Plant Care

  • Cercestis Mirabilis Care Guide, Propagation & Troubleshooting
    Cercestis Mirabilis is an evergreen tropical plant with triangular-shaped leaves. It has beautiful silver marking on its leaves that make it unique and rare. Cercestis produce yellow flowers but they are not very beautiful. To keep it thriving you need to expose it to bright light and fertilize it in summer and spring. Also, keep … Read more
  • Snow White Waffle Plant Care Guide: Propagation & Pests
    Snow White Waffle Plant grows beautiful leaves with white flowers. You can grow it as a houseplant or as a ground cover. It needs filtered light, moderate water, occasional fertilizing, and normal humidity to grow indoors. Partial shade is a must for outdoor growing Snow White waffles. Use neem oil spray to keep it pest-free … Read more
  • Purple Spider Plant: How to Grow, Propagation & Troubleshooting
    The variegated Purple Spider Plant is a unique variety of normal spider plants. It has beautiful purple leaves and produces violet flowers in the winter season. It also removes 90% of the toxins from indoor air. To keep your indoor purple spider plant healthy, you must give it the proper amount of light, water, and … Read more
  • Curly Spider Plat Care Guide, Propagation & Troubleshooting
    The Curly Spider Plant is also known as the Bonnie Spider plant or airplane plant. It has unique curling leaves with good variegation. Choose this plant if you like to decorate your place with plants. I have 3 bonnie spider plants in my office and they are awesome. I don’t feel to buy anything else … Read more
  • Calathea Rosy Care Guide and Propagation (Roseopicta)
    If want to know everything about the show stopper Calathea Rosy also known as Calathea Roseopicta. You are reading the right piece of content. Because today I will talk about How to grow and care for Calathea Rosy, how to propagate it and keep it thriving for its entire life, and how to prevent common … Read more
  • Shangri La Pothos Care Guide: How to Grow Sleeping Pothos
    Shangri La Pothos also known as Spinach Pothos is a rare and costly plant. Its folding leaves need proper light and water to keep their natural shape. A little bit of disturbance in light can destroy the looks of sleeping pothos. Therefore, before buying this plant you must learn about its growing needs and maintenance … Read more
  • Peace Lily Leaves Turning Black: Causes, Solutions & Prevention
    The peace lily is an excellent houseplant with ornamental qualities. It is painful to see peace lily leaves turning black. The blackening of leaves is a common problem and one can easily heal the plant by identifying the cause. Today I’ll talk about all the possible causes of this problem with solutions and prevention tips. … Read more
  • Brown Spots on Pothos Leaves: Causes, Solutions & Prevention
    Pothos are tropical rainforest plants. They grow beautiful ornamental leaves but sometimes they develop brown spots on them. Brown spots on pothos leaves destroy the real beauty of the plant. There are many causes that are responsible for brown spots on pothos. Today I’ll talk about the most common causes of brown spots and their … Read more
  • How to Grow Money Plant in Water?
    People grow money plants in their homes and offices to attract health and wellness. The best and easiest method of growing money plants is in water. In 3 to 4 steps everyone can grow money plants without using the soil and only using water. It is a versatile plant and can adapt to a number … Read more
  • Hoya Gracilis Memoria Care Guide – Growing Secrets and Problems
    If you are looking for an extraordinary trailing houseplant with variegated leaves. Then you should go for hoya memoria gracilis. It has beautiful green leaves with white lines and grows pink flowers in the active growing season. Growing and caring for hoya gracilis is simple. You don’t need to buy costly fertilizers and grow lights … Read more
  • How do You take Care of Anthurium Villenaorum at Home?
    Anthurium Villenaorum is a rare type of velvety anthurium plant. It is a little more expensive than normal anthurium plants. But it is easy to grow and care for. It needs high humidity, less water, and moist soil for 365 days a year. I will explain how you can water Anthurium Villenaorum without making the … Read more
  • Calathea Louisae Care – Watering, Propagation & Problems…
    Calathea Louisae is also famous as Thai beauty. It has beautiful long green leaves with yellow stripes. Calathea Louisae care is very simple and anyone can grow it in plant pots. For its good health do not expose it to direct sunlight. Also, keep the room humidity on the higher side because thai beauty is … Read more
  • Pothos Root Rot (Signs, Causes, Treatment and Prevention Guide)
    Root rot is a deadly fungal disease for soft plants like pothos. You should quickly check the symptoms of root rot and identify the cause in order to save your pothos. At first root rot only attack the root balls then after a few days the fungal bacteria start moving upwards. Slowly it spread to … Read more
  • How to Identify and Fix Anthurium Root Rot in Easy Steps?
    Root rot is a common problem in Anthurium plants. They have soft root ball that is prone to root rot in certain conditions. If you have an anthurium plant and it is suffering from root rot. Then you should fix it immediately because your plant cannot fix itself. It will die if you do not … Read more
  • How to Care for Sansevieria Fernwood ?
    If you don’t have enough time to care for a plant and are looking for low maintenance plant. Then you should go for sansevieria Fernwood. It needs low light, less water, and less fertilizer and can be grown in all types of indoor growing environments. Today I will answer how to care for it, how … Read more
  • How to Save Pilea from Root Rot Diseases?
    Pilea root rot is a common problem and is a result of overwatering. It is a disease that eats away the root ball of the pilea plant. Root fungus can spread to other parts of the plant like stems and leaves. If you do not fix it on time. Overwatering is the main cause of … Read more
  • Why is My Rubber Plant Leaves Drooping (Easy Fixing Guide)
    If your rubber plant leaves are drooping and you want to know the reason and treatment. Then you should read the below article. Because today you will learn what causes droopy rubber plant leaves and how to revive your plant. Unsuitable growing conditions trigger droopy leaves in rubber plants. The rubber plant is a tropical … Read more
  • Why is Your Polka Dot Plant flowering?
    Polka dot plants are famous for their leaves but what to do when polka dot produce flowers. Sometimes polka plant grows purple or blue blossoms spikes. They look beautiful but a polka dot flower means your plant is about to die. Polka plants need a warm and humid environment to produce flowers. When polka flowers … Read more
  • How do You Care for Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe Plant Care)
    If you have Calathea Ornata and it is not growing well in its pot. This means there is something wrong with your care techniques. Because ornata is a plant that is easy to care for, even for the new growers. It hardly gets pest infestations and diseases. Just give it little care and it will … Read more
  • How do You Care for Calathea Crocata (Eternal Flame Plant)
    Calathea Crocata is a beautiful houseplant. It is also known as the Eternal Flame Plant. Crocata grows beautiful flowers that last for a long time. If you are interested in growing this plant at home. Then you are in the right place. Because today I am going to share my growing experience. Calathea Crocata care … Read more