Every plant needs the best light to grow healthy and strong. COB LED Grow lights are the first choice of experienced indoor gardeners….

If you find it difficult to choose COB light for your plants, read this post and know everything about COB LED Grow Lights…


best cob grow light

What are COB LED Grow Lights?

COB stands for Chip-On-Board.

This is a best and latest lighting technology that is widely used all over the world for indoor plant growing.

New lighting technology with tonnes of benefits.

To form the best lighting system manufacturer, mount multiple LEDs on a single motherboard and they found this technique gives an extraordinary lighting system.

Copper boards are used to from every single piece of COB LED Grow Light.

COB lights are cheaper and have years of life without any maintenance cost. Buy them online at reasonable cost.

As they are cheaper do not think they are not reliable, durable. In fact, COB lights are much more efficient than traditional HID bulbs.

We do research on several different brands of COB Grow Lights and found below-mentioned lights are best to use for Growing plants without sunlight.

Lights are listed according to the popularity, price, durability, features, and quality of material and intensity of light

In our research on COB LED Grow Light our team realizes that there are some brands out there in the market which are not so popular but they have extraordinary grow lights for home use. Some low wattage light gives very bright light than the high wattage COB lights.

COB chip

COB LED Light Close Up


best cob light
  1. Cree High-Intensity COB LED Grow Light (200W)

COB LED grow light

This is the best brand of COB Grow lights and yes. It is a little expensive because they use high quality components in every single light.

This is the Cree grow lights have years of maintenance free life as compared to the other cheap brands.

Cree high intensity 200 W light is enough to grow any plant at home (without any lighting issue).


 You can control the power output (use the adjustable switch to control the intensity of light range from 10 to 200 W)

The built-in cooling fan which keeps the temperature of light below the 20 degrees.

None of the other light gives you the wavelength like Cree LED lights (full spectrum- 380nm to 780 nm).

EXTRA TIPS: Always turn it off if want to move the light

Keep the air vents open and do not cover them with anything.

Hang it on 1-meter height (good for plants)

Do not look directly towards the light source this cause permanent damage to your eyes (wear quality sunglasses).

12000 lumens

Total weight: 2.6KG

No any maintenance cost

Noise-free cooling fan

Lifetime: More than 50,000hrs

Top Quality Brand, Built by Cree LED lights.

High Price

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Roleadro COB Grow Light Full Spectrum 400W

cob led grow light

Roleadro is the second big name in the COB light industry. They design perfect lights with a mixed wavelength range from 380 to 780.

The reflector of light emits uniform light which reduces the loss of light and increases the absorption.

Epileds LEDs, A new technology that gives stronger plants. Full-spectrum light to grow your favorite flowers and vegetables.

COOLING SYSTEM: It has the best cooling system light comes with two in-built duct fans which make it cool and through the heat out of the light. Noise-free cooling fan.

Daisy Chain: Connect 2 to 5 Cob lights easily with the power cords.

Manufacturer’s Advice: Do not use more than 5 lights in a daisy chain.

For indoor use only, not waterproof

Use in a well-ventilated area (this will enhance the performance and life of light)

Wear glasses while working under the light.

Quality product at an affordable price

If one Stops working others will not be affected by it.

There are many other products available in the market, read their reviews below before choosing anyone.

Lifespan: 50,000hrs

Power: 400 W

ON/OFF Switch

Extra Light Coverage

Backed BY 2 Years of Warranty

90 Degree Reflector Lens

Mixed Wavelengths (No need to buy Extra Light)

Longer Life (Superior Components)


CF Grow New Waterproof COB Light

best cob lights canada

If you are looking for something tough that stays perfectly fine in hot and high humidity conditions than you search ends here. This is the New Cob Grow light that you can use it indoors and outdoors even if it is raining outside.

Waterproof COB grow light with high light intensity.


NOISELESS PRODUCT: There heatsink fan in this light this means silent operation, no any kind of noise.

