Every manufacturer claims their grow lights are best and give 100% results but we all know this is not true. Some of the cheap quality lights are fooling buyers but not anymore. We believe it is our duty to give honest reviews on Grow lights.

This post is about G8 LED grow lights. They are not very famous because the company does not spend a high amount of money like other manufacturers on advertising.

They believe it is better to spend money on making products more better. There are 3 G8 LED 900 Watt Grow lights in our garden.

Two of them are helping us in growing tomatoes while the third one is installed stealth grow box where we are growing plants in the hydroponic system.

Each word in this post is our experience with this light (brand) we will also share the advantages and disadvantages of this light


G8 LED company is started by the electrical engineers. Their aim is to make indoor growing affordable and easy with all new advanced equipment. They said it is their aim to provide high-quality products based on the latest technology to our indoor growers. So, that they can grow green easily.

Their energy efficient G8 LED grow lights are very popular in the world for their better performance and low electricity consumption.

G8LED 900 WATT MEGA LED Grow Light Review: Complete info


The led light is awarded as BEST LED LIGHT by the High Times magazine in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Buyers hesitate while buying it due to its high price tag because they compare it with other ordinary grow lights in find it over price. But in reality, when we test it in our garden, we find it is at a reasonable price.

This grow light is developed by professional engineers. They put everything in it that you need to grow a healthy plant. The highest PAR value makes it extremely bright light in the market which is easily available to the grower to full fill their demand of all-rounder grow light.

The lights surety to give you a healthy plant with more yield. It is enough to grow any plant of your choice.

High times magazine award it because of its capabilities of growing plants without sunlight, high brightness, durability, energy efficiency, availability, high quality etc.


In 2018 Wikipedia make a list of top grow lights for the grower. They give this light first place in their list. Features make it best in class grow light.

3W LED Chips

Do not underestimate the power of 3 W LEDs. 3Watt diodes are low power diodes than 5W 10 W diodes than why the manufacturer uses them to build their grow light after all they are all electrical engineers they understand better the wattage and power system of lights.

The answer is simple which not known by many of us. The secret of growing indoor is the absorption of light. More the absorption of light means more chances of better photosynthesis which results in beautiful plants with a nice aroma and quality fruits.
The light emitted by the 3 Watt LEDs goes straight deep inside the plant. Moreover, it is easy for the plants to absorb light form low wattage diodes. This is the reason behind high light absorption rate of this grow light.

Does any of the grow light with 3 W LEDs is good for my plants?

Remember one thing, not all LED grow lights are same. The motive of grow lights is to grow plants but their internal components, quality, durability, material, and the design motherboard chip decide the power and quality of light.


There is an interesting story behind the 8 bands. Actually, as the companies advertise everybody to believe that 9 bands or 12 band light are required to grow plants. otherwise, your plant will not grow.

In reality, only 8 bands of light are required to grow plant because less than 8 is useless and more than that is the wastage of light. you will get 8 bands of light with G8LED grow lights.

The perfect combination of RED, IR, UV and BLUE LEDs is used to make every single piece. Give your plants high-quality light in order to get extra yield at the time of harvest.



The success of a grow light is highly depending upon its cooling system. The way the light handles the amount of heat released is another factor contributes to its ranking and quality.

Every grow light produces some amount of heat energy which is not good for the internal parts of light and also is not good for plants.

The manufacturer took it seriously and give 8 cooling fans which are installed on the backside of light to keep the temperature of internal parts under the limit. The heat sink and all fans work perfectly in our test. The light is suitable to be fitted in a grow tent as it does not produce an excess of heat and also has an effective cooling system.

PAR VALUE OF 1540 umol

G8 LED has PAR value of 1540 umol at the height of 16 inches which is best after the advanced platinum grow lights.

It is clearly visible that G8LED is the real competitor of Advanced Platinum grow lights. A 900 Watt grow light with the highest PAR value which consumes only a few watts of power is an excellent choice to make.


The light is suitable to replace your entire system of 1000 to 1500 watt HPS grow system. It only consumes 540 watts of electricity while emitting complete 900 watts of bright light.

