Snow White Waffle Plant Care Guide: Propagation & Pests

Snow white waffle plant

Snow White Waffle Plant grows beautiful leaves with white flowers. You can grow it as a houseplant or as a ground cover. It needs filtered light, moderate water, occasional fertilizing, and normal humidity to grow indoors. Partial shade is a must for outdoor growing Snow White waffles. Use neem oil spray to keep it pest-free … Read more

Purple Spider Plant: How to Grow, Propagation & Troubleshooting

variegated purple spider plant

The variegated Purple Spider Plant is a unique variety of normal spider plants. It has beautiful purple leaves and produces violet flowers in the winter season. It also removes 90% of the toxins from indoor air. To keep your indoor purple spider plant healthy, you must give it the proper amount of light, water, and … Read more

Calathea Rosy Care Guide and Propagation (Roseopicta)

Calathea Rosy Care Guide

If want to know everything about the show stopper Calathea Rosy also known as Calathea Roseopicta. You are reading the right piece of content. Because today I will talk about How to grow and care for Calathea Rosy, how to propagate it and keep it thriving for its entire life, and how to prevent common … Read more

Shangri La Pothos Care Guide: How to Grow Sleeping Pothos

shangri la pothos plant in pot

Shangri La Pothos also known as Spinach Pothos is a rare and costly plant. Its folding leaves need proper light and water to keep their natural shape. A little bit of disturbance in light can destroy the looks of sleeping pothos. Therefore, before buying this plant you must learn about its growing needs and maintenance … Read more

Brown Spots on Pothos Leaves: Causes, Solutions & Prevention

brown spots on pothos leaves

Pothos are tropical rainforest plants. They grow beautiful ornamental leaves but sometimes they develop brown spots on them. Brown spots on pothos leaves destroy the real beauty of the plant. There are many causes that are responsible for brown spots on pothos. Today I’ll talk about the most common causes of brown spots and their … Read more

How to Grow Money Plant in Water?

Money plant growing in water

People grow money plants in their homes and offices to attract health and wellness. The best and easiest method of growing money plants is in water. In 3 to 4 steps everyone can grow money plants without using the soil and only using water. It is a versatile plant and can adapt to a number … Read more