets in the soil.


All-purpose general houseplant liquid fertilizer is the best solution to full fill its nutritional needs. Spring and summer are the best time period for fertilizing the Moses in the cradle plant.

Generally, it does not require many fertilizers to grow. But when we grow plants indoors then they need our help to maintain their health.

Nutritional supplements are the only way to get nutrients. The soil you use in the pots gets depleted over time.

Buy any fertilizer from your local garden store. If there is no store near your residence then go to Amazon for the best deals.

Temperature & Humidity

60 to 80 degrees F is the ideal temperature range for the Moses-cradle plants. A mature plant can tolerate a low temperature but not less than 50 degrees F.

So put it away from the direct flow of air conditioners or cool winds. In the winter season move it from the windows and doors. Place it in a warm place, you can put the pot in your living room.

The only condition is the room must have enough bright light. You need to turn on the lights for 7 to 8 hours in winter.

40% is the best humidity for it. Generally, we have this range for 365 days in the year. But if you feel that your home humidity level is lower.

Then mist some water on the plant or use a plant humidifier.

If you have many plants at home then buying a place humidifier is the best option this way you can place all the plants in one room and turn ON the humidifier.

This device is inexpensive and portable.


Repotting is only required when the plant pot becomes too small to support its height and weight. For repotting use one size bigger pot.

Spring or summer is the correct repotting time.

Take the plant out of its container.

Remove the soil from the roots and inspect them.

If you found damaged roots cut them from the root ball.

Use fresh potting soil and plant it in the new pot.

Give some water and place it back in its place.

In the first few days, you might see some wilting or weakness in your plant. After 7 days your Moses cradle plant starts recovering and shows healthy signs. You are free to use any type of pot material for repotting.


You have two propagation options

Root Division: Take the plant out of its pot and divide the stems at the roots into different sections. Place them in different pots and you will have many plants.

Stem Cutting: Cut a 5 inches long section of your healthy plant and plant it in the new pot. Place the plant container in a highly humid location. Water the soil to give it an extra boost. Within in few days, you will see new growth coming out of the cutting.

Moses in the Cradle Pests and Diseases

Mealybugs, Scales, and Aphids are the main pests that attack this plant. If your plant is infected, first separate it from the other plants.

Then use rubbing alcohol to wipe the leaves. It will kill all the pests.

To prevent pest infection, use neem oil spray on your plant once a month. It will prevent unwanted pests and insect attacks.

Some people advise using dishwashing on your infected plant. But I found that this practice is not useful it harms the plant. Because the Moses cradle is a soft plant and it cannot handle the chemical of dishwashing liquid.

Rubbing alcohol is a good option, for worst conditions use insecticidal soap.


Your Moses in the cradle plant needs proper care and maintenance. If the surroundings are clean and hygienic. Your plant will not face any problems and can easily grow.

The only thing that you need to keep in your mind while growing is a watering routine. There is no fixed watering routine for it. Give it water as per the soil condition.


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