A few months ago we received our first Marshydro grow light and that is 480 watts actually we ordered two of them 480 and 600 watts but we get 480 first. 600Watt arrive 2 weeks later (don’t know the reason for this delay, might be some stock issue).

we already have few LED grow light in our growing area but we constantly try to test the latest light in the market. The light is good but we have some issues (minor but we believe to mention them for our readers) with it which we discuss below.

marshydro grow lights
What is inside the package?

The box contains one power cord, some steel hanging kits and 480Watt light(single piece). We did not find any type of manual or instruction book inside the package, the company should provide instruction booklet for beginners.

But beginners will not find it difficult to install it everything has easily mentioned on the light itself, as you can clearly see in the image above.

Two fans installed inside the light to keep it cool all the time while in operation. It is advised not to run the light when you find the exhaust fans of light are not working.

LED light produces very less heat do not worry about the health of your plant.

 Mars hydro reflector series light uses 96 pieces of high-quality LEDs (Epistar) including some IR diodes which looks dim.

It is heavy in weight and this means it is durable but still it is advised by the manufacturer to give constant voltage to light to prevent any product damages. Out case is solid and well-painted in a green color(light green color).



It covers the area of 2’x3’ and 2.5’x3.5’ for flower and veg phases. We decide to hang it right over our newly buy plants. It shows nice results on a veg stage, it increases their growth by 20 % in 4 days. We l were surprised to see this much positive change in our plants.

It has the power of 480 watts but only consumes around 190 watts which is a great saving but we did not see much change in our electricity bills. We think the reason for this is we are also using many other lights in the same space.

We grow tomatoes, lemon tree, potatoes, lattice and many other flowers and vegetables.

It is not waterproof so use it in dry places. If you hang it just above 18 inches of your plant than your growing plant will receive 680 mols (PAR).

This increases the deeper penetration of light for further healthy growth. Our team use it to replace a 200-watt HPS bulb, we decide to change all our growing lights of LEDs as they are highly efficient in all ways.



Marshydro 480 watt grow light is perfect for beginners. You do not have to buy anything extra from seedling to harvest. At this price range, there are many other lights but we find it very useful as compared to other lights. The main reason for choosing this light is its affordable price, durability, brand reputation and its color spectrum. Overall it is worth to marshydro grow light for healthy strong plants.