Grasshoppers are commonly found in all parts of the world. They have more than 11,000 known species most of them just eat green grass.

They need warm weather to live. This is the reason you will not find grasshoppers in hard cold areas like Antarctica or on snowy mountains.

Generally, female hoppers are large in size than male grasshoppers. Their size varies from 1 inch long to 3 inches long depending on the type of species.

Grasshoppers have two long jumping legs, two antennas, and large eyes. They have flexible bodies all made of muscles.

They are herbivorous insects that eat leaves. Hoppers use their strong jaw and teeth to damage plants.

Now the question is do grasshoppers bite or sting humans? This post will answer all the common questions related to Grasshoppers like what they eat, how they live, how to get rid of them, etc.

Let’s start

What attracts grasshoppers to residential areas?

Grasshoppers are travel insects means they do not build their permanent home like most insects.

They continuously travel in the search of good healthy food.

Because grasshoppers like to live in dry areas they often come to residential areas. Your lawn grass, small flower plants, and many vegetable plants attract them to your backyard.

The Lawn grass is their favorite food but they can also eat flower plants, growing green leafy vegetables.

They chew the plant leaves to eat.

Moreover, for breeding, they need a safe place to lay eggs. The female grasshoppers lay eggs on the soil underneath the grass planting.

In some parts of Africa and Asia, grasshoppers are declared as crop pests. Because in those places they come in groups and destroy the valuable crops of farmers.

Every year, they destroy 20% of the world’s crops, which puts huge economical losses on the farmers. The good news is there are many methods that you can use to keep them away from your field or garden. I will discuss them later in this post.

What do grasshoppers eat and drink?

90% of their population eats grass leaves but the remaining 10 % can eat anything green. In Africa, they chew on everything like lather bags, grain crops, vegetables, flower plants, etc,

The grasshopper that we find in the USA usually eats green grass and flower plant leaves.

They also get most of the water from the plant tissues.

Remember that a hungry grasshopper can eat any plant and vegetable. They are more destructive when they come into a large group.

When they suck the water from plant cells the plants become unhealthy, nutrient deficient, and die in a few days.

If your garden is infected by the grasshopper then you need to act fast to save your plants and lawn grass from them. Read the last section of the article to get a quick solution.

Do grasshoppers bite or sting humans?

First of all, I want to make it clear that grasshoppers do not have stingers like bees. They do not sting.

Grasshoppers do have strong teeth and they can bite you only if they feel threatened or when you grab them tightly between your fingers.

Handle them carefully with a soft grip and they will not bite you.

Every insect has their self-defense mechanism. They use it when they feel their life is in danger. Grasshoppers have teeth they do not understand why you pick them from the grass.

Do not understand our language or gestures. They suddenly feel threatened and to save their life they bite on your finger or hands.

Their bite is not very painful and they do not tear your skin. Grasshopper bite feels like a strong pinch on the skin.

If you find them in your garden my advice is not to touch them if you never handle them before. Teach your kids how to handle a grasshopper gently.

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What to do if a grasshopper bites you?

Let’s say you are bitten by the grasshopper on your skin. Then follow the below steps to avoid any infection.

Grasshopper contains a lot of debris on their body. First of all, remove all the debris that they left on the place where they bite.

Take an antiseptic soap and wash the area.

If there is swelling then apply an ice pack to reduce the redness and swellings.

If you feel itching then apply Calamine lotion or use antiseptic lotion.

In case you feel pain with swellings then take over-the-counter medications.

Let’s say after taking the medicine the pain and swelling won’t go away then immediately contact the nearest doctor. This condition may occur in sensitive skin people.

Do not scratch the bite heals or this will leave a permanent sign of bite on your skin.

Do Grasshoppers spit?

Yes, Grasshopper spits on humans but only when they feel threatened. This is their natural defense system.

They through what is in their stomach or what they eat in the last few hours along with digestive juices. They spit it through their mouth and this substance is not poisonous to humans and pets.

But it releases a bad smell which is somewhere tolerable.

There this technique is called Defensive Regurgitation and is used by almost every grasshopper to escape enemies.

Grasshoppers have spiked legs

Grasshoppers have long jumping legs with fold knees. Their big legs have spikes on them that they can insert into your skin when feeling threatened.

These spikes are not dangerous but because they carry debris on their body, they can spread viral infections.

Are grasshoppers poisonous?

When people ask us do grasshoppers bite their next question is are they poisonous? Now they will know the answer.

The good news is grasshoppers are not poisonous and they do not carry any poisonous material or defense mechanism.

Their bite and Regurgitation are the only tools that they have to protect themselves from other threats.

How to get rid of grasshoppers in a day?

The first thing you need to do is inspect the damage caused by grasshoppers and find their eggs. They lay their eggs on the base of the plants.

Also, look for grasshopper damage signs for example ragged shaped holes in the plant leaves.

They are most likely to be found in summer till the first frost. They start feeding and multiplying their population from the first week of summer to the first day of the frost. On cool days they try to enter your home for warmth. Therefore, you need to get rid of them before frost hits.


Once you find their colonies and eggs, the next step is to choose the right treatment method.

Here you have 3 options: Natural method, the second is organic and the third is taking the help of other animals.

Organic Solution

In this method, you use organic deterrents like Diatomaceous earth.

All you need to do is sprinkle the powder on all the plants that grasshoppers are eating. This powder will kill them in a few minutes.

DE is safe to use on vegetable plants and flower plants because it is made by using food-grade material.

It is safe for pets and humans.

You can easily buy DE at a low price from Amazon.

The second organic formula is to mix neem oil and vinegar in a spray bottle and uses this spray on all plants.

This method is less effective than the DE formula. You may need 2 or more applications to get rid of all grasshoppers. This formula is cheaper than buying DE.

The third method in this line is commercial pesticides. These are harsh chemicals that are also harmful to human beings. You need to cover your face and wear gloves before use.

Animal Help

Do you know some pets eat grasshoppers and, in their presence, grasshoppers never dare to enter your backyard?

Birds like Chicken and Guinea fowl like to eat insects like grasshoppers.

The downside is chickens also eat various vegetables that you grow in your garden. Therefore, you need fencing for your plants to save them from chickens.

You can also use a grasshopper trap to catch them if they are in a limited number.

If there are few grasshoppers you can wear gloves and catch them. Collect all the hoppers and then free them in the jungle because they also have the right to live.

How to prevent grasshoppers?

Prevention is better than cure therefore use DE powder in advance to prevent them from entering your garden. When they smell the DE, they left your backyard and jump to the next garden.

You can also grow Cilantro and Calendula on the borders of your garden. They are very helpful in preventing grasshoppers.

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