Best Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a new technique of growing plants indoors at a fast rate for more harvest seasons. This method increases the production of vegetables, flowers herbs, and other plants. This technology is not expensive at all even it is very affordable and easy to use. Those who have dust allergies can use the best hydroponic system in Canada.

Canadians like to grow fruits and vegetables at home and this becomes a new trend in the country.  But everybody does not have a backyard for gardening and those who have do not want to play with soil. This system is ideal for those but everyone can use this for better and fast growth. Today we will discuss every single detail about hydroponics. Read below to gain some valuable knowledge.


This is a method in which growers use nutrient-rich solutions to grow plants instead of soil. Do not get surprised it is possible to grow plants without soil and hydroponic make it affordable and easy for everyone. Actually, growers use minerals and nutrients to dissolve in water and the roots are exposed to this quality solution for a long period of time. Plants get all the nutrients and minerals to grow from this solution.

Plants only need minerals to grow not soil but soil provides support to their roots structure. In this system, the soil is replaced with the growing medium. This growing medium is used to give proper support to the roots and also hold the roots so that they get efficiently exposed to the solution. Plants need to spend extra energy to get minerals from the soil but in this case, they do not need to work hard as they are already in the nutrient-rich solution.

Best Hydroponic System Reviews

Below given are the top-selling hydroponic growing system which are compatible with all types of hydroponic lights.

General Hydroponics GH4120 Water farm Complete System.

hydroponics canada

Beginners find it difficult to grow vegetables and flowers with the help of a hydroponics system. This is because of their lack of knowledge and experience. Hydroponics Toronto Canada brings a new fast growing easy to use general hydroponics system which anybody can use to start growing better plants even for the first time.

The complete watering system makes it the best hydroponic kit in Canada. The kit also includes other items which are as follows.

1.Complete water supply


3.Growing Medium

4.Water reservoir (2 Gallons)

Within a few weeks, you will experience a healthy and fast growth of your plants. There is a transparent pipe given outside the system so that you can check the level of nutrients. If you find there are fewer nutrients then you can add nutrient into the water (use the nutrient-rich bag which comes with the system). Normally hydroponic system required you to add nutrients after every week.

Do not worry about the size of plant you can grow any size of the plant in this system. You can easily expand the system by adding more pots whenever you need to make your hydroponics system bigger. The system is made up of high-quality plastic which increases the durability and efficiency of the growing system.

Move to the large area when you add some more pots because your system became large. Every system has its qualities and drawbacks so let us discuss drawbacks now.

Some users complain about the efficiency of the water pump they said it has a low power water pump. In our research, we found it suitable because high power pumps throw more nutrient rich solution every time in each cycle. It is not good for certain types of plants there are some vegetable and fruits that need fewer nutrients to grow while others need a heavy supply of nutrients to grow.


Good water holding capacity

Suitable for outdoor as well as indoors

Simple to use

Low maintenance

Easy to assemble

It can grow a maximum of four plants


Under power air pump

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H2OtoGro DWC Hydroponic System

dwc hydroponics system

This system is for those who have some experience with hydroponic systems. New growers can also use this system but taking a good knowledge of hydroponic system before working on them is always the best option.

Fully black color DWC hydroponic system from H2OtoGrow. They are the manufacturer of quality indoor growing products. While growing plants in the nutrient solution, one should take care of Algae. Because Algae destroys the nutrients in the solution and when your plants do not receive mineral from the water they automatically died in a short period of time.

To overcome from this Algae problem H2OtoGrow designed a best hydroponic system which does not allow light to enter into the system. Which prevents the formation of Algae and saves your plant from diseases.

A deep water culture hydroponic system in Toronto Canada at an affordable price. This can be used to grow plants at the fastest rate because the roots will suspend in the nutrient solution for the full growth cycle. growing plants in mineral solution show the significant increase in growth rate as compared to the soil and another growing medium.

The oxygenated and nutrient-rich water circulate in the bottom of the system which ensures the continuous supply of water solution to the plants. This continuous supply of nutrients reduces the plant effort to collect the food which results in more yield and healthy growth.

It has a heavy duty pump which does not allow heavy mineral to settle down at the bottom. But the system is noiseless, you will only hear a mild sound of bubbling sometimes.

In order to flush the nutrient for cleaning purpose, you do not need a separate pump the existing pump will flush out the water solution through the Garden hose drain. Just attach the garden hose to the system and turn on the pump.


The kit includes everything

High efficiency

Low power consumption

Branded product


Some users find a problem in air pump

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General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System

hydroponic toronto canada

Beginners need something easy to use grow technology and the best hydroponic system which includes everything in the kit is the right choice. EcoGrower hydroponics system by the general hydroponics is easily available and easy to use a growing system for everyone.

How is it best for beginners?

Let me explain in a few lines,

Look at the image above it clearly shows that this best hydroponic system is able to grow 6 different plants at the same timeMoreoverer you can grow very large plants together. Some hydroponic systems do not support growing multiple plants at once.

General hydroponics knows what people want from the best hydroponic system so they designed this piece of extraordinary engineering.


A single reservoir is the best part of the system which is a huge advantage for growers. They do not have to fill the 6 different units instead they fill the central reservoir which supplies the nutrient-rich solution to all growing plants.

It is not necessary to grow all plants at once you can grow 2 or 3 plants according to your wish.

It is also easy to fill the central unit. On one side of the system, they give blue color tube which indicates the level of inside nutrient solution. Whenever you see the level is going down just fill it up with the available solutions.

This made the growers very happy!

