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hoya kerrii sweetheart plant

Ultimate Hoya Kerrii Care guide for plant lovers

Hoya kerrii is a Tropical plant with unique heart-shaped leaves. It is also famous as Valentine Hoya or Sweetheart plant. You can grow it...
turtle vining plant

How to care Turtle Vine plant in easy steps?

If you live in a warm climate zone then I have good news for you. You can grow turtle vine plants as an evergreen...
rat tail cactus

How to propagate and care for Rat Tail Cactus?

As you can see in the image the Rat Tail Cactus plant produces thick and long stems. Each stem has sharp tip spikes. These...
monkey tail cactus flower

How do you take care of a monkey tail cactus?

Generally, people want plants that are easy to grow. They do not have enough time for their plants. This is the reason cactus and...
Cat Tails Euphorbia

How to care for Cat Tails Euphorbia?

If you like to grow shrub-type succulents that grow straight upwards and produce beautiful flowers. Then you definitely grow cat tails euphorbia. It may look...
pencil cactus care guide

Pencil Cactus Care Guide and propagation

Pencil cactus is also called Euphorbia tirucalli and Milkbush plant. It has long upward growing pencil-like stems. If you like to have succulents in...
snake plant

Why your Snake plant is not growing? Quick fix techniques

If you feel that your snake plant is not growing. This means it is lacking something that it needs to thrive. There are many...
christmas cactus dropping leaves

Christmas Cactus dropping leaves and Solutions

The Christmas cactus is a beautiful plant. It produces awesome flowers that look fabulous in fancy plant pots. Most growers notice their Christmas cactus...
pilea involucrata care

Pilea Involucrata Care and Propagation | Friendship plants

If you searching for best looking Pilea plant then you should look at Pilea Involucrata. This plant is famous because of its beautiful leaves....
aloe vera turning brown

Aloe vera turning brown

Brown leaves of the aloe vera plant mean your plant is in serious problem. There are many causes of aloe vera turning brown. Excessive use...