Dimensions: 20 inches X12 X 3 inches respectively.

Weight: 23lbs

[ 110 volts 4.6 Amp and 240 volts 2.2 Amp]

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Lifespan: 50,000 Hrs


It only draws 540 W of power which clearly means more saving than the HPS system of the same power. The manufacturer claims that the light is capable of replacing your existing 1000 to 1500 wattage of growing system.

HPS grow systems seems cheaper but in actual they are costly in long term use. HPS bulbs consume more energy hence you will get high electricity bills which increase the overall production cost. Bulbs burnt frequently which puts an extra burden on growers.

In case of G8 LED 900-Watt MEGA LED grow light no need to change the bulb because it has light emitting diodes in it and they do not need to be changed for the whole life span of light. just in case one diode does not work it will not affect the working model of others.

HPS system replacing capabilities make it favorite grow lights for those who want to upgrade their entire system at affordable cost.




The company did not provide switches for veg/bloom stage because they believe that switches are there to ON/OFF the certain light at different growth cycles. They add the 90-watt red flower boosters to speed up the flowering stage. Flower boosters also increase the total wattage of light that your growing area will receive.

The manufacturer said that turning the certain lights OFF during the growing cycles is not a right way to grow plants. because the sun does not do the same means the sun continuously emit the full spectrum of light during the entire stage of plant growth. This spectrum of light has red, blue, white, IR and UV in it. So they do not give the spectrum controlling switch.


Their warranty service is highly responsive and warranty claims take a short period of time than other light makers. You will get 3 years of the warranty. If any part of the light stops working in the first three years of purchase you can claim a warranty. The issue with the light will be fixed free of cost.

The grow light maker gives a short period of warranty but on the other hand side, they give three times more money back guarantee.

Usually, companies give 30 days of money back guarantee but the G8LED gives 90 days (3months)Of money back guarantee. If in these 90 days you do not like the results you can claim a full refund and your money will be transferred to your bank account.


Why did you recommend this high-priced grow light?

It seems highly priced when we just see the price tag but the features and success story of this grow light to make it affordable. Because you are going to use this light for years without spending any maintenance money on it. This makes it quite affordable light in long term use.

The features, quality, and durability make it best light for growing indoor plants. The product will give you a higher yield and the fastest possible growth. So, the price is no big issue.

Professional products are always costly than ordinary local made products and we all know why


What if I want to use it in a daisy chain?

We are sorry you will not get that option


What about the heat management systems?

You do not require a heat management system if you are living in an area where the temperature does not exceed 40 degree Celsius. The grow light maker give heat sink with 8 cooling fans so need to worry about the overheating of light.


Can I run it for 16 hours?

Yes, you can even it is professionally made and tested to be run for 24 hours when needed.


I am confused about the input voltage?

Making it simple, you can run it on the voltage between AC 110V to 240 V. In Canada we have 110 volts so you can run it easily but remember the slight drop in voltage will stop it from working. When the voltage comes at 110 volts it will automatically start working again.


The users find it very useful and recommend it to all other growers. You can visit Amazon to check the feedback of buyers. The product receives 5 STAR rating from all users.

Yes, it seems costly when we look at the price but we have to pay for the quality products. We also have 3 months of money back guarantee. If not like in 3 months you will get a refund.

3 months of money back guarantee

Developed by electrical engineers

High Star ratings

98% positive feedback

Speed up the growth cycle

Easy to use Plug and play technology

Loaded with best features

Technically advanced grow light

High PAR value

No need for a heat management system

5X5 feet coverage area

A perfect combination of different LED diodes.

No Daisy chain option


We test this G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light in our garden and found it very useful. We have purchased it in March 2018 and the light is still in use and is working fine.

In our experience, the G8LED is the manufacturer of quality products their products deliver the same results which they (the company) promise to their customers.

No switch for VEG/BLOOM stage but actually you do not need these switches with this light as it is not a full spectrum light but is better than many full spectrums of light. the growth of plant depends upon the light absorption rate, not on the type of grow light.

It gives us brilliant results. A user manual is included in the kit in which you will find all the information about the light ( installing step, care, etc.)