Plants need fresh oxygen to breathe and CO2 to perform photosynthesis. You need to ensure that your plants are getting enough fresh air and your grow room is free of toxic gases.

Replacing old air with new fresh air called replacing the air and this is the best way of maintaining the optimum growing conditions for the cannabis plants.

The question is,

Why your Cannabis needs Air?

Cannabis needs air for the following three factors

Carbon Dioxide: Plants consume fresh CO2 to perform various reactions in photosynthesis. This means a sufficient supply of CO2 is required continuously. This helps the plant to make its food without taking stress.

Temperature: Indoor gardens have many grow lights and every grow light releases some amount of heat energy that needs to be managed. If not managed correctly this heat can increase the temperature of your grow room. The High temperature creates deadly conditions for your cannabis plants. Heatstroke is also caused by suddenly increased temperature levels.

A good flow of fresh air throws the excess heat out of the grow room and make it suitable for your plants to grow healthy and fast.

The good news is we have Best Duct fans in the market that are specially made for maintaining the right temperature range in a grow room.

Moisture: Plants release water vapors to keep themselves cool. These water vapors need to be throughout the room because plants continuously produce these vapors. Excess of them increases the humidity in the room that results in the formation of Mold, fungus and other plant infections. Good airflow is necessary to keep the humidity in control.

How to set up Ventilation fans in the grow room?

Ventilation fans are cheap to buy with the hundreds of options available online. For small grow space or grow tents clip fans are a good option. They are easy to install just clip them on the walls, corners or on a suitable place.

For big grow areas where you grow more than 5 plants, you need to install big Duct fans or table fans. Table fans are required when cannabis plants are under HPS grow lights because these grow lights release a high amount of heat. This heat can damage your plant if not managed immediately.

Fans should be positioned correctly to maintain the steady flow of fresh air circulation. Instead of using one big fan it is best to use two small fans. This way you can maintain the equal temperature and humidity level in all parts of the grow room.

Note: High humidity is also not good for your building structure. Increase the life of your building structure by maintaining a good ventilation system.

The fan should install above the plant this way you can save your plants from heat burn and also removes the excess heat out of the room.

Do not give direct airflow to your plants this can cause extreme damages.

Plants enjoy comfortable airflow they thrive in it.

How to install an Exhaust system in Home Garden?

The air exhaust system creates the best environment for indoor growing plants. They throw out the hot humid air and bring in fresh oxygen. You need to install the best exhaust system at your home garden to grow fresh healthy plants that produce tones of fruits. 

Exhaust systems include one exhaust fan, air filter, and timer. If you are growing is grow tent you have to install a ventilation fan in the duct hole. Otherwise, the heat released by Grow lights raises the internal temperature of the tent and your plant will not survive in it.

The cost of a ventilation system

Ventilation systems come with different prices. If you have a big grow room you need to install a big size exhaust system that will cost you more than a small or medium size ventilation system.

Most of the fans sold in Canada have CMF rating this stands for airflow in Cubic feet per minute. To know how powerful a fan, you need for your grow room you need to do a simple calculation by using the below formula.

Air Volume = Length of Grow Room X Grow Room Width X Grow Room Height

For example, you have a grow tent (size)5’x5’x8’, you need a fan with an air volume of 200 Cubic Feet.  This means you need a fan that is capable of circulating 200 Cubic Feet of air per minute.

Don’t need to go deep into the calculation of space left by the carbon when filtered by a carbon filter. Just multiply the CFM with 1.25 to cover the loss in efficiency.

Example: 200 Cubic Feet X 1.25 = 250 CFM

Timer: You should connect your exhaust fans with a timer this way they became timer-controlled fans. You cannot run your fans 24×7 this can burn the internal fan system and also put environmental stress on your plant.

The timer will allow you to set the auto ON and OFF time for your exhaust system.

Active ventilation systems VS Passive air circulation system

If you have a small grow space you can use passive air circulation technique. In this method, fresh air comes through ports and air access points. Only a medium-size exhaust fan is required to throw out the hot air.

Duct fan should be smaller than the air intake ports to prevent extra workload on duct fan. This system is perfect for small grow areas but not for small grow tents. Grow tents have separate ducts for intake air fan and exhaust fan.

Grow tents use Active ventilation systems. These are the systems where you need to install both the intake and outtake fan. But here you can use a small intake fan then exhaust fan.

With the investment of a few bucks, you can make your grow room perfect for growing every plant without any issue of air circulation.