Garden maintenance involved many steps from cleaning to watering to harvesting. Today we touch all of these make you understand how you can take care of your garden in summer season as well as in winter and spring. Summer and winter are crucial for gardens because in summer dehydration kills plants and in winter too cold weather conditions destroy them in few hours. Let’s start with the summer season first.

In summers keep your plants hydrated all day long. Too much heat in June and July can destroy your garden in minutes. Whenever you see yellow leaves means your plants are dying because of dehydration. It is extremely difficult to maintain the health of plants in heated season. The temperature goes up to 45 degrees now what to do to save your plants here is the ultimate solution “hydration”.


potted plants or container gardens are more likely to get dry in summers so they need to watered more frequently. But we all have a busy life and there are many other things to do. If you are the person who has many works to do then try these simple methods and rid of frequent watering.

BUY PLANT TRAYS: Buy plant trays from the garden shop and use them to hydrate the plants. Do this way, fill those trays with cold water and place them under the containers this will allow your plant to get a constant supply of moisture for the bottom. Do not use this system when it rains this will lead to over watering and block the drainage system, results in the death of your plant. In summer when hot waves are everywhere using this method is very beneficial and do not worry about the clogging of drainage holes. We use them to give moisture to our plant.

PUT THEM IN SHADE: Move the pot into the shaded area if you are going on vacations or to an office. This will reduce the chances of dehydration. Remember plants need light move them temporarily on when there is heat wave outsides like in afternoon.

SPRINKLE SYSTEM: If you have sprinklers in your backyard in working conditions use them to water your plants. This will be a good method of watering in summers. This reduces your manual efforts and give more moisture and save time as well

DRIP IRRIGATION: In garden maintenance guide fourth watering system is drip irrigation. It is best to use for potted plants. you can install this system on your own it is very easy. The system runs on a hose timer which activates the water pump onset time and gives water to plants. Low-maintenance watering system for small to medium size gardens.


Vegetables need more water in summers than any other season. You need to water your vegetable consistently otherwise they will die and your all hard work became useless. So water them daily at twice a day and daily check for any unusual thing like yellow leaves turned leaves etc. If you are growing tomatoes and peppers you are in trouble because they need a high quantity of fresh water, especially in summers. Because they are water-rich foods(only tomato not pepper).

You have to have a sprinklers in summers for your vegetables this is a perfect technique to save them during the hot season. Drip irrigation will not work best so we do not recommend it t use for a vegetable.


Use of fertilizers in the heated environment increases the chances of fertilizing burn.

Add the thick layer of mulch into your garden to prevent dryness of the soil

Use sprinkle for watering

Water your garden in the morning.