Easy Steps to Grow Lettuce at Home
growing lettuce indoors
Growing lettuce indoors is an excellent idea but is it difficult to grow lettuce indoors the answer is of course not. It is very simple and easy to grow lettuce at home and you have a continuous supply of organic crispy and fresh lettuce for 365 days. Salad lovers know the health benefits of eating lettuce every day. Do not need to buy from the market if you can grow lettuce at home. People love to eat fresh juice lettuce by picking straight from the garden. Today you will learn all the steps that you need to know when it comes to growing this vegetable at home.

First of all, let’s select the location where we can grow

The first step is to visit your home and find out the place where you can grow the lettuce. Remember you need to select such an area where your plants can get light for 12 hours and nobody will disturb them. From disturbance we mean if other members of your house who do not have indoor growing experience touch the growing plant many times in a day to check whether it is growing or not this will cause damage to the roots. So take full responsibility of your plant and start growing happily. Lettuce does not need much care or attention you need to do some steps from time to time and it will grow on its own.

In winters we know it is hard to find a place where sunlight stays for 12 hours in this situation you can use artificial growing systems. Buy a suitable growing system from the market and place your plant under the light. These systems are normally used in indoor gardens and greenhouses. Nowadays manufacturers sell single lights for the home under which you can grow 3 to 4 plants easily and are also affordable. If you do not know about growing light visit our home page.

Now Move to the Next Step

Choosing A Pot:

All pots are suitable to grow all lettuce varieties very well. But we advise you to choose wide and shallow containers. Choose those which have drainage system (this means pots should have small holes at the base to drain the excess of water). It does not need deep soil so not need to buy deep pots. If we talk about the material of pots you can any from plastic, clay or terracotta. Give first preference to clay pots they have a moisturizing advantage(once they get wet, give moisture to roots for a long time) over the others but it not mandatory to buy clay ones.

Ideal Conditions for Growing Lettuce Indoors

Lettuce seeds need the controlled temperature to sprout in other words when the soil temperature goes up to the 80F they will not sprout. The ideal temperature for germination is 40F. High temperature produces a hormone in seeds which cut the growth and results in nothing wastage of seeds. There are some varieties of lettuce which you can preserve in summer but cannot grow them in summer conditions you need to give them the right temperature.

The soil temperature should be between 40 to 60 F for better germination.

In the summer season it is best to soak seeds for at least 15 hours before planting them in pots or containers this will increase the chances of germination. Use full-spectrum lights to grow lettuce at home.

Requirements for growing lettuce indoors in pots

Spacing and growing methods:

Adapt cut and come again method where you come again for harvest after a few days this will decrease your workload. In this type of method, you do not need to give much care to the plant and it does not need much spacing.

For sure you are growing more than 1 pot so keep them at the distance of 4 to 6 inches from each other.


Watering is a crucial step when it comes to growing lettuce. All you need to do is give them water in two sessions do not fill the pot at once. If you are using shallow pots water the frequently as there is a chance of getting them dry. At the same time avoid excessive water as it will kill your plant.


Normally lettuce plants need only a single application of good fertilizers because they grow very quickly. Granular based fertilizers are best to use for lettuce to increase the production (10-10-10 is best). Always follow the manufacturer’s guide to fertilizing lettuce, the excess will damaging the plant permanently. Go for organic fertilizers only check before buying.

Right Way of Harvesting

Once you find your lettuce is fully grown about 6 inches or to your desired size cut the outer leaves. Do not cut them from the roots this will destroy your plant. It is better to cut them above form the crown or head in this way your plant will grow again and this is called cut and come again method. Only cut the outer leaves when you need them for salad. Now you know the complete process go and grow your organic lettuce at home.