Philodendron Elegans: A Skeleton Key Philodendron


Philodendron Elegans is a multi-lobed rare tropical plant. It can be easily grown in medium-light areas without sunlight. In dark corners use a grow light to full fill its light needs. Indirect bright light is required for full photosynthesis and the production of plant glucose. Nitrogen is the main nutrient for this plant. It is … Read more

Philodendron Ernestii Plant Care and Growing Hacks

Philodendron Ernestii

If you are interested in adding some ornamental plants to your garden. Then go for this Philodendron Ernestii. Ernestii is a South American plant and it can easily adapt to the indoor growing environment. Philodendron Ernestii plants growing in plant pots stays short in height. Because for full growth it needs proper humidity which is … Read more

Philodendron Caramel Marble Care Secrets

Philodendron Caramel Marble Care Secrets

Philodendron Caramel Marble as the name suggests, it grows leaves with a marble pattern. The combination of green and caramel leaves gives it extraordinary look. Only green leaves develop marble strokes on their front portion. 20% of its leaves will turn caramel. It is a moderate-growing plant with medium height. Caramel Marble needs bright light … Read more