The good news is Cannabis is now legal to grow and use in Canada but for medicinal and recreational purposes.

The benefit is

Now You don’t need to buy marijuana from the market because you are allowed to grow it at home.

Most of the cannabis lovers think growing cannabis at home is difficult and it needs lots of experience to grow cannabis plants from seeds. But the truth is growing cannabis is simple and straightforward.

This cannabis growing guide helps you to find your best way of growing marijuana at home in the budget.

Anyone having a few extra minutes can grow marijuana inside the home or in the backyard.

The main question is

What are the basic needs of a Cannabis plant? What thing do you need to supply it so that it can grow healthy and produce tasty buds?

There are 6 basic things that every Cannabis plant needs to grow as fast as possible.

growing weed at home

Light: Give your cannabis a good amount of Sunlight or use high-quality Artificial Grow Lights in case you want to grow it indoors. Because Quality of light that cannabis receives directly affects the size, yield, and potency of cannabis buds.

Grow Medium:  Growing medium for cannabis can be a Soil or potting mix, coco coir, or a mixture of all these. The pre-mixed potting mix is also a good choice for growing weed plants.

Nutrients: You have two options one is buying Cannabis nutrients from the market and the second is to make your compost at home and mix it into the garden soil to convert your garden soil into super soil. Then use this super soil to grow cannabis because this type of soil has all the nutrients to start. But still, when the plant enters the VEG stage you need to give extra nutrients to speed up the growth.

Air: Proper Air Ventilation is required to grow healthy plants. Because every plant needs fresh oxygen to breathe like us. This also keeps the plants cool.

Temperature: The golden rule is if the temperature is too hot or too cold for you, it is the same for your cannabis plants. Cannabis thrives in normal temperature range means they like to grow in the same temperature range that humans like to live.

Water: Everybody knows that every living plant needs water to grow. Later in this post, you will learn how to water cannabis. 

Whenever you decide to grow cannabis make sure all these 6 things are incorrect ratio. Unbalance of anyone can cause serious harm to your growing marijuana plants.

Next question is asked by most of the beginners,

How long does it take to grow marijuana from seeds to harvest?

It depends upon the type of strain you are growing. Normally even a beginner can grow marijuana from seeds to harvest in 9 to 10 weeks with auto-flowering strains.

Auto-flowering strains have a short growing time than other strains.

They automatically produce flowers that turn into big buds.

Some strains take a long time up to 3 to 6 months to produce buds.

Before using Auto flower strains Remember that they give smaller yield due to their short length and short growing time.

Normally 3 to 4 months are enough to grow cannabis, harvest, and cured buds.

Note: Do not experiment with Cannabis seeds or seedlings if you are a beginner. Because your new ideas can kill plants. Always google your idea before experimenting with it on new cannabis plants.

10 steps growing cannabis guide for everyone

  1. Find a suitable location
  2. Get Cannabis lights
  3. Select growing medium
  4. Use Nutrients
  5. Where to get cannabis seeds or seedlings
  6. Germination of Seeds
  7. Vegetative Stage of Cannabis
  8. Flowering
  9. Harvesting Marijuana
  10. Dry and Cure buds for use

Step:1 Location of your Choice

Here you have two options whether you can grow marijuana outdoors or indoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

growing cannabis outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is a cheap way to harvest buds. Because you don’t need to buy things like grow lights, grow tents, temperature meters, etc. But you need to worry about the privacy, pollination of plants, buds, insects, you cannot control marijuana smell, others can steal your growth, etc.

If you live in a good environment and want to grow it in your backyard you can do so. But what if your neighbours does not like marijuana smell or they like it and want you to share your buds with them.

Or they can complaint (you know the next)

If you don’t want others to know that you grow and smoke marijuana than grow it in your basement with grow lights or buy a grow tent or grow it in any part of the home.

In outdoor growing, you need to grow marijuana according to the season because too hot or too cold temperatures can kill your cannabis seeds. You cannot grow it outside in winters. If outside is too hot you need to give more water to your plants and if it is raining you need to protect it from an excess of water.