To keep the temperature down of the light manufacturer used Heat Dissipation IC inside the light. Which keep its temperature low (lower than 65 degree Celsius).

50,000 hours of operation and the product comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

A Quality Product from the CF GROW.

Suitable for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, etc. (this single unit is enough for all growing stages)


High temperature, do not try to touch it when in operation.

Out surface will be little hot but that is normal

Read the manual before using it.

Do not look directly to the light as the bright light causes damages to eyes.


Weight : 0.6 kg

High Performance

Thin Design

 Waterproof light

Full Spectrum

5000 lumens

Lightweight and longer life

Ultra-Thin Design

No ON/OFF Switch


maxbloom COB Grow LIght

MAX BLOOM are the masters of manufacturing the best COB LED Grow lights. They have years of experience in the Grow light industry. This light is the masterpiece.

You can grow any plant with the help of this light. It is a little heavy them the other cob lights this is because they used quality material to manufacture each and every part of it.

It emits strong pink color light but this does not mean it is an only single color spectrum. 12 band full spectrum cob grow light including UV light and IR from 720nm to 780 nm.

They give the two controllers on the panel so that you can control the spectrum of light (100% control over the light intensity). Sharp, bright light suitable for vegetative and other stages. If you have this masterpiece than no need to buy other light.

Maxbloom products are quality products they are trusted by millions all over the world. Do not worry about the release of heat energy it has a very silent fan installed on the chip which will throughout the heat and keep the light temperature constant.

COB LEDs are designed to reduce the production cost so that they can be used for large production to full every body’s need. Continuous research makes them energy efficient COB lights which consume only a few amps in an entire day.

The energy consumption rate of COB lights is very low as compared to the old-fashioned lighting system like Fluorescent blubs or HPS systems.

The manufacturers of this amazing light are so confident about their product that is why they give 90 days money back guarantee with 6 months free replacement period + 5 years warranty on internal parts.


5-year Warranty

6 Months Free Replacement

Energy Saving Light

Full Spectrum

Extra Bright Light

Full Control over the Lighting System



1800 W COB LED Light – High Power Affordable Light

Best COB LED Grow Lights

Energy-efficient light only consumes 300 watts of power, high brightness, and long life. The bright light of the product goes deeper into the plant and promote faster growth.

When growing plants indoors their growth is depending upon two factors first one is the quality of Grow light and the nutrient supply to them.

This product has 1800W of power which is more than enough for any type of plant for all growth cycles and moreover, the spectrum controlling switches make it the best product.

If you compare the traditional HPS lighting system with this brand-new technology you will surprise to know the difference in their efficiency, price, power, and effectiveness. The technology is new but this does not mean it is not reliable. We want to tell that COB LED light technology is tested by millions of users and everybody gives positive feedback this is the reason toady’s ever another grower is using COB light to grow plants.

Aluminum PCB is used which makes it cool while running.

90 degrees angle of lens emits light straight to the plant continuously which increases the light absorption.  6 pieces of 300 W are integrated to give combine power of 1800W.

Suitable to replace a 1000w HPS Light


Extremely Bright

High Power

Backed by 3-year Warranty

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Not waterproof

Lifespan 50,000hrs


LIGHT INTENSITY: These lights emit very bright light which is good for plant growth. They are only behind the HPS system but HPS systems have many drawbacks which make them inefficient growing lighting systems for modern growers.

SPECTRUM OF LIGHT: You will get a wide range of spectrum in COB grow lights. UV, 12-color spectrum all come in a single light.

HEAT: COB lights do not produce heat in large amounts like other lighting technologies. This is the technology of the modern world. Yes, COB light also produces heat while in operation but the amount is very negligible which does not make your grow room hot or warm.

LIFESPAN: We all know COB grow lights have a very long life span as compared to the old lighting systems like HPS and fluorescent bulbs.

SIZE: Light emitting diodes that are used to make a single COB Lights are very small in size. We can say a bigger power in a small package.