If you like to grow shrub-like plants that can be easily grown indoors then you must choose golden currant. It is also known as the Ribes Aureum plant.

It is native to North America and naturally found in areas that are close to lakes and rivers.

I like to grow it as an ornamental groundcover because it releases vanilla and clove-like fragrance. I want my garden to smell like vanilla.

This fragrance also attracts many birds including hummingbirds, butterflies, and small size honey bees.

To grow it healthy, without facing many problems you just need to practice below care techniques.

Pruning is necessary to keep it under controlled height.

If you do not use trimming tools then your golden currant will grow up to 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

The good news is it has a moderate growth speed. This means it will reach its full size in a short time.

Another best thing is even without any support this shrub plant grows in a fountain pattern.

Light Needs

Direct and indirect bright light both are beneficial for the plant. The beauty of this plant is it performs the same in full sun and indirect bright light.

Extra hot sun rays can burn the shrub leaves. When the outside temperature goes above 35 degrees C then you need to make some arrangements to protect it from the afternoon sun.

Use a dark color cloth to give it some shade.

No need to use grow lights if you are growing them indoors in plant containers. Because they will not work in this case.

Expose all parts of the pot to direct sunlight and for easy care place it near the sunny window.

Potting Soil

It does not need any specific type of soil to grow. But you should not choose fast-draining soil mixes that you use for indoor houseplants.

This plant needs plenty of moisture to grow and to stand strong even in strong winds.

Therefore, adding compost or mulching around the plant is the best and most affordable option. For mulching use any kind of wooden chips.

The main aim is to lock the moisture in the potting soil.

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In the initial stage of its growth golden currant needs consistently moist soil. But you need to be careful while watering.

Overwatering can kill your plant and roots cannot handle the extra water.

Always check the soil moisture level before watering the plant.

Once it gets fully matured then you can reduce the watering application to 2 per month even in the summer season.

Matured plants do not need much water because they have already gained their full size and for maintenance, they need less water and nutrients.

Do not use tap water because in many parts of the country it contains chlorine. This is a substance that is mixed in water to kill harmful bacteria.

But this ingredient is not required by the plants. It gets collected at the bottom and block the normal root function.


Fertilizers give extra nourishment to the growing plants. Ribes Aureum does not need separate nutrients if the potting soil contains compost.

The organic-rich soil already contains many important plant nutrients. Therefore, you will not need to buy them separately.

But if the soil does not contain any organic compound, then you need to use liquid organic nutrients to full fill its demand.

You can buy inexpensive nutrients from amazon. No need to go for a specific brand just buy any good brand nutrient supplement pack.

Temperature & Humidity

In USDA hardiness zone 5 to 8, you do not need to do anything. The reason is the environmental conditions are perfect for growing and caring for Golden Currant plants.

But in out these zones you need to take care of the humidity. If the humidity levels drop below 40% then your plant leaves start losing their color and moisture.

This turns them into crispy brown color. In some cases, leaves start falling off.

For temperature, just protect it from frost otherwise it will tolerate all weather conditions.

Golden Currant Propagation

All doors are open for propagation means it can be easily propagated from seeds, stem cuttings, and root divisions.

I like to propagate Ribes Aureum from stem cutting because this method is easy for me and I have great success in it.

Take the 5 inches long stem cutting and dip it in the rooting hormone. This will increase the chances of root formation. Rooting hormone is an inexpensive chemical that is easily available on Amazon.

Then plant the cutting in the new pot and use fresh soil but the same ingredients that you use to grow the mother plant.

Then place the plant pot in a warm and humid location to speed up the process of rooting.

Within 21 days the stems cuttings will develop new roots and you will see tiny new leaves. This indicates that your propagation is successful.

Once the new leaves grow 1 inch long then you can transfer the stem to its final pot or place the pot in its final place and give regular care.


The flowers are the real reason why people like to have this plant in their plant collection. This shrub is low maintenance plant.

Moreover, it needs less water and fertilizer as compared to other shrubs in this category.

This makes it simple to grow and maintain Golden Currant. To get more knowledge about this plant contact us.


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