Plant stems turning black and dying (Causes and treatment)

plant stems turning black

Plant stems turning black is a serious problem. The good news is you can save your plant’s life once you identify the root cause of blackened plant stems. Stem infections are the most common cause of this problem. Stem rot, bacterial infection, rusting stems, and blight are common in houseplants. Whereas other reasons are pest … Read more

Do Grasshoppers bite or Sting humans

do grasshoppers bite human

Grasshoppers are commonly found in all parts of the world. They have more than 11,000 known species most of them just eat green grass. They need warm weather to live. This is the reason you will not find grasshoppers in hard cold areas like Antarctica or on snowy mountains. Generally, female hoppers are large in … Read more

How to grow Quinoa in your garden ?

how to grow quinoa

If you like to eat protein-rich food then you cannot miss the Quinoa seeds. They are a rich source of protein and your body can easily absorb this protein without wasting much energy. In this post, I will show you how to grow the Quinoa plants in your garden. The good news is even if … Read more

The Fish Pepper growing guide

the fish pepper plant

If you like the taste of jalapeno then you will also like the medium-hot taste of the fish peppers. These pepper plants look beautiful and are so easy to grow in containers and in an outdoor garden. You do not need to learn any specific pepper gardening skills before growing fish peppers. This variety of … Read more

Lacinato kale growing Guide


Lacinato kale has tender blue-green leaves. This kale is different from other types of kale plants that we see in the farmer’s market. I like to add it to my cooked dishes. You can eat it raw by sprinkling sea salt in it. Growing lacinato kale in a garden is an easy job. You can … Read more

Growing shishito peppers

If you like to eat Japanese food then you probably know about the Shishito peppers. These are thin-skinned peppers with a mildly spicy taste. You can fry them and your delicious peppers are ready to eat. The best thing is, they get matured in a few days and you can easily grow them at home. … Read more

Armenian Cucumber growing guide

how to grow armenian cucumber

If you do not like to eat cucumber but want a vegetable that has the same health benefits and tastes better. Then you need to grow Armenian cucumber. Actually, they are not cucumbers they are muskmelon. Armenian cucumbers have a Crisp, sweet taste. They never taste bitter like some real cucumber varieties. The best part … Read more