Dracaena frangrans broken stems are a big issue.

But the good news is this hardy plant can bounce back in easy steps. In today’s article, you will learn the cause of dracaena broken stems


How to fix it and propagation process of dracaena fragrans from the broken stem.

Let’s start:

What are the causes of Dracaena Broken stems?

Dracaena Stem Rot

It is a common problem in dracaena plants. It is triggered by the overuse of water. Extra water in potting soil invites fungus bacteria.

This fungus disease starts eating the plant tissues from the inside.

Stem rot is an infection caused by root rot. The soft and mushy stem is the common sign of the early stage of stem rot.

Your plant will fall over the pot once the fungus bacteria eat the all-internal stem tissues.

You can use fungicides to kill the fungus and also check the roots for root rot.

Because root and stem rot go simultaneously.

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Heavy Crown

When you give a nutrient boost to an already healthy and thriving plant. Also, place it in bright light. Then the tissues of stems and leaves start growing rapidly.

This high-speed growth results in leggy stems. These stems are so weak and cannot support the weight of their crown.

The top-heavy part of the plant falls over the pot and this results in a broken dracaena stem.

Physical Damage

This is the common cause of dracaena’s broken stem in neglected plants.

Top-heavy plants are often got damaged by heavy wind. Sometimes growers damage the stem while pruning the plant.

Both result in a broken stem of dracaena.

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Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrients make dracaena strong and thriving. In the absence of essential nutrients, dracaena stems become weak.

The skeletal stem of dracaena becomes unable to hold the weight of the crown.

This results in broken dracaena stems. The plant falls over the plant pot.

Low Light

Dracaena need plenty of bright light to grow healthy and strong stems. Dracaena can live in low to moderate light. But for healthy strong stems, you should expose them to bright light.

Light energy is required for effective photosynthesis. It is the process that plants use to make their food.

In the absence of adequate light, dracaena become unable to produce its food.

Due to a lack of sufficient glucose, the stems of your dracaena become weak and easily get broken in parts.

Secondly, in low light, the stems become leggy and weak. Leggy stems cannot hold the weight of your plant.

They get a break and destroy the beautiful appearance of your plant.

How to fix Dracaena Broken Stems?

You can recover your dracaena in a few steps.

Actually, you should use the broken for propagating the plant. If you do not have time for propagation or you cannot care for another dracaena.

Then to avoid broken stems you should regularly prune your plant to keep it healthy and lightweight. Trim the crown part.

Give it proper light, water, and fertilizers so that dracaena can grow strong stems.

How to propagate Dracaena Fragrans from broken stems?

Prepare the Stalk

At first, you need to treat the broken stalk and solve all the underlying problems.

Remove soft parts of the stem and use fungicides to treat the infected parts. After removing dead tissues, you can use a neem oil spray.

If you do not have neem oil then you can use cinnamon powder and apply it over the cut.

Cinnamon had anti-fungal properties.

Place in Water

Now use clean water for propagating the dracaena stems.

In my experience using water as a growing medium in the propagation process is very beneficial.

After placing the stalk in the glass of water. Place the glass in a warm and humid place. Do not try to cover the glass with a plastic cover.

The wrapping technique is beneficial when we use potting soil as a growing medium.

Within 2 to 3 weeks you will see new tiny roots.

Change the water once it gets dirty or unclear.

Transferring in Pot

Once the new roots grow more than 1 inch long. You can transfer them to the potting soil. Before transplanting you need to prepare the pot.

Take a terracotta plant pot and add potting soil to it. The soil must be fertile and well-draining.

Lightweight coarse soil is recommended.

Perlite + sand + gravel and potting soil is the best formula. This is the formula that I use to grow my dracaena plants.

Improve humidity

Once you plant the stalk in potting soil. Then you need to improve the room humidity. You can use the plant humidifier.

Place it next to your plants and turn it ON.


Use a pebble tray filled with water and place your plant pot over it.

Just make sure that the water level of the tray cannot Reach the bottom drainage hole of a plant pot.