In short growing marijuana outside is hard and if you only have a few minutes per day for growing cannabis than drop the idea of outdoor cannabis. And start growing it indoors where a few minutes every day is enough to grow cannabis plants from seeds.

You need to give a good amount of time outside marijuana. This is the reason that most of the growers use grow lights to grow cannabis plants inside their home.

Indoor Growing Marijuana

indoor growing cannabis

Indoor growth is best for private growers and it also gives more control over the growth.

In fact, growing marijuana indoors is surprisingly cheaper than most new growers think. Do not worry about the electricity bill because new advanced LED grow lights consume a very low amount of electrical power. It will add a negligible amount to your next electricity bill.

You can use any part of the house to grow it if you are using a grow tent.

Grow it in:

A spare room

A Free basement


Unused bathroom

A closet etc

Your grow room should have a power supply, good air ventilation and is close to the freshwater supply.

Next thing you need to take care of while growing marijuana indoors is temperature. It should be in the correct range to speed up the growth of cannabis plants.

When the plant is in its initial growing stage it needs a little bit of a warmer environment. Your grow lights can do so because every grow light produces some amount of heat. This heat can raise the temperature.

70 to 80 F is good for growing weed plants.

In the flowering stage, 18 to 25 degrees C is a good temperature range.

If you want to grow cannabis in a grow tent or a closet you need to install the ventilation fan that throws the hot air out of the space.

Moreover, indoor grown cannabis does not get infected from disease and is less prone to insect attacks.

Step:2 Choose Your Lighting System

 You have many grow light options like


Household Light CFL

T5 grow lights

LED grow lights

MH and HPS grow lights

The Sunlight

The best part is sunlight is totally free. Cannabis needs a high amount of light to grow than other plants. Using sunlight for cannabis gardening costs almost same as the indoor cannabis gardening. You have to grow your plants in such a place where they get direct sunlight for at least 10 hours. Otherwise, they will not survive.

Do not think you can grow cannabis on window shelves like you grow flowers or small plants. Cannabis is a plant that wants direct sunlight.

Using sunlight means growing it outdoors and you know the negatives of outdoor cannabis gardening.

CFL lights and bulbs

cfl grow lights

These are the lights that we use to light up our homes. Do you think they are strong enough to grow a plant from seeds, well I don’t!

People claim to use CFL lights for growing plants, they might be smaller plants like herbs. You cannot grow a big cannabis plant with just CFL lights.

I had tried to grow marijuana with CFL bulbs they are good for developing seedlings. When it comes to Vegetative stage CFL is a big failure. CFL lights are made to light up our homes not to grow plants so please don’t waste your money and time on them.

T5 grow lights

t5 grow lights

T5 and T8 Fluorescent lights are suitable to grow plants they required low light intensity. Cannabis needs high bright light and the T5/T8 lighting system is not able to produce high intense light. So, it is good to use these lights for growing small plants that do not require a high amount of bright light for long hours. For example Lettuce, Basil, Mint, etc.,

LED grow lights

led grow lights for growing cannabis

LED grow lights are best to use for indoor gardening. You can grow any type of plant with the help of LEDs. Years ago, LED lights are very costly but with the passing time, they became cheap. The reason is lots of manufacturers come in the field of grow lights. Every year we have 2 to 4 new brands of LED grow lights in the market. This increases competition and reduces the price.

These lights look stylish and attractive to growers. LEDs are the only lights that emit the light which is similar to the sunlight wavelength. Plants cannot differentiate between Light emitted by LED grow light or Sunlight.

Always buy full spectrum LED grow lights because they emit light wavelengths of all spectrums same as our sun. Plants that are grown under LEDs respond much better than other lights.

Many types of light models are present to choose according to your need and budget.

MH and HPS Grow Lights

hps cannabis grow lights

MH/HPS grow lights are together used by professional growers to grow Cannabis at large scale. The combination of these two lights increases the production of cannabis buds.

But the high-power lights increase the electricity bill to twice or thrice. Therefore, Experienced home growers do not use big HPS grow lights. Moreover, their life span is only 10,000 hours which is nothing in front of a LED’s life span 100,000 hours.

In my experience, HPS grow lights are good to use when you grow more than 8 plants otherwise stick to LEDs and keep your electricity bill low.

