Best cheap led grow lights for Plants

If you are new to indoor growing with no experience, we advise you to start growing indoors with cheap led grow lights.

Cheap LED grow lights do not mean they are useless or not effective.

When somebody uses words cheap, we assume that it is crap or a non-effective low-quality thing. But this is not true in this case. Our experts spend 5 days selecting top low-price grow lights that emit high-quality light and give excellent results.

It is better to call these lights low price led grow lights instead of calling them cheap led grow lights.

Below is the value-for-money grow lights because they come at a low price.

In this post, we will tell you our favorite grow light that we are using in our indoor garden for years.

PPunson dual head grow lamp – Rank no.1 in Cheap LED grow lights list

cheap led grow lights

A dual-head grow light which is suitable for growing plants where there is not enough sunlight. 360 degrees rotating the head, lightweight grow light suitable for your office and room. It is very stylish in design. 10 LEDs give 10W of combining power. 6 RED and 4 BLUE LEDs are used to make each piece so that your plant can get everything that it needs to grow.

If you buy a costly plant for the decoration purpose but there is not enough sunlight in the room do not worry use this light to keep it growing effectively and healthy. We have a decoration plant in one of our office windows but due to the design of the building, we have a few hours of sunshine in our room. To keep it growing healthy we are using these light+ sunlight together. 4 hours of sunlight light and the remaining time for this amazing grow light. it also looks good in our office as it is stylish light.

This light helps your plant ineffective photosynthesis. Both the head work differently they have their own ON/OFF switch which you can use to turn them ON and OFF simultaneously. The grow light is certified by the FCC ETL CE ROHS.

The manufacturer gives 2 months of money back guarantee+ lifetime customer support. If you want to know more about the light please click the given link and choose manufacturer e-mail address to send them any query.


Buyers find it very useful

Very bright light

360 degree rotating heads

Use anywhere

Low power consumption

Stylish grow light

Looks like decoration piece 


Not waterproof

5 dimmable levels dual head grow light

cheap led grow lights

Having a time and brightness control at this price range is an excellent deal. This particular grow light has two heads which give 18 W of power with 5 v input voltage. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours of continuous use. 24 RED and 12 BLUE LEDs are used to make it a suitable product for multipurpose use.

The timer is given to control the red, blue light wavelengths. it has 3 different settings 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours. Adjust the distance between the plant and the light, now set the timer for your plant according to its need.

20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% are the 5 different dimmable settings that you can use to give the right amount of brightness of light to your plant. Place it at any where you want in your home or office. The 360 degrees rotating head give coverage in all directions (rotate the head where you want more light). The input voltage should be in between 110 to 120 volts. Exceeding voltage may damage the light.

100 % money-back guarantee gives confidence to the buyers. If you do not like the light do not worry just return it back and your 100% money will be refunded. Or if you want another piece of light, they will give you the new piece without charging any cost.

We have talked to many buyers of this product all of them are satisfied with the results of this product. Go to Amazon and read the customers reviews (their feedbacks about the product).


Low power consumption

High lumen

5 dimmable settings

Timer Affordable price


Manual Timer

Byingo 4 feet 64 W Full Spectrum Grow Light

cheap grow lights

Use this light and save up to 65% on electric bills. A full spectrum grow light that is 4 feet long comes with 4.9 feet of power cord. it is based on the plug and play technology this means you do not need anything extra to run this light. just plug it in the power socket and turn it ON.

The full spectrum of light helps your plants to absorbed more nutrients which directly affect their health. Always remember to grow light is everything for plants when you decide to grow them without the sunlight.

It is very simple and easy to grow plants with the help of best cheap led grow light. costly lights are not always the best lights for all types of plants. Buy such grow light that you can use for all types of plants to grow them. This product is an excellent choice if you are planning to buy an affordable grow light to start your indoor growing carrier.

This particular 4 feet long grow light is suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouse cultivation, pot culture, house garden etc. we have this light hanged in one side of the kitchen and under this light, we grow lettuce and basil.

The package includes 1 LED growth light, 1 4.9 feet long power cord with ON /OFF switch, accessories, connecting cord, connecting clips. To make a chain you can easily connect the 4 fixtures together.


