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How to grow delicious tomatoes indoors?

We all know growing tomatoes in the winter season is not possible as the tomatoes are the warm-season crop. This means we cannot get fresh juicy tomatoes this winter if you are thinking like this you are wrong. It is completely possible to grow tomatoes indoors in cold weather conditions. Indoor farming is the alternate to the hurdles in farming due to the change in temperature. You can have fresh tomatoes the year around and indoor grow lights helps us to grow our favorite juicy fruit.

Growing Tomatoes Indoors successfully?

Tomatoes need more bright light to grow healthy and fresh. According to the researchers the ideal temperature for tomatoes should be in the range of 65f or 18 C this is the minimum range. It also depends upon the types of seeds you are using some need more water and light while others need limited care.

Choose pots with holes at the bottom this is because the fruit and vegetable all need to breathe like us for growth. Holes at the bottom of the pots act like a drainage system the excessive water comes out of the pot through a hole without harming your plant. Excess of water can destroy your tomatoes in 24 hours.


For fast and effective germination Sow tomato seed 1/4 inches deep in the 6 inches pots. Moist the soil a little and place them in the warm area inside your house. Germination will take place in 6 to 8 days. We advise you to germinate the second supply of tomatoes when the first supply finishes with this process. Now put the tomatoes near the bright light in the warm area.

In winters we do not have enough sunlight and some time it feels like there is no sun anymore in the sky when we did not see the sun for days. In this type of condition, it is hard to give a warm light to indoor growing plants here comes the need to grow light. There are many types of grow lights available in the market choose according to your plant. Read the reviews first then make a decision.

Place them under your grow light and let them grow healthy and strong. Remember plants also need water and fertilizers to grow. It is better if you do all this with the help of an experienced indoor grower because it is for the very first time.


Tomatoes have many benefits from the eye to the skin to medical benefits. Today we will discuss a few of them. In ancient times tomatoes are used for regulating the high blood pressure problem. Some studies have shown that regular consumption reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

growing tomatoes indoors

Today heart attacks and strokes are the common cause of death all over the world. The researcher has found that a low level of lycopene and beta-carotene are responsible for the higher risk of a heart attack. Doctors generally recommend supplements that increase these two chemicals in the body. For better prevention, you can consume tomatoes instead of any supplement. Tomatoes are rich in these two chemicals naturally.

Skin benefits:

Tomatoes are very beneficial for healthy skin. They are rich in antioxidants that kill free radicals. Tomatoes can be applied to sunburn areas for instant relief from burning sensation. You can also add homemade tomato paste to our face mask for glowing acne free skin.

We hope you find the information that you are looking for. If you have any question feel free to contact us we will reply as soon as possible.


ANTIOXIDANT AGENT: Tomatoes have a higher concentration of Lycopene, this an antioxidant that helps to fight against many types of Cancer. It kills free radicals and reduces the further formation of free radicals.

GREAT SOURCE OF MINERALS AND VITAMINS: Every piece of this fruit is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, Potassium, and Iron. Doctors recommend eating a tomato every day to improve the nerve health. People with a deficiency of iron are recommended to eat it as a salad. iron is required to prevent high and low blood circulation conditions. It also has Vitamin K which is good for blood clotting and reduces the loss of blood while an injury.

EYE CARE: As they are high in vitamin A and this vitamin is required to maintaining good eye health. For those who have night, blindness can consume this fruit to improve this condition. Beta-Carotene is another vitamin present in tomatoes that prevent dry eyes and reduces muscular stress due to excess of watching a TV screen.