If you still want to use MH/HPS grow lights do not buy grow light more than 400 watts. Above this wattage can increase your electrical bill dramatically.

Step:3 Select your Growing Medium

cannabis growing medium

Each growing medium has different watering and other needs. Some hold water for a long time some have good drainage properties.

Most common grow medium are as follows

Soil: You can use your garden soil but make sure you have some compost to mix with it. The mixture of garden soil and compost is called super soil.

Or you can use premixed ready to use soil like give an example

Soilless Mediums: Coco coir, Perlite, Vermiculite, etc are used to grow plants in hydroponics and in pots. Basically, all soilless mixes are hydroponic growing mediums.

Hydroponics: Hydroponic systems are good to use when you are allergic to soil or do not want to use Soil. Just grow cannabis directly in nutrient-rich water in hydroponic systems.

What is the best growing medium for growing weed?

It is your choice how you want to grow your cannabis. I personally like to compost my garden soil and then use it in pots to grow cannabis under grow lights. If you can make compost at home than composting your soil. This will be the best affordable option.


You can use ready to use pre-mixed soil. go to your local garden store and ask them for pre-mixed potting soil for cannabis. At the local garden store, you only have a few options to choose from. Whereas if you search on Amazon you will see many best brands.

If you use high-quality nutrients than regular organic potting soil will work just fine.

What type of soil is best for beginners with no experience?

Those having no growing experience can use a mix of coco coir and perlite. It is low maintenance cheap to buy growing mix with good water holding capacity.

Do not grow cannabis in Hydroponic systems if you are new to indoor gardening and hydroponics. Because growing cannabis in hydroponics is a complicated process.

Moreover, with the mix of coco coir and perlite, you can prevent many diseases away from cannabis.

Step:4 Choose Cannabis nutrients

Growing in Soil

If you choose to grow with composted soil you do not need to use a high amount of nutrients. For normal garden soil, you need to use specially made cannabis nutrients. Cannabis plants need a good amount of nutrients to grow. When they reach flowering/budding they need a heavy amount of nutrients.

So, you need to give nutrients to your plants at all stages if you are not using composted soil.

Soilless / Hydroponics

When you are growing weed in hydroponics or in soilless mixes you need to use hydroponic nutrients. You cannot use nutrients made for the soil in coco coir and perlite mix, also in hydroponics.

Canna coco is well formulated to be used in coco coir growing. It performs extremely well for a growing medium like coco coir.

Many best brands like General hydroponics make nutrients for hydroponic systems.

One nutrient king to replace all nutrients

My suggestion is a little expensive but it is for every type of growing medium. Dyna-Gro (Grow and Bloom).

duna gro

Dyna-Gro is a highly concentrated and powerful nutrient for homegrown cannabis in soil or soilless mixes. Use it at half strength for water, soil, coco coir, perlite, or any other growing medium.

It will not clog hydroponic pipes and does not build up salt (white color substance) in the growing medium as other cheap quality nutrients do. It also gives high yield and big tasty buds at the time of harvest.

Follow the instructions

 Use Grow when the plants are in the Vegetative stage and give bloom when they show flowers.

pH and Nutrients

Growers using composted soil do not care about the pH level of water because it has microbial colonies that handle the pH of the water. In hydroponics and other growing mediums, you need to check the pH of the water before giving it to the plants.

In soil growing you can give filtered water to your plants without checking the pH. Because the water that is safe for humans is also safe for plants.

The problem comes in hydroponic systems where plants get nutrients from nutrient-rich water. When plants absorb certain nutrients first in high quantity this disturbs the pH of the remaining solution. You need to adjust the pH of reservoir solution with the help of

pH up and pH down solution made by General hydroponics.

pH for soil: Keep in between 6.0 to 7.0 pH

for Hydroponics: Keep it in 5.5 to 6.5 pH

Step:5 Get Cannabis seeds or clones

Some lucky growers know cannabis growers in real life and they can easily get clones from them. The second option is to go to a local marijuana dispensary and ask them for seeds and clones. They will be happy to help you with growing cannabis at home.

