Hoya pubicalyx is also known as a wax plant because of its wax coated leaves. This plant grows 3 meters in height. Produce 5 to 10 cm long and 5 cm wide leaves. Hoya pubicalyx care does not need much effort and do not required special gardening knowledge.

Follow our below guide and grow this beautiful plant in pots.

The plant is native to the Philippines. It produces green foliage and star shaped dusty pink fragrant flowers. The fragrance is sweet and is more noticeable at night time.

The plant needs minimal care that makes it a good choice for beginner gardeners. If you never grow plants before then you definitely start from Hoya pubicalyx plants.

Below are its growing and caring needs. The amount of light, water, fertilizers, humidity, etc all are discussed in detail.

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Quick care guide

Common Names Hoya pubicalyx, Wax plant
Plant Size 3meter tall with 5 to 12 cm long leaves
Flower color Dusty pink
Bloom time Spring to late summer
Light Sunny window
Soil Well -draining
Water Moderate
Pests and Diseases Whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, and fungus diseases

How to grow Hoya pubicalyx plants?

To grow healthy Hoya pubicalyx plants you need to follow the grow guide. Below is the information that you need to grow this plant.


Hoya pubicalyx plant needs 7 hours of indirect light daily. Do not put it on the sunny window. It is best to place the plant pot near the bright window. So that the plant can get enough filtered light. You can use artificial grow lights to grow these plants. But this will increase the cost. Because you have to spend money on buying a grow light.

The light will also consume electric energy and increase your electric bill. Therefore, sunlight is the best source of light to grow indoor plants.

But the problem is this plant cannot tolerate direct sun rays. Morning sunlight for an hour or 2 hours is not a problem.

But after that, the sun emits high intensity light waves. That can scorch the plant leaves. This will also cause yellow and brown leaves. In some cases, the extra-bright light can burn the plant leaves.

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Loamy fast-draining soil is the first choice for Hoya pubicalyx care. This type of soil has perlite in it and we all know perlite stores a high amount of water in it. The plant roots use this stored water when they need moisture.

This way the plants never go out of water even if you do not water them for 4 to 5 days.

The soil pH has to be between 6.5 to 7.6. This clears that the Hoya pubicalyx plant needs alkaline soil to grow. Little acidic will also do fine.

Makes sure the soil you use has some amount of organic material in it. Every organic material has some kind of natural nutrients.

Natural nutrients are best for plants. Whereas man-made synthetic nutrients are for plants that grow faster.

Good potting soil has the tendencies to absorb nutrients for the plant. It also flushes the extra nutrients and water out through the drainage hole.


Use soft water for the watering sessions. Like other hoyas, it needs the same amount of water. The only difference is it does not need much water in the winter season. In fact, it can tolerate dry soil for few days even in the summer season.

Before watering this plant, you have to check the condition of the potting soil. Because the perlite in the soil stores water for many days. If you give extra water then the chances are your plants get infected by root rot. This is a deadly disease for all plants.

Once the plants are infected you cannot retrieve them. The only option is to cut the infected part and save other parts.

If the top 2 inches of soil are dry then give it water otherwise wait for some days.

To protect your plants from overwatering please use terracotta pots with bottom holes. Nowadays we have many stylish terracotta pots. Those days are gone when we only have traditional-looking clay pots. A beautiful plant pot increases the beauty of a plant.


15 to 25 degrees Celsius temperature is the best range for caring hoya pubicalyx plant. This tropical plant will die if the temperature drops below 7 degrees C. Therefore, you need to keep it warm.

For outdoor plants USDA zones 10b to 11 b are perfect. These zones have sweet temperatures and good soil for this plant.

If you are growing it indoors in plant pots then you can grow it in any part of the country. The only condition is following our hoya pubicalyx care guide.

In all parts of the country, we have the same indoor temperature between 14 to 26 degrees C.


Put the plant pot in a room where the humidity is above 60%. In case the air moisture in your home is low. Then you need to use a humidifier to save your plants. High humidity helps plants to breathe easily and properly.

Other methods of increasing humidity are using a spray bottle and misting water directly on plant leaves. Because hoya plants suck air moisture through their leaves. Sprayed water helps them to full fill this need.

You can also put all the plant pots together in a group. For this purpose, you should use different types of plant pots.

Put succulents, tropical plants, vining plants, etc all close to each other. This will definitely increase the humidity in that area.

Putting a water tray with some pebbles is the last technique of increasing humidity.


High potassium liquid fertilizer is necessary for the bloom. Potassium helps plants to produce a large number of flowers without spending their energy. This little help in the form of nutrients also makes them strong and resistant to many common plant diseases.

Nutrients work for plants like whey protein for us. Any normal brand houseplant liquid fertilizer with a high percentage of potassium is best.

Just keep in mind that plants do not need extra nutrients in the winter days. They take rest in that time. Give them nutrients in their growing season. When they need a high amount of minerals to grow and to produce stems, leaves, and flowers.


Hoya pubicalyx is slow growing and low maintenance plant. It needs little or no pruning year around. If you feel the plant is overgrown and needs trimming. Then you need to wait for the spring and summer season.

Do not prune it before or in the blooming season. This will directly affect the number of flowers.

Also cut and remove the dead flowers and foliage.


Hoya pubicalyx can be propagated from leaves and stem cutting. The best method of propagation is stem cutting. Follow the below step-by-step process.

  • Clean the tool that you are going to use to cut the stems.
  • Then remove the leaves from the base
  • Leave 2 or more leaves on the top part of the stem cuttings.
  • Let the cutting sit on a newspaper for 24 hours this will heal the tissues
  • Now plant it in the pot and give some water
  • Place the pot in a high humid place
  • Within 3 to 4 weeks the cuttings will develop roots.
  • Grow it from seeds
  • First of all, get high-quality seeds. save them from your plants or buy them from Amazon.
  • Then sow the seeds in peat moss. Put the pot in a high humid area where it can get plenty of light.  Set the room temperature between 20 to 25 degrees C.
  • Mist water on the soil to keep it moist. Extra water can kill the seeds.
  • Germination will take place in 3 weeks.

Growing problems with Hoya pubicalyx care

Mealybugs and aphids

Both these pests are the biggest enemies of hoya plants. For proper hoya pubicalyx care, you need to make arrangements to prevent them before their attack.

We always suggest neem oil and other natural anti-bacterial sprays. Because neem is naturally found so it is not harmful to plants, pets, and humans.

It can save your plants from many pant problems and diseases.

When you see your plants are suffering from insects. Spray neem oil on the plants. You will see that within few minutes neem oil will kill them.

If all parts of the plants are infected then you need to use special insecticidal soap.

Is hoya pubicalyx toxic?

Yes, hoya pubicalyx is toxic to pets and children. The plant has white fluid in it. This white liquid has toxic chemicals.

If your pets or you come in contact with it. It will give you allergies and other health issues.

In this condition, your immediate step should be calling the poison control center. Tell then that you come in contact with the liquid of the hoya pubicalyx flower.


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