No scientific way is present on watering plants. Every plant has different water needs. Nobody can know exactly what is happening in the plant leaves, flowers, stems and how thirsty is the plant? All you can do is adapt the tried and tested tips to water your cannabis plants. A plant that is in the growing stage has different watering needs then the plant in the flowering stage.

Let’s check some proven tips of watering cannabis plant

When to water indoor-grown cannabis plants?

Indoor plants required less water as compared to the plants grown under the sunlight. Beginners always make a common mistake of overwatering their cannabis plants.

The best possible way is by inserting your finger 2 inches deep into the growing medium. If it feels dry then it’s time to water your lovely cannabis.

You need to maintain a balance between dry and wet conditions. This encourages the roots to grow long and get water even from the bottom of the pot.

If your plant looks weak, have yellow or brownish leaves and it seems like there is no life in your plant. This indicates that your plant is thirsty and you need to give it water immediately. Over-watered plants also look similar to extra wet soil and curled leave tips.

 Overwatering can damage the roots permanently. If you were accidentally giving excess water to your cannabis and root rot is just started then remove the infected part of the roots and your plant will recover in a short time.

If more than 50% of roots are affected then there is no chance to save your plant.

How much water is enough for cannabis plants?

This depends on the 4 factors

  1. Plant Size
  2. Type of Growing medium
  3. Growth stage
  4. Healthy of your plant

First of all, you need to soak your pot before using it for the plant. While watering cannabis plants keep in mind that the water should not sit on the surface of the soil. Always use pots with a drainage hole to reduce the risk of overwatering cannabis.

Sometimes when we water dry plants, the water comes out from the drainage hole right way. This is not a problem with the pot it happens sometimes. In this condition change the soil or water your cannabis slowly so that the soil can absorb the water. You may need to water your cannabis 2 to 3 times a day in such conditions.

Here you need to play smart and take notes to make the watering schedule. Normally 2 to 3 days gap between watering cannabis is perfect.

Remember, plants in the growing stage need more water as compared to the fully-grown plants. Also, you need to give more water in summers than winters.

The connection between pot size and plant hydration

Always choose the right size pots for your cannabis plants otherwise you will face many problems. Because if you plant your cannabis in extra-large pots the root system will not get enough water due to its shirt length. This results in improper water absorption which directly affects the harvest time and amount of yield.

On the other hand, if the size of the pot is smaller for the plant then the roots will not grow properly this is due to the lack of space. If the roots do not develop to their full length, you cannot grow a healthy plant. In simple words, your plants will stop growing if you grow them in a smaller pot than the required size.

In the starting time seedlings required 4inches or 1-gallon pots then as the plant grows in height the root systems also grow in length under the soil. So, the plant needs to be repotted in bigger containers. This is called the repotting of plants in bigger containers.

This allows you to check the root system at the time of transplanting a plant. White bright and thick roots mean you are doing great and your cannabis plant is healthy.

Best Pots for Well-hydrated Cannabis Indoor garden

The following materials will help you to keep your garden hydrated.

Auto watering pot: If you are a busy person and do not have enough time for your plants. You should try Self-watering pots. Because these are designed to reduce your stress. They automatically give water to plants. All you need to do is fill up the bottom tray of the pots and the plants will get continuous moisture until water evaporates completely. Once it evaporates than fill it again. You need to fill the auto pots with water every 3 days.

Growing Medium

Perlite: This is a material made from volcanic glass with amazing water-holding capacities. Perlite stores water content in it and plant roots can absorb it from little tiny pores in perlite rocks. The water stores inside the perlite and the outer layer look dry. Do not use perlite only for cannabis plants, mix it with soil or other potting mixtures to avoid excess moisture in the root area.