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Grow the topmost quality fruits, herbs, and vegetable with the high-end LED light. KIND K5 XL 1000 LED Grow light is a multiple award-winning grow light. Every year KIND LED prove that they are the best in the market.

kind led
kind led

Replace your 1000-watt HPS grow bulb with KIND LED K5 series grow light. it is the best available grow light that everyone can afford.

What is unique about KIND K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light?

Let’s start with the first interesting feature which is the fully customizable spectrum of light. This means you can turn the LEDs of light ON and OFF to adjust the spectrum of light according to the type of plant. Having full control over the light spectrum is great and it makes it easy to grow a different type of plants by using a single piece of light.

Growers feel bad when they find less footprint in most of the LEDs but KIND LED comes with a large footprint. High-quality LEDs are used to make every single unit of light so that grow light can emit a high quality of light.

Growers want some high-end light which covers the large area and does not compromise the intensity of light. To solve this problem of indoor grower KIND KED give secondary lenses that spread out the light in a large area. in order to grow rich plants, we have to give them a direct source of rich light.

The common mistake that people make when buying a grow light is they just check the wattage of light. They do not give attention to the lens of the light

5×5 feet is big coverage area that you can cover with this amazing grow light. 320 pieces of LEDs are used to design a single piece to give uniform light to cover the promised area.

Their formula is best in the world because they cleverly use the 3 watts and 5-watt LED on a single motherboard. This mixture of different LEDs gives suitable plant light.

The light has very high PAR value the reason is its optical lenses which increases the intensity of every single diode that emits light.

High PAR value is good for your Garden

To know about the energy consumption of this grow light we compare it with other lights. In our test we have found, this light consumes 50% less electric energy than others LEDs.

Also produces less heat which means you do not need to worry about the excess heat energy. the growing environment of a plant is much important and those grow lights which produce high heats keep the growing area warm which is not beneficial for plants.

kind grow light

Look at the graph carefully you will note that the absorption rate of KIND LED light is similar to the sunlight. This clearly means more absorption rate which results in no more wastage of light and also effective photosynthesis.

Remote control to control the light easily, you can adjust the light spectrum and power of light from the remote control. Every single can be controlled via a remote control that comes with the light.

No need to buy timers for the light as it has the inbuilt timer. You can set the ON/OFF program of light. it will turn ON and OFF according to your time settings. If you want to cancel or reschedule the timings do it from the remote.

Now safety is a big concern and it is highly important to us. We want to give reviews on safe devices which you can use without worrying. KIND LED XL 1000 grow light is UL listed and certified. Each light goes through many safety tests. Do not worry about the safety standards of light.

It also has another interesting feature which saves lots of energy and that is PWN (pulse width modulation). In other dimmable light when you dim the light, they use the same amount of power but in case of KIND LED once you press the button to dim the grow light, the light will also reduce the electric power consumption. Resulting in huge power savings and low electric bills.

The first in class feature is 8-stage mother earth feature we know it has little bit long name but it is very beneficial. When you turn ON the light 8-stages of light intensities to make your plant fell like the sun is rising. When you turn it off it dims very slowly like the sunset. Your plant takes all this as a natural process of sun rising and sunset and this gives the best environment to the plant to grow.

The manufacturer claims that their K5 series light consumes only 630 watts of power which we found true in our test. The light emits 1000 watt of power and consume much less electricity as compared to the HPS bulb. 37 % less electric bill.

37% saving might be seeming less to you but in long run, you will save many dollars. Moreover, the high-quality diodes and 8 cooling fans make it an excellent choice.

Dimensions: 36 pounds in weight. 26x20x3.5 inches in size respectively. For more information on this product, we advise you to go to the official website of the KIND LED. To visit click:

The light comes with a manufacturer’s 3-years long-term warranty.

Advanced features

8-stage mother earth

Remote control

3- years of warranty

3 W and 5 W LEDs

Solid build quality

Stylish design

5×5 feet of coverage area

Internal memory

Built-in timer

UL listed product

Customizable Spectrum of light

Affordable price


This is the best option when we talk about powerful Branded 1000 watt LED grow lights. It comes with beautiful remote control by using which you can fully control all functions of Grow Light. Slow dimming and slowly glowing features make it exceptional LED light. 

The company also give 3 years of warranty, plus full-time customer support. You cannot find these kinds of features in any other light.