Germination is a process in which you use seeds to grow big plants. Germination of cannabis seeds is very easy, even for first-time growers and new indoor gardeners. Always choose the best quality cannabis seeds for germination (make it a rule).

Today you will learn about the top 5 easiest cannabis seeds germination methods that will make your work successful in a short time.

For cannabis germinating you need to choose mature seeds. This means you should choose those seeds that look dark brown and feels hard on touch.

Do not use green color fresh seeds they are not mature to germinate and you will end up with nothing if you use them.

Let’s talk about the easiest germination methods that I and my friends use to get 100% germination success rate.

Method:1 Paper towel method


In this method, you need 3 things.

Two plates

Paper towel

Cannabis Seeds

Step 1:

Take 4 clean sheets of paper towel and spray water on them. Chlorine-free Distilled water is best to use to get quick results.

Step 2:

Now separate the two sheets and place your seeds on them with the difference of 1 inch from each other. Now cover the seeds with the remaining two sheets.

Step 3:

Cover the first plate of seeds with another plate to create a dark germinating environment for the seeds.

Step 4:

This is the final step and you need to be very careful here if you make mistake here you will not get germinated cannabis seeds.

Maintain the temperature of the germinating seeds between 75 to 90 degrees F. Put the seeds somewhere away from the sunlight. Put it in a dark area where they cannot get in touch with any kind of light.

Make sure the seeds get a well humid environment. If the water content gets evaporates then mist, the water onto the paper without touching and disturbing the seeds.

Do not open the seed cover to check the germination process. This is the biggest mistake that new growers make every time they germinate. Just check the upper layer of the paper. If you feel it is dry mist some water.

Some seeds germinate very quickly than others nobody knows why.

Once they germinate you will see a new white color sprout appears on germinated seeds. This indicates that you are doing good and now you need to place them in the pot.

Do not touch this sprouted part this can kill the sprouted part and you need to start the whole process again with new seeds. This taproot or white color sprout is going to be the main stem of the cannabis plant.

Note: In the germination process sterilization of the area is very important. Make sure the area where you going to put your seed plates is clean and airy.

Transfer seeds to soil

Once you see the sprouts are coming out of the seeds, it is the best time to transfer them to their pot or container.

Take the pot that you are going to use for the plant (2-3-inch pots are excellent) fill it with the growing medium. It can be soil, coco coir, organic potting mixture or mixture of different growing mediums.

Make sure you fill them loosely

Now poke a hole in the middle of the growing medium with your finger or pencil.

Place the sprouted seed in it with the sprouted face downward and cover it with soil. Then give a little bit of water to it. For this, you should use a spray bottle because you need to mist the soil with water. Do not wet the soil like you do when you water your fully grown cannabis plants.

While transferring the sprouted seeds do not use hands, please use tweezers to transfer the seeds from the seed plate to the growing medium.

If you take care of the temperature and moisture you will see the seedlings within a week. Sometimes some seeds show seedlings in 10 days and some slowly germinating seeds take up to 15 days.

Germinating seeds is an easy process but it did not always go as per the plan. If you use 5 seeds to germinate you may get 2 to 3 germinated seeds only (this is a good germination rate). Some seeds pop quickly while others became dead in the process.

It is hard to get all sprouted seeds every time you germinate them.

Check Seeds

To check the quality of seeds, take clear glass filled with room temperature filtered water put your seeds in it and wait for 2 hours. You will see some seeds are floating on the surface of the water while some are settled on the bottom of the glass. Seeds that sink in the water are good to use, the floating seeds are dead and not good to use for germination.

Method 2: Seedling Starter Cubes

In my experience, the best and easiest method of germination is using starter cubes. These cubes are specifically made for germinating seeds and have tiny pre-hole in the middle of them.

All you need to do is place your seed in the hole and pinch it to close the hole. After a few days, you will see the newly sprouted seeds.

This is one of the most widely used germination methods and it has almost 0% chances of error.

What are the best cubes for germination?

Rapid Rooter made by the well-known brand, General Hydroponics. These are the same rooters that NASA is using in space to grow plants from seeds.

These cubes have great moisture content in them you do not need to water rapid rooters. It takes 7 days to germinate a cannabis seed in Canadian weather with rapid rooter cubes.

This is the most suitable option for first-time growers.


Benefits of starter cubes

Easy to use

99.99% success rate

A simple method of germination

One pack of rapid rooter contains 50 cubes. Once you open the pack take out the desired number of cubes quickly and seal the pack again to keep them in good condition.

Rapid rooter comes in the form of cubes, mats, and tray as shown in the picture. Choose according to your budget and needs.

Method:3 Rockwool Cubes

Rockwool cubes are the first choice of many hydroponic growers because these are cheap in price and easily available in local stores. But it has many drawbacks and I do not recommend you to use Rockwool in your home.



Cheap price

Available in all garden stores


  1. Rockwool cubes are bad for your lungs because it is dusty material and you need to rinse it repeatedly. If accidentally you inhale the rockwool dust the fibers can clog your lungs and this can be a deadly situation for you and your family members.

 These cubes are unnatural and made up by using rock and chalk. Both substances are not good for your respiratory system.

NOTE: Always use gloves, wear goggles and respiratory mask while working with rockwool cubes.

  1. These have a high pH level that is not favorable for germinating the cannabis seeds. You need to wash them with filtered water many times to get a neutral pH. This increases your work and new growers are not experienced in Maintaining the pH levels.
  2. As they are made up of chalk and rock. This forms an unnatural material that is hard to break down and is not good for our environment.
  3. Germination success rate with rockwool cubes is low so do not waste your seeds and time by taking risk of using rockwool cubes for germination only because they are cheap to buy.

Method4: Jiffy Pellets

These are similar to rapid rooters and have good success rate in the germination of cannabis than the rock wools. Mostly Jiffy pellets are best to use for soil and coco coir type materials.

jiffy pellets


Low price

Good for germination

long storage life

dry pellets for maximum life span


Not for hydroponics

You need to do work on them before use (soak them in water)

What is the best way to Jiffy Pellets?

These are dry pellets and you need to soak them in water until they expand in size. For the soaking process use warm filtered water. Do not use tap water because tap water contains chlorine that can contaminate the germination process.

Once they expand in size squeeze them to remove excess water and set the seed in them and place them in I dark and humid environment.

 Germination Method5: Soak them in water

This is the oldest method of germination and is very simple, you do not need to buy anything. Take the glass of warm water and soak your seeds in it for 24 to 40 hours.

This method works best for old cannabis seeds, normally older and a year.

Once you put seeds in a glass of water you will see they will start floating on the surface and within 1 to 2 hours they sink to the bottom. Use a clear glass of water so that you can see the sprouted seeds from outside.


Normally it takes 20 to 28 hours to sprout a seed with this method. Use filtered warm water only.

If you are using one of the above-mentioned methods and your seeds are still not germinating. Write an e-mail to me, I will help you find out what is going wrong.