Every indoor cannabis grower wants more tasty buds at low cost with fewer efforts.

You can use my 5 steps more buds guide to increasing the production of your indoor cannabis plants.

I use these steps every time I grow cannabis to produce 5 times more tasty big buds

 It does not matter which strain you are growing; these killer steps work for all cannabis strains.

Remember that the genetics of strain has a huge effect on the amount of yield. Therefore, you should start from high yielding strains and if you do not know about them.

Don’t worry,

I have listed Three popular high yielding cannabis strains at the end of this article (Bonus for cannabis lovers)

Let’s check what you can do to increase the cannabis yield.

Light Intensity

The first thing you can do is increase the amount and intensity of light that your plants are receiving. In the flowering stage, increase the light intensity by upgrading your existing grow lights to increase the size, number, and density of buds.

Learn how to upgrade your grow lights for better light intensity.

If your plants are healthy and do not have any disease than the only factor that can affect the quality of buds is light intensity.

Light is food for your plants they absorb light to perform photosynthesis means to make their food. For effective photosynthesis to take place plants also need carbon dioxide. This is the reason many expert growers supply CO2 to their plants.

Plants use Co2 to make buds and to grow healthy.

Remember one thing,

High intense light = good strong plant = high yield with bigger buds.

You need to take care of your plants from the very first stage if you really want to increase the cannabis yield.

Therefore, when you transfer your plants to the final place, after the germination. The most important thing you need to do for them is giving them bright light with a high nutritional diet.

If your plant does not get enough light in the growing phase (vegetative stage) they get stretch towards the light

cannabis plant

This results in taller cannabis plants which is not a good condition at all. Because taller cannabis plants have a lot of stem between nodes and leaves and they fall over easily. This can result in total loss of plant if it falls over the ground

Wide spreading plants always produce more buds than taller plants.

Stretching of a plant is not a good sign when you are growing them under the grow light. This is the sign of low light intensity. In simple words, it means that your plant is not getting enough light and it is growing towards the light. Because your plant needs a good amount of light to produce its food. This makes your plants grow taller than normal and produce low-quality buds.

You need to change your light and get high power light or adjust your light close to the plant.

Proper lighting is a must in the flowering stage to producing tasty high-quality buds.

Once you see your cannabis starts producing buds, the first thing you need to do is increase the light wattage. If required change your old lighting technology with new and advanced LED grow lights. These are more efficient than other forms of lighting technology and consumes very low electric power but produce high-intensity light.

Sometimes you have high bright grow light over the plant but still, you see low light sings in your cannabis. This is because the colas of uneven length cannot get the proper light. The taller once get enough light whereas the shorter ones get a low amount of light.

So, you need to use the grow light properly to take advantage of high wattage grow lights. If you control the length of your plant in the Vegetative stage then you can produce high yield by using the same grow light.

Once the flowering stage is triggered you cannot do much about the uneven colas without hurting your plant and I do not recommend it at all. Just make sure you have a good grow light and your plant is getting enough bright light.

The best way is to measure the light intensity by using the Best light meters. They are used by indoor growers to identify the black spots in their grow area where the light molecules are less. It helps you to adjust your light correctly so that each part of the plant from top to bottom get an almost equal amount of light.

Make sure you are not increasing the heat in the grow room while increasing the light intensity. Keep in mind that cannabis needs to be in a comfortable environment when the flowering stage starts.  If you are using HPS grow lights you need to pay special attention to heat management and ventilation systems to save your plants from heat strokes.

If you successfully get a high yield in hot temperatures, the quality and potency of buds will be low.

The golden rule of high yield is, make sure every bud is getting bright light. Hidden buds never grow big in size due to the lack of amount of light they receive.

Why do buds need to be exposed to bright light? because in an open field they get natural sunlight and are pollinated by air. Those buds that do not get pollinated by air and light, remains small. Only those buds that are exposed to air and light they grow big in size.

How much light is safe to give your cannabis?

CFL lights are low power lights so you need to keep the light close to the plant. just make sure heat is under control. Because CFL light produces heat that needs to be managed to maintain the temperature of your grow room

low light for cannabis

LED grow lights usually do not produce heat like other grow light but they produce high bright light. you need to hang your LED grow light at 12 inches and 18 to 24 inches, if the lights use 3W to 5W, LED diodes.


