Best Way of Growing Roses in Your Garden

We all like to have roses in our garden some people grow roses in a pot or container so that they can place them in different parts of the house. This makes their houses more beautiful and the fragrance of fresh roses make their day beautiful. Garden roses are easy to grow they do not require much attention and care. On the other hand if the soil of your backyard or garden is not suitable for rose gardening you can grow them in pots. Put all pots of garden roses together and form a small beautiful garden.

First of all, let’s choose the container

The Size Of Container: Always select a big pot for garden roses their roots are bigger and bigger pots help them to grow in any direction easily. People normally use a 16-gallon container for normal rose gardening. The pot holds the roots ball as well as gives space to grow roses need more soil and a large container can easily hold more amount of fertile soil. There is also a big advantage in using bigger pots, they dry out less because they can hold more amount of water for a long time which makes the soil wet for longer hours. So you need to give them water less frequently as compared to the smaller pots.

Container Material: DO not buy any pot all are not similar yet they look the same. Some are suitable for only vegetables while others are for both Flowers and fruits. Today we have plastic, fiberglass, clay and steel pots. We advise you to choose from plastic and fiberglass they are light in weight and did not break easily and are also easy to move from one place to another. Do not select Terra Cotta they dry out quickly so you need to give them frequent water supply.  The ultimate pots which do not dry out fast and comes in different sizes and shapes are called Glazed Ceramic pots or containers.



Avoid those species which grow taller than 5 feet you need to grow them in a field they are not suitable for pot gardening. They also need more maintenance means you have given them more time which you do not have we know this so we only recommenced those roses which are easy to grow and did not need much attention of grower.

Easy Elegance roses are best to grow at home they grow their means you only need to check them once or twice in a week. They grow to their full height which is less than 5 feet without any disease. Below are the great roses to grow.

CORAL COVE: they stay there all summer long and are very suitable for beginners as beginners do not have enough knowledge. So they can grow this type as it has a compact size with excellent disease resistant capabilities. The color changes from orange to pink to yellow. It gives a nice feeling to watch your growing plant changing its color over time.

SCREAMING NEON RED: People who like red roses which you see in movies are the screaming neon red roses. They have a yellow to the golden color center as shown in the picture with red outside area. The normal height is 3 to 4 feet tall which is good.

YELLOW SUBMARINE: Bold and beautiful color. Flower color- lemon yellow.


As we already mention above every plant needs a light at for 7 hours and for roses, 6 to 7 hours is enough. So find a place in your house where you can they can receive the desired amount of light. The beautiful thing about the container gardening is you can place your roses anywhere you want according to the situation.

While putting your container of garden roses near other plants make sure they get a supply of fresh air. Good airflow reduces the chances of getting any kind of disease. But this does not mean they need strong winds, avoid this condition, it will damage your plant.