You need to pay the amount for the quality products and this system is no different. It is a quality product for beginners who even never grow plants before in a hybrid growing system. Follow the simple instructions and grow whatever you want.


Do not have to fill multiple units (single reservoir)

Easy to use for beginners



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gravity fed system

Gravity fed watering system with auto pots. The best option for beginners who want tension-free growing system.

It has a great capacity for holding nutrient-rich water. 12-gallon reservoir is enough to grow healthy plants and herbs. Each pot has the capacity of almost 4 gallons (each).

Easily update the system to grow more plants, easy expansion of pots. People normally add more pots to the central unit to get more yield at the end of the growing cycles.

This system has useful internal settings which allow you to operate it in all conditions. You do not have to worry about the settings, it adjusts itself automatically when it detects the changes in the system. But it does not come with growing medium, so you must purchase grow medium separately.

The gravity fed means it only send the nutrients to the plants when it feels there is a place for them. This reduces the nutrient solution wastage.

The most important benefit of this system is it does not need electricity to run. Yes, you heard right.

As this system does not need electricity and also do not waste water solution, all this make it a very economical hydroponic system in Toronto Canada. You are saving more with this system it is a onetime investment.

It needs some care, you have to take care of the tube because it stuck sometimes which block the nutrient flow to the plants.  Also, take care of the central unit because without proper care it can contaminate easily.

Excellent growing system for beginners who do not want to spend more on growing systems but want high quality and performance.


Electricity not required to run the system

Low water wastage

Cost-effective system

Easy to expand or upgrade

Easy to use

Auto adjust feature


Tube need to be replaced after a few months of use


It is easy to clean the hydroponic system, there are many methods available on the internet for proper cleaning. We will tell you the 4 step cleaning process which is simple, easy and very effective. Read below and follow the steps as mentioned.

REMOVAL OF PLANTS: The first step is removing the plants from the growing system. Put them in any bucket or container but remember the same solution and PH levels. do this carefully before removing them from the original home prepare the container first.

STERILIZE: Now it’s time to clean the reservoir and the other parts of the system use a good cleaning agent. There are many hydroponic cleaning agents available in the market choose any branded cleaning solution. We do not advice to clean it with bleach or another acidic cleanser as this will affect the quality of the solution. So always use natural cleansers to clean your growing system for plant safety.

RINSE WITH TAP WATER: After flushing your system with the cleanser for more than 15 hours use normal water to rinse it out. Use plenty of normal water to remove every single drop of cleanser.

REPLANTING: Now your hydroponic system is neat clean and it is time to return your plants to their original home. Make sure to put mineral solution first before replanting and also note the plant behavior for next 24 hours.


The simple answer is you should clean it once after every 10 days but it also depends upon the size of the reservoir. Small tanks should be clean once a week while big once nee to clean after every 4 to 5 weeks.


The main hydroponic systems for home use are as follows.

  1. Deep Water Culture or DWC
  2. Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain
  3. Aeroponics
  4. Drip or Top Feed
  5. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

DWC Method: This technique is also called the reservoir method or deep water culture system. In this system, a bucket or a tank is required to hold the nutrient-rich solution. The water level in the container should be 1 to 2 inches. Then the plants need to sit down in this solution and a pump is required to work constantly to produce bubbles in the container which helps plant roots to get all minerals easily.

Pros: the low-pressure pump is used

Low maintenance

More affordable design

No leakage

EBB AND FLOW: In this system plants put in the different container, means they do not sit in the same reservoir tank. In fact, a pipeline has connected these containers with the main solution tank and a water pump pushes the solution into these containers from time to time. The pump flood the plant containers with a nutrient-rich solution for a while and then turned off this allows water to get back into the main tank for another water stroke. This system uses a reusable grow medium which soaks the water and transfers it to the roots for a -long period of time. These cycles need to be repeated at least 3 to 4 times a day. All this system is automated you just need to check it once a day.

PROS: It uses reusable grow medium

Affordable, low pressure pumps are used

Suitable for home growers

Highly productive method

DRIP OR SPRAY SYSTEM: In Drip system solution is slowly sprayed over the plants and slowly feed directly to the roots then it is soaked by the grow medium. This process works continuously and the remaining solution drains back to the reservoir for recycling.

This is a costly system because the use of drip heads, spray nozzles, and high-pressure pumps make it costly as compared to the other systems. Leaking is a big problem in these type of growing systems. You need t watch it after every 2 hours to make sure plant are getting enough solution and they all are at their place.

PROS: Low running cost

No wastage of solution

Low maintenance

Few moving parts which are a great thing.

AEROPONIC SYSTEM: This system is not for beginners. You have to get some experienced in the soil-less growing before choosing this technique of crop growing. It gives rain forest like environment to the plants. This method does not use any kind of grow medium roots are exposed to the air and mineral solution is frequently sprayed on them this increase the growth rate.

PROS: Close loop system which reduces the overall cost

No more wastage of solution

Fast growing

More harvest seasons

Constant contact of roots with fresh oxygen

Little or no chance of algae

NUTRIENT FILM TECHNIQUE: Plants are laced in a long tray for better absorption. A water pump is used to deliver the flow of water into the tray constantly. A capillary mat is placed at the bottom this is a growing medium for your plants. The low-pressure pump is used to reduce wastage and leakage. You have to select plants with long roots so that they can dip into the solution easily.


Experts said the water temperature should be the same as that of nutrient solution this will prevent the sudden temperature shock to plants. The ideal temperature range for the hydroponic system is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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