Grow Tent Setup

If you are facing problems with setting up your first grow tent then you are in right place. Because today you will learn how to set up a grow tent in easy steps.

All brands of grow tents have the same setup process. They also give a small instruction manual with their tents.

By using grow tent, you can grow any type of fruit and vegetable at any time of the year. Because you can easily control the environment inside a grow tent.

A grow tent is only an outer structure to grow plants. You need to buy other important indoor gardening equipment.

Without them, it is unfunctional and useless.

Then install them in a proper place in your tent to create the best growing environment for your plants.

Why you must use a grow tent for indoor plants?

To get a heavy harvest and excellent quality of fruits and vegetables you must use grow tents. They give you full control over the growing crop.

A grow tent is like a small greenhouse where you can grow crops of your choice regardless of the seasons.

By using it you can also save lots of space in grow room. Moreover, you don’t need to build grow room from scratch. Building a perfect grow room takes weeks. You can save both time and space.

Because grow tent takes less space and it gets ready for use once you finish the setup. Setup takes 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your skills.

You can use multiple grow tents in a room by placing them next to each other.

Your plants get protected from unwanted heat, pests, and common plant diseases. They are also safe from your pets. Now you can grow plants even having naughty pets at home.

Grow tents make it simple to use indoor gardening equipment. Like many branded tents come with high-quality ports and wires. These are plug-and-play features that are very useful in indoor gardening.

What things do you need to set up a grow tent?

Below is the complete list of tools and materials that you need to have in order to set up a grow tent. If you are new to grow tents then you do not need to buy each and every thing that is mentioned below.

Only experienced and serious growers buy all the listed equipment. Hobby growers choose according to their needs.

Grow Tent

Grow Light


Light Reflector


Power Strips

For Air Ventilation

Duct Fan

Activated Charcoal or Carbon Filter

Fan Clips



Duct Tape

Temperature Monitor

Humidity meter (Hygrometer)

1. Grow Tents

Space is a problem in many houses. To save more space and to grow lots of plants in a grow tent. You should choose a tent with enough vertical height.

You can grow tall plants in vertical tents. To grow multiple small size herbs and other plants you can divide your tent into parts.

Use vertical trays to make different sections in your grow tent.

2. Grow Light, Reflectors, Timer, Ballast

A grow light is the most important part of grow tent gardening. Therefore, choose a grow light wisely. I prefer LED grow light over other light technologies.

LEDs emit a full spectrum of light and release less heat. The best part is they do not need maintenance. These lights have a long life span.

Where an HPS light can burn in a few days and you need to change the bulb. A LED grows light has a minimum life span of 100000 hours.

We use reflectors to maximize the absorption of light. The inner walls of grow tent are made up of reflective material. the light gets reflected when strikes the wall.

Then the reflector sends it back to the plant and this increases the absorption of light.

More light means perfect photosynthesis and lots of food for the plant.

The timer is used to control the functioning of grow light. You can set the ON/OFF time for a grow light by using a timer.

3. Duct Fan and Ventilation

We use a Duct fan for the proper ventilation in the grow tent. Because plants need fresh air to breathe and to produce fresh juicy fruits.

In the absence of fresh air, plants start rotting.

The heat dissipated by the grow light needs to be thrown out of the tent. This heat can increase the inner temperature of grow tent.

Airflow is also important to prevent common diseases like rot root and build-up of plant fungus.

4. Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is used to filter the air and absorb smells of any kind. Those who grow cannabis-like plants always use these filters to eliminate the smell.

Before buying it measures the power of your duct fan and the diameter of the duct hole. Then go and select the carbon filter accordingly.

Size of a Grow Tent

There are many types of grow tents available in the market. You can choose them according to their shape, size, and quality.

Manufacturers design them according to customers’ choice so you can find your tent easily which suits your place.

Reflective fabric is used in each tent to maximize the reflection of light onto the plant. More absorption of light means faster and healthy growth with more fruits.

Benefits of using Grow Tent

Energy Saving

When putting your plant in the light in a tent this increases the reflection of light and hence reduces the wastage of light.

In a grow tent setup, your plant needs fewer hours of continuous light as compared to a room.

Pest Control

Many types of insects can destroy your plant and do hard work. An open area or a room increases the chances of insect attacks on your plant. Whereas in a grow tent your plant is safe in a chamber made of high-quality fabric. There are no options for an insect to enter the growing tent.

  1. Less Odor in House
  2. No disturbance to the Plant
  3. The plant stays safe from pests and pets
  4. Full control over the growing crop
  5. Grow any plant in any season
  6. Hide your growth from others

Steps to Install a Grow Tent

First of all, unpack the package and check everything is in there in perfect condition. Now take the package where you want to install it.

Remove all covers and take out the instruction manual first.

First of all, see the images in the manual book and set up the structure of the tent. You do not need to use any tool for this purpose.

Then cover the structure with a tent and install the grow light. Always install grow light first then go for other equipment.

Then, Install the fan, temperature gauge, and carbon filter in their place. Make all the connections tight and secure.

Now put the plant inside it and turn on the light which you put on the hanging rods. After 10 minutes turn the duct fan on and you are all good.

It is recommended to double-check the ventilation area so that your plant gets a continuous supply of fresh air. This helps them grow fast and healthy.


Grow tent is essential equipment to grow plants indoors safely and securely. It is a one-time investment and you can grow all types of plants in your grow tent.

Also, buy high-quality grow light and ventilation fan system to increase production.

For more information on grow tents, there are many other articles on this site. Read them and for any confusion contact us anytime.

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