HPS/MH grow lights need to hang at 1 to 2 feet away from the plant. These lights produce a massive amount of heat and you need to have a heat management system before buying them.

Every grow light creates a stressful environment in the growing room at some stage. The best way to prevent it is by keeping the good ventilation of air.

If you already have high power grow light then you need to focus on the supply of CO2.

Importance of CO2

The CO2 does not directly affect the size of buds. It actually helps the plants to produce a high amount of food under the grow lights in the indoor environment. You need to increase the CO2 level in the air of your grow room.

In order to use CO2, you should have your plants in a sealed grow room like grow tents. Because Co2 is harmful to humans the excess level of CO2 in the air can damage your respiratory system. So, be careful while using Co2 in your grow room.

Manipulate cannabis plant structure

equal cannabis colas

Manipulating the plant increases the yield up to 90% because in manipulating you trim your plant to produce even space colas. This increases the light absorption rate which ultimately increases the chances of getting high yield.

If you pay attention to manipulating in the early growth stage of plant you will have a small but widely spread cannabis plant. Equally spaced colas allow light to fall all over the plant and each part of the plant gets an equal amount of light.

This technique also called LST means Low-Stress Training and effectively increase the cannabis yield.

Use special cannabis nutrients to increase the cannabis yield

Every marijuana plant needs nutrients to grow but which nutrients are good for cannabis than others.

How many nutrients are enough for a single cannabis plant?

Just using the right kind of nutrients and following the nutrient schedule is not enough. You need to check the need of your plants. Most of the growers make a common mistake of giving too many nutrients to plants. This is common problem when growers use different nutrients to make a mixture of perfect nutrients.

You need to understand the nutrient requirements of cannabis before giving them any nutrients.

As a cannabis grower, you have to learn the basics of the cannabis plants to save it from the nutrient burn.

First-time growers often think that nutrients are the food for plants and giving a high amount of food means encouraging the plant to produce big buds.

But this is not true because the light is the real food for plants. Plants use light energy to make their food.


 What do the nutrients do?

Nutrients are like vitamins to humans. No one can eat multivitamins like candies, the same in the case of plants very low amount of nutrients is required for plants.

Nutrients actually help plants to carry out photosynthesis and grow.

So how do you know you are giving the right amount of nutrients. As long as the cannabis leaves look green and uniform, free of spots, discoloration, curling, etc. You are supplying the right amount of nutrients and you do need to stick to the same amount.

For those who grow it in soil, can do one best thing for their cannabis and that composts the soil. This increases the fertility of the soil by increasing the natural nutrients in the soil. Because compost is made by using organic material it has all the organic nutrients and you will have organically grown marijuana at home.

For hydroponic growers, I suggest using half the recommended dosage of nutrients.

BONUS TIP: To improve the taste of your buds just adds sugar to plant roots in the last days of the flowering stage. There are many expensive products available that claim to flatten the buds and improving the taste.

All of them have sugar you can choose this cheap method to develop good taste in your buds than costly supplements.

Control the Temperature

Your cannabis needs a stable environment to produce final potency and yield. When the grow room temperature gets too high or too low your plant stops produce flowers. No matter how bright is your grow light and how costly nutrients you are using if the temperature is not correct.

Most of the growers reduce the temperature in the flowering stage to save their buds from heat stress. This is 100% right move in order to get high potent cannabis buds.

High temperatures can burn the plant and turn plants leaves brown in color.

Wait for the Harvest

harvest cannabis

Most of the strains have 2 to 3 weeks of harvest time. But new impatient growers harvest too soon this reduces the amount of yield.

Because I have seen so many times that if we wait for our bud to fully ripen, their size increases by 25 %. Also, when you want high potent buds you need to harvest them in last harvest week. 

High yield cannabis strains

Above written methods can surely increase the cannabis yield but there is another factor that decides the health of your plant, potency of buds and size of buds the is Genetics.

Today almost every strain in the market is good to give high yield and is better in all forms than old cannabis seeds. Due to continuous research and genetic modification of cannabis give us high-quality cannabis strains.


Afghan, Nuken and skunk do well in Canadian weather conditions. October is the better month to harvest.

Kush strains never do good in the Canadian climate but if you grow them under grow lights in grow tent than every strain gives high cannabis yield.