Plug and Play

Energy Efficient

Long Life Span


Polished Aluminum Shell




Aceple 20 W indoor growing light thin panel

cheap grow lights

Ultra-thin Grow light panel with a thickness of 0.2 inches. It emits the right spectrum of light for your plants (460 nm to 660 nm). 20W grow light with red, blue, and white light. Red light is for blooming and fruiting while blue gives strengths to leaves and stems. White light keeps diseases away from the plant.   Variable size grow light this means you can construct it in square or rectangular shape according to your growing area. Everything is well explained in the manual booklet. Replace your 100-watt HPS light bulb with this grow light. it covers a 1×1 feet area at the height of 20inches.

The light comes with reliable customer service which response to your issues within 24 hours. They also give 30 days of money-back guarantee and 1 year of replacement warranty. If you do not like the results within the first 30 days then you have the option to return it to the manufacturer and get a full refund. After this time frame, you only have a replacement option available.

Users recommend this light to everyone who has no experience in the growing field because it is easy to use and the high durability of light gives confidence while operating it. The package includes 2 light panels with 1 power cord and plug, switch.


460 nm to 660 nm

192 LEDs

25,000 hrs life span

Ultra-thin grow light panel

Faster growth

stylish looks


It will fall if not connected properly

100 Watt Low Price LED Grow Light Panel

cheap grow lights for growing

Each growing stage needs different light wavelength and the manufacturer of this cheap LED Grow Light knows this very well. Grow plants at a faster speed with the help of this grow light. 9 Band full spectrum growing light for indoor use has red, blue, orange, white, IR and UV growing lamps. Which effectively covers all growing stage needs.

Red (390-410nm), Blue (460-470nm), Orange (600-610nm), White (620-630nm), IR (650-660nm), UV (730-740nm). 3000K to 6500K give extremely bright light similar to sunlight. All these qualities make a good grow light for all kinds of indoor plants.

Now you have the perfect light to replace your 400W HPS/MH bulbs. It only consumes 56 watts of power while it emits continuous 100W of light. HPS/MH grow lights consume a high amount of electric energy and this increases your electric bills.  While on the flip side you can use this led grow lights and save a huge amount on electric bills and overall production cost.

Use this light to grow plants faster (20% to 30% faster growth rate). Aluminum alloy material is used to make each piece which keeps it cool by releasing the internal heat into the environment. But we all know LED light do not produce heat energy like other lighting technology. Their heat dissipation is very less almost negligible if used in a well-ventilated area.

The company is well known for its quality products and friendly customer support. If in any case, you do not like the quality of the light. you can return it back within 30 days and your money will be refunded. They also give a 1-year warranty.

This is the new version of light that uses 60 degrees reflector cup which through the uniform light over the selected growing area that it covers.


A new and better version

Uniform light

Faster growth

30 days money back guarantee

Friendly customer support

Aluminum body

Seeding to fruiting

Highly efficient

Low energy consumption


Not waterproof

100W LED grow light bulb (2pack)

affordable led light

Full spectrum LED grow light bulb with total 150 pcs of led bulbs. It has 100 Red, 35 Blue, 10 White, and 5 IR LEDs which together form an excellent growing bulb which you can use to grow your favorite plants. No need to change any electrical equipment because it has Edison screw which you can easily insert into your existing bulb socket.

Broad spectrum for uniform growth no need to buy any extra bulb for plant growth. The long lifespan of 50,000 hours is more than enough for this price range grow bulb. There are many other grow bulbs in the market which are cheaper than this one they are also cheap in quality but this one stay in topmost high-quality affordable grow bulbs.

Give your plants additional sunlight by using grow light bulbs. Never overheats because the aluminum alloy board keep it cool by releasing the heat out of the light. the package includes 2x100W LED grow bulbs.


1-years warranty

30-days guarantee

Durable For tough use

Suitable in all weather conditions

Standard Socket

Great deal


Some users said it is not sufficient for all growing stages But in our test, we find it very useful (2 months of use)

All the above-mentioned Best Cheap LED grow lights are tested by thousands of users. All are happy with the quality and durability. we choose all the above lights very carefully so that our viewers get the best thing at a reasonable cost.

We hope you will find the best affordable grow light for your indoor garden from our list.

If you are using any other grow light which is not mentioned in our list and you want us to add it in our list leave us a comment below. We will mention your name and write about your experience with that light.


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