growing eggplant in pot

How to grow eggplant in a pot

Growing eggplant in a pot is a complex process it takes time to get perfect in this process. But if you are a fan of this delicious vegetable than you can grow it easily. To get perfect in growing eggplants indoors read this article and know everything.

Eggplant is from the family of tomatoes and this vegetable is native to south and east Asia but nowadays they are consumed all over the world due to its benefits and taste. This plant needs plenty of sunlight and it loves heat. So make sure there is enough sunlight in your areas if not we have other options of grow lights. The size of the plant is short but gives heavy fruit.

Growing eggplant in pot

They come in large variety so choose according to your taste. If you are new to growing eggplants indoors we advise you to do not grow from seed but seedlings from the garden store. This makes it easy to grow from seedling but the germination process is not hard you can learn steps.

Growing from seeds:

Here is the complete process of germination from seeds. Eggplant needs the hot temperature to grow and you need warmth temperature for fast and effective germination. These are not like tomatoes. We advise you not out of them outdoors remain them inside so that they get the desired temperature to grow. Maintain temperature above then the 68F for juicy and fresh fruits. When they get leaves put them int the container.

Choosing a pot or a container

Eggplants need big containers you need a container of at least more than 3 gallons. These plants are big but with short length so do not worry about the height. While buying you can measure the pot from the base to the top ti should be 12 inches deep. In the winter season, it is best to grow them in plastic containers.

Other requirements for growing them inside

PLACE: They need direct sunlight to grow so choose the space where they get direct sunlight for more than 10 hours at least. If you do not have enough hours of sunlight use grow lights. Put them under the light and see them growing day by day.

SOIL: This is an important step eggplant need a mineral-rich soil. They like the moisture in the soil so keep in mind you need soil that has the capabilities of retaining moisture for a long time. When you see the soil is getting dry put some water into the pot this will again lock the moisture inside the soil and your plant grows happily.

How much Water the Need?

They love to grow in a moisture-rich soil so maintain the level of water content in the soil is a good idea. Avoid excess water but if you choose pots with the hole under the base they will drain the excess water and save your plant from root rot.

Temperature and Fertilizers:

Put them at a temperature of higher than 60F. as we already mention they need mineral-rich soil so we advise you to put some organic fertilizers tie to time to maintain the level of nutrients into the soil. Phosphorous is their main favorite food so choose fertilizers rich in this content.

Pests and Diseases

Black flea beetle feeds on its leaves so prevent them from damaging your plant but if you grow strong plant than they will not do any harm. Cutworm is another pest that can kill your plant b cutting the roots slowly. Keep them away by using methods like cutworm collar. We do not recommend the use of pesticides of eatable fruits and vegetables they are harmful to us.

Harvesting Session:

It takes almost 70 to 90 days to get fully matured. You can notice a glossy or shining surface of fruit when they are ready for harvest.