For best growth of plants, you need to control many factors like temperature, light, humidity etc. which Is not possible to control in ordinary rooms but you can do this in grow tents. There are many types of grow tents all of them are look similar to each other but actually, they are different. So to help our readers we do lots of research and bring top 10 best grow tents. Below are the most popular used grow tents for different types of plants.

Why do we need to use grow tents?

Grow tents are needed to grow high-quality flowers and vegetables. The inner surface or walls of tents are made to reflect the light around the plants which increases the light absorption. More absorption of light means perfect photosynthesis which is essential for strong and beautiful growth. Remember one thing like us, Plants also need rest to grow (without any disturbance) so when lights are off, the darkness in grows tents give them proper rest time (it is like rest after workout).

The grow tents keep the plants warmer than ordinary rooms but like we all know excess of heat is not suitable for any type of plant. So you need to buy such grow tents kits which have a built-in ventilation system to throughout the excess of heat energy. The interesting factor about the grow tents is they also control the order means no one even in your house can smell anything. You have nice clean fresh air all in your house.


We have selected different types of grow tent with or without accessories. Some of them are for small spaces with one or more ventilation ducts where you can install inline duct fan while other are for increasing growing demand. We hope you can find you grow tent easily.

Let’s Start with Medium Size Grow Tents Canada (With No Accessories).


marshydro grow tent

All metal frame Marshydro grow tents Canada are widely used all over the country for indoor growing especially in winters. Marshydro is well-known brand over the world for its high quality and durability of its products. They have years of experience in indoor farming which encourage them to make extraordinary indoor growing products just like these grow tents Canada.

4X4X6 feet indoor growing tent made with the high-quality material. The inner lining increases the reflection of light by throwing the light on your plant from every possible angle. To support the frame they use steel rods and give support to a frame on every corner. The tent is medium in size so you do not have to adjust your things to find a place for it.

Double stitching ensures the durability of the tent. It is twice thicker than its competitor. Tow vents are given one on the top other on the side to remove the excess of heat. It supports up to 140 lbs of weight easily. Easy to wash as the floor is waterproof and is easily removable. 3 hanging steel bar are included the kit to hang anything you want just make sure to evenly spread the weight over these given bars.


vivosun grow tents

Vivosun makes durable grow tents at an affordable price with all necessary designs. You can find many designs to choose from according to your need. This particular is medium in size with no any accessories but it does have ventilation holding belts. You do not have to worry about the installation of the carbon filter.

The high-quality tough material is used to give the premium product to users. 600D canvas with double stitching which blocks the light inside the tent and through back to the plant which increases the light intensity. Whole canvas is supported by the hard steel poles which are easy to install.

A small observing window is given on the front side of the tent to check the growth. A heavy-duty zipper is used which works without any trouble. Tool-free connectors for easy installations, the product is backed by the 2 years hassle-free warranty.


grow tents canada

This is a complete system that you need to row indoor plants. This grow kit has everything from light to remote controlled Wi-Fi bulb camera. The kit has 300 watts light which emits full spectrum wavelengths. The Box also includes growing box which is made to grow six plants effectively. It is a smart grow kit. You can see the real-time view of your plant through the Wi-Fi mode on the 7 inches 7 generation tab.

The box includes following things:

  1. 7 inch IPS Tablet
  2. WI-FI bulb
  3. 300 watt led grow light
  4. UV protection glasses for your eyes.
  5. Digital thermostat.
  6. Quality plugs.
  7. Fan
  8. Ratchet seedling kit etc.

The complete package at this price is a nice deal. If you buy all thing individually you have to spend more than $2500. so this is a good idea to buy this grow kit to enjoy indoor growing.


Gorilla Grow Tent  2′ x 2.5′ x 5’7″ (perfect small grow tent)

gorilla grow tent

Gorilla Grow Tent is a manufacturer of world-class grow tents they are famous for their quality and affordable price. The height of the tent is 5 feet and 7 inches in total but there is an option to increase the height up to 6 feet and 6 inches. To increase the height you need to order some other extensions (mainly poles) separately.

The inner supporting pole is made with rust proof material and 1680D thick canvas is lined with Mylar inside to reflect the light as much as possible. There is a small window on the front zipper to check the plants regularly without disturbing them.

There are two holes present on the side of gorilla grow tent for fresh air. A small bag is given to put your tools inside it. Overall this is the best tent to use for small plants and flowers.

Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

apollo horticulture grow tent

Apollo Horticulture grow tents Canada take one step forward and make little bigger than gorilla tent. The tent dimensions are 3foot x 3foot and 6 foot in height. Again it is also suitable for small growing plants. Metallic poles are there to support the tent and handle the weight of your light and fan.

Reflective inner surface to put more light on plant reduces the wastage of light. Double-stitched thick fabric is used to handle harsh conditions or rough use. Mesh vent is given at the bottom for ventilation.  The product holds 90 days warranty. Removable bottom tray make it easy to clean it well without disturbing entire setup.

VIVOSUN Horticulture 48″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The Vivosun grow tents are made to use almost every single wavelength of light. 600D canvas is used which is thick and reflective surface helps to reduce the light wastage. The inner reflective layer also increases the amount of heat inside the tent when it reflects back the wavelengths on the plant. You have to keep open the exhaust vent in order to remove excess of heat out of the tent.

 All steel bars are used to hold the weight of tent as well as your grow light and other necessary equipment. Tough material is used to stitch the tent from inside and outside, made for rough use. The new technology blocks the light from escaping and reflects total 98% of emitted light effectively.

Easy installation, no need to buy tools to install pole and hangers. Easy view window allows you to check on a daily basis. The removable tray is another excellent advantage of using this model of grow tents Canada.