The best indoor growing light is always equally effective in all conditions. Plants that we grow in direct sunlight receive nutrients from the sunlight.

If you are living in cold climates and want to extend your growing season than Galaxyhydro Led Grow Light is the best option for you. Read the review of Galaxyhydro LED 300 Watt grow light, galaxy hydro LED 600 watt grow light and choose according to your needs.


galaxyhydro led

FULL SPECTRUM: Plants need light to perform photosynthesis, which is a procedure through which they make their food from light. This light makes them happy and healthy. The reason behind this is the GalaxyHydro LED Grow Light 300 Watt is using the full spectrum of light + Blue, Red, UV, IR and White light which is similar to the sunlight. Plants like the GalaxyHydro led lights. At the end of the process, you will have more yield this is because of the presence of more red light diodes in the light. All these different colors enhance the plant growth by 20 to 30 %.

COOLING SYSTEM: Heat is a big enemy of every growing garden. People do many things to reduce the amount of heat in their growing area. This light comes with inbuilt cooling fans that throughout the excess of heat and make the light temperature cool. Two high-speed fans and aluminum heart are enough to remove extra heat energy out of the system. Remember excess of heat will damage your light and its internal components. So always choose the lights with inbuilt cooling systems like this one.

LED BEAD AND ZENER DESIGN: Galaxy hydro use Zener design to make sure the failure of one led does not affect the entire system and its efficiency.  Reflectors sometimes melt like water when the temperature goes above the70 degrees. This is the reason that galaxyhydro uses Zener design in its grow lights.

HIGH PAR VALUE: It only consumes 130 watts of energy which is a great saving. If you are using the HPS system than this grow light is the perfect change for it. The 90-degree angle of light emit the light directly on the plant this increases the light absorption and hence get better plants. 453 umol at 18”.


The product has a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 months.


High PAR value

Affordable light

Excellent design

Boost plant growth rate by 20 to 30 %

Full spectrum


Only available online.


600 watt led grow light

Those who want more power at the affordable price galaxyhydro 600 watts LED light is an excellent choice. We are using this light in our indoor garden for one year and the light is currently in use. We did not find issue with the light till today it is working fine. It is quite powerful grow light at a reasonable price. We all know the brand reputation and if something goes wrong do not worry it comes with the manufacturer warranty you can return it back.

Galaxyhydro HYGO5 600W growing light is designed to give an extraordinary performance in all types of weather conditions. Professionally designed to give the balance between Lumen per watt and PAR value. It consumes less energy as compared to other light in the same price range.

3-watt Epiled chips are used to give high-quality light than other LED lights. In total 200 chips are used to give 600 wattages of power. Extra bright light with the straight angle of emission which throws the light straight on the plant and reduces the chance of light loss.

Perfectly fine for all types of weather conditions. In fact, its efficiency gets double in cool weather and there is an inbuilt cooling system for summer use.

The light gives the same spectrum of light as the sun. Plants love this light they show sudden improvements in their growth. The noticeable result will come out in 2 weeks of use.

UV light kills the bacteria and sterilizes the plant, but it does not hurt the plant or fruits in any way. In fact, our sun also emits UV rays and according to one research plants need UV rays for better growth. They absorb the UV rays from the environment. In this case, they absorb the UV rays emitted by the light.

This also increases the production and reduces the production cost. It is best to energy saving grow lights today we have so many options in the market but none of them as power and qualities to beat this light.

The light is perfect for 3×3 feet growing area hang it to the height of 24 inches and enjoy the indoor gardening. Whenever you need make a daisy chain by using the simple power cord.


High power

Full spectrum

UV light for sterilization

200 Epiled chips are used

High rated light on Amazon



CONCLUSION: Growers always try to expand their growing but some do not have enough space to expand their system. Above reviewed Galaxyhydro Grow lights are useful in all weather conditions. The regular use increases the yield. Energy saving lights for indoor use at an affordable price.