The third and most widely used option is to order them online

Order cannabis seeds now from Amazon

Growing cannabis from Seeds Vs Clones

Step:6 Germinating Cannabis seeds

growing marijuana at home

Cannabis seeds are easy to germinate but if you have a clone of cannabis than skip this step and read the next step.  Starter cube is best option for germination when you have no experience at all. Rapid rooter is branded high-quality Starter it needs a little warm environment. You can put it on the seedling heat mat to speed up the process.

Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds

Step:7 Cannabis in Veg Stage

cannabis veg stage

In the veg, stage cannabis needs little warm conditions 20 to 30 degree C temperature. Warm temperature encourages the cannabis to produce more stems and leaves. Cannabis can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. When it is too hot or cold for your it is probably the same or your cannabis.

Note: Veg time of cannabis is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 weeks.

At this stage, your plant’s main focus is to grow strong and big. Feed your plant with additional nutrients to help them developed.

Nitrogen is the main ingredient that plants need the most in the veg stage. You should supply a high nitrogen supplement to growing cannabis.

Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are the main ingredients that every cannabis plant needs at the initial stage.

Light in Veg Stage:  Give your plants 18 hours of bright light when grown them indoors. In outdoor cannabis, gardening makes sure your plants get direct sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm. At his point, SUN emits very strong light wavelengths that are necessary for cannabis growth.

Step:8 Cannabis Flowering Phase

This stage will last until the harvest of the cannabis buds. You need to make changes in the routine and that is

Change the light from 18 hours to 12 hours per day

Identify the male plants

Get rid of male cannabis plants

You have to change the light timings because cannabis plants start producing flowers when they get at least 10 to 12 hours of darkness. At the flowering stage do not disturb your plants when it is sleeping in dark.

On the other hand, auto-flowering strains produce flowers irrespective of light timings. This is the reason they called auto-flowering strains.

For indoor growing marijuana change the light settings to 12 hours per day maximum. Outdoor growing marijuana starts producing flowers when days get shorter than nights.

At this stage, you can identify the type of plants that means it is male or female.

When you grow seeds the problem is half of your plants will develop as male and half as female plants. This is the reason growers use clones to grow cannabis.

We growers only need female plants because only they are able to produce buds only when they don’t get pollinated by male plants.

You must have to remove all the male plants as soon as possible.

Let me tell you how to identify them

To know the gender of the cannabis plant, look closely at the stem joints. If you see wispy white hairs where the branch joints. This means the plant is female cannabis. Female cannabis has many pistils (white hairs) this indicates that your plant will produce tasty big buds.


On the other side, male cannabis plants start producing pollen sacs (small ball type). They do not have hairs like a female plant. Moreover, male plants pollinate female plants, and after pollination female plants produce more seeds and fewer buds. So, you need to throw out the male cannabis plants if you do not want cannabis seeds but only buds.

male cannabis

Step:9 Harvesting Growing Cannabis buds

Wait until your buds stop growing and producing white hair. At this point, your entire growing area will smell like cannabis.

Do not harvest until 50% of hairs turned into dark color. More dark hairs mean buds have a high potency level.

Harvest your buds when 50 to 70 % of their hairs turned into dark color. If you need more THC in your buds wait until 90 % of hairs get dark.

But for smoking, 50 to 70% of darker hair buds are perfect.

Step:10 Dry and Cure Cannabis Buds

Once you cut the buds hang your buds upside down in a good ventilated room so that they get dry.

Do not forget, checking the hanging buds every day to look for the mold and over-drying

harvesting cannabis

Once they get dry next step is to cure them for use. This develops good taste to make them smooth and give good effects.

Curing is simple, just fill the quart-sized jars with buds and place them in a cool and dry place. fill the jar loosely.

For the first 2 weeks open the jar for a few seconds each day. This way your buds get fresh oxygen and release the moisture.

When you open the jar and feel the outside of the buds is too moist leave the jar open until they get completely dry.

Most of the time people cure buds for 1 to 2 weeks and when buds feel dry, they use them for smoking. But some professional growers cure them for 30 days or more to get a top-quality smooth taste.

Your 10-step cannabis growing guide ends here if you have